List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Rosamond, California

#Street Name
1100th St W
2105th St W
3130th St W
4140th St W
5145th St W
615th St W
7170th St W
828th St W
935th St
1039th St W
1140th St
1245th St
1347th St
1449th St
1550th St W
1652nd St W
1753rd St
1856th St W
1957th St
20604th St W
2160th St
2262nd St W
2364th St W
2467th St W
2571st St W
2672nd St W
2773rd St W
2876th St W
2977th St W
3078th St W
3180th St
3283rd St W
3387th St W
3490th St W
35Adam Ln
36Airway Ln
37Allison Ln
38Alpaca Ave
39Andre Ave
40 Appleblossom St
41Arboretum Ave
42Arlington Ct
43Armstrong Ave
44Arrowhead Ct
45Astoria Ave
46Audry Way
47Aviation Way
49Barbham Ave
50Barrington Ave
51Bavarian Dr
52Beachman Center
53Birch Ave
54Birchtree Ct
55Blackfeet Ct
56Bluebird Ave
57Bottlebrush St
58Brabham Ave
59Bradford Ave
60Brookhaven Ct
61Buckwheat Ave
62Burlington Ct
63Burroughs Ct
64Burton Rd
65Cactus Cir
66Cagel St
67Cagle Ln
68Calcite Way
69Candlebush Ct
70Capri Ct
71Carnation St
72Cathy Ave
73Cedarwood Ct
74Charan Ave
75Checker Ridge Rd
76Circle Dr
77Citation Way
78Citrine Ln
79Cloverdale Ct
80 Cold Creek Ave
81Coleman Pl
82Cornelius Ct
83Cosmos Ave
85Cowboy Country Ln
86Crimson Dr
87Cyprus Ln
88Dacite Ave
89Dakota St
90Dareck Ct
91Dereck Ct
92Desert Ave
93Desert Moon Ave
94Desert Wind St
95Diamond St
96Dogwood Ave
97Driftwood Ave
98Driftwood Dr
99Dwight Ct
100E Valley Vista
101Eagle Way
102Eastwind Ct
103Echo Dr
104Elberta St
105Elder Ave
106Elliott Ct
107Erica Ave
109Evergreen Ct
110Fairwind Ave
111Fall Ct
112Felsite Ave
113Felstte Ave
114Fernwood St
115Firebush Ave
116Foxtail St
117Front Straight
118Gable Ct
119Gardenia Ct
120Geri Ct
121Gertrude St
122Gillman Ave
123Glendower St
124Glenridge Ave
125Gold Crest Ln
126Gold Stone Ln
127Grandview Terrace
128Granite Ct
129Granite St
130Greenbriar Way
131Greenhill St
132Hampshire Way
133Harris Ave
134Harvell St
135Harvest Moon St
136Hastings Ave
137Hatcher Pl
138Haven St
139Hay Market St
140Heatherfield Ave
141Holiday Ave
142Holloway Ave
144Hook Ave
145Hook Rd
146Horizon Dr E
147Horizon Dr W
148Horsethief Trail
149Imperial Ave
150Jahon Ct
151Jamie Way
152Janine Ave
153John Way
154Joyce Ave
155Karine St
156Keith Ln
157Kellie Ave
158Kenyon Ct
159Killdeer St
161Knollwood Ct
162Kurt Ln
163Lapis Ave
164Laurelwood Ct
165Leopard Ct
166Leslie Ave
168Lode Starr Rd
169Lone Tree Ln
170Lupe Pl
171Lyons Dr
172Manchester Ave
173Manchester St
174Manly Rd
176Margaritha Ln
177Marie Ave
178Marie St
179Marielle Way
180Masqarita Ln
181Matra Ave
182Matthew Ave
183Melvin St
184Mesa Ct
185Mesquite Ave
186Mica Ct
187Milstead St
188Morningstar Ct
189Mt Lassen Ave
190Mt St Helen St
191N Easy Ave
192Natalie Dr
193Neary Ct
194Nerod St
195Newberry St
196Noel St
197Oakgrove St
198Oakwood Ln
199Old Country Ave
200Ontario Ct
201Owens Way
202Palo Verde Blvd
203Pandelite Ave
204Park Vista Ct
205Parkridge Ave
206Parkside Ct
207Phlox Ave
208Pine Mist Ct
209Pit Ln
210Poinsettia Ave
211Poplar St
212Puma Ct
213Quiet Splendor Ct
214Raceway Access Corridor
215Rhyolite Ave
216Richfield Ave
217Ridgecrest Ct
219Roland Ave
220Rosegold Ave
221Royal Palm Dr
222S Holliday Ave
223Safe Landing Way
225Sahara Ave
226Sam St
227Sammy's Shortcut
228Sandlewood Ln
229Sandra Way
230Scherer Dr
231Sequoia Ln
232Shady Vista Ln
234Silver Ridge Ct
235Silver Spur Ct
236Silverado Ct
237Skid Pad
238Slate St
239Sonja Dr
240Springfield Ct
241Starbrite Ave
242Starjet St
243Start Finish
244Stephanie Ct
245Stone Ave
246Streets Of Willow Pit Ln
247Summer Breeze Ave
248Summer Ct
249Summerchase Ave
250Summit View
251Sunset Ridge
252Sunset Ridge Dr
253Sweetgum Ave
254Tailings Way
255Tanglewood Ave
256Thistle St
257Tierra Ct
258Titcher Ln
259Tobacco Rd
260Toby Way
261Topgun St
262Trail Ln
263Treehaven Ave
264Tropico Rd
265Truman Rd
266Turn 1
267Turn 2
268Turn 3
269Turn 4
270Turnbill St
271Vartanian Ave
272Venus Way
273Violet Ave
274Voyager St
275W Valley Vista
276Werner Ave
277Westerly Dr
278Westgate Way
279Westland Dr
280Westpark Dr
281Westview Ln
282Westwind Ct
283Whisper Sands Ave
284Windbreak Dr
285Windflow Dr
286Windflower Dr
287Windharp Dr
288Windstarr St
289Winter Ct
290Woodley Ct
291Wyandotte Ln
292Yucca Ave