List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Rosedale, California

#Street Name
1Allen Ln
2Alley No 6
3Almond Crest Pl
4Alpha Ct
5Apachia Ave
6Arabian Pinto St
7Aries Ct
8Benny Ln
9Benson St
10Bob Ave
11Brockridge Ct
12Buckskin Way
13Byford St
14Cactus Dr
15Calistoga Ave
16Calloway Ct
17Calloway Frontage Rd
18Campfire Dr
19Charbay Way
20Chuckwagon St
21Clear Meadows Way
22Compass Ave
23Cosmic Dr
24Cuvaison Way
25Dani Ln
26Dry Creek Ln
27Duckhorn Way
28Duhn Ave
29Equinox Ave
30Fairweather Way
31Ferrabie Ln
32Flora Springs Way
33Flute Ave
34Franciscan Way
35Good Pl
36Gribben Ct
37Hageman Frontage Rd
38Heather Ln
39Howze Ave
40 Hyperion Ave
41Invidia Ct
42Jacqueline Ave
43Jasmine Ave
44Jason Ln
45Jason Rd
46Jeff St
47Kimmel St
48Lake Berryessa
49Lake Kaweah St
50Lariat Ct
51Lassen Dr
52Last Lap Way
53Light Ln
54Lone Oak Ct
55Lone Oak Dr
56Maher Way
57Manon Dr
58Marietta St
59Meyers St
60Milestone Dr
61Mockingbird Ct
62Mt Veeder Way
63Noriega Rd
64Pacini St
65Paoletti Way
66Patrick Ln
67Peggy St
68Phairfield St
69Ramada St
70Ranchgate Dr
71Redwood Forest Dr
72Rockingham Way
73Rosarita Ave
74Rosedale Service Rd
75Roxanne Ct
76S Central Valley Hwy
77Saba Way
78Samantha St
79Santa Fe Way
80 Signal St
81Silver Spur Way
82Slikker Dr
83Snowberry Ln
84St Supery Way
85Starlight Dr
86Stellar Ave
87Stratosphere Ave
88Sylvan Lake Way
89Tiata Ave
90Tierra Viejo Rd
91Trambridge Way
92Tree Crest Way
93Turnagin Ct
94Twin Ridge St
95Unruh Ave
96Valov Ln
97Veramonte Way
98Victory Ln
99Welty Way
100Whippoorwill Ln
101Willow Pond St
102Winn Ave
103Yountville Way