List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Salton City, California

#Street Name
1Aberdeen Dr
2Acapulco Ave
3Air Crest Ave
4Air Park Cir
5Air Park Dr
6Air Vista Ave
7Air Way Ave
8Airloop St
9Alamo Ave
10Albany Ave
11Alpine Ave
12Alpine Pl
13Altadena Ave
14American Avocet Ave
15American Bl Hen Blvd
16Ann Ave
17Annapolis Ave
18Apache Ave
19Arcadia Ave
20Arctic Ave
21Argentina Ave
22Arlene Ave
23Arrow Ct
24Arrowhead Ave
25Arthur Ave
26Artic Ave
27Asbury Ave
28Asbury Park Ave
29Atlanta Ave
30Atlantic Blvd
31Atlas St
32Auburn Ave
33Austin Ave
34Azure Ave
35Babury Ave
36Bahamas Ave
37Balsa Ave
38Baltic Ave
39Barbara Ave
40 Barkley Ave
41Bartle Pl
42Bass Ave
43Beachcomber Ave
44Bel Air Ave
45Bell Pl
46Belvedere Ave
47Bering Ave
48Betty Ave
49Biddeford Ave
50Big Bear Ave
51Big Dipper Dr
52Birch Ave
53Black Sea Ave
54Black Sitmer St
55Black Tern Trail
56Blanding Ave
57Blanding Ct
58Bogota Ave
59Boise Ave
60Bolivia Ave
61Borrego Ave
62Brent Ave
63Brent Ct
64Brentwood Ave
65Brillance St
66Buenos Aires Pl
67Burr Ave
68Butte Ave
69Butte Ct
70Butte Pl
71Cactus Wren Rd
72Cajon St
73Calhoun Ave
74Calico Pl
75California Ave
76California Pl
77Camino Ave
78Caracus Ave
79Carmel Ave
80 Carpenteria Ave
81Caspian Ave
82Castillo Ave
83Catalina St
84Cayucos St
85Center St
86Century Ave
87Cerrito Ave
88Cerro Ave
89Cerro Ct
90Charleston Ave
91Charon Ave
92Cheyenne Ave
93Chile Ave
94China Ct
95China Sea Ave
96Cisco Ave
97Citrus Ave
98Clear Lake Ave
99Cleveland Ave
100Clover Leaf Ct
101Clover Leaf Dr
102Clover Leaf Pl
103Coast Ave
104Cole Pl
105Columbia Ave
106Columbus Ave
107Coolidge Ave
108Coombs Dr
109Cooper Ave
110Coral Ave
111Coral Pl
112Coral Sea Ave
113Cornell Ave
114Corona Ave
115Coronado Pl
116Coronado St
117Court Ave
118Coventry Ave
119Crescent Ave
120Crescent Cir
121Crowley Ave
122Crystal Ave
123Crystal Lake Ave
124Crystal Way
125Cuba Ave
126Dalton Dr
127Dana Ave
128Dana Pl
129Dartmouth Ave
130Dartmouth Ct
131Dawes Ave
132Deborah Ave
133Del Mar Pl
134Del Norte Ave
135Del Oro Ave
136Denver Ave
137Desert Air Ct
138Desert Ave
139Desert Cir Ave
140Desert Crest Ave
141Desert Ct
142Desert Dr
143Desert Haven Ave
144Desert Isle Ave
145Desert King Ave
146Desert Kist Ave
147Desert Manor Ave
148Desert Palm Ave
149Desert Pl
150Desert Sand Ave
151Desert Sea Ave
152Desert Terrace
153Desert View Ave
154Desert Way
155Diamond Pl
156Diane Ct
157Dias Ave
158Dias St
159Dione Blvd
160Dione Ln
161Dolphin Dr
162Dorothea Ave
163Dover Ct
164Ecuador Ave
165Edward Ave
166El Camino Ave
167El Molino Ave
168El Rio Ave
169Elayne Ave
170Elsinore Ave
171Emerald Ave
172Emory St
174Ensenada Ave
175Equador Ave
176Erie Ave
177Evans Ave
178Figuroa Pl
179Fillmore Dr
180Flame Ave
181Flamingo Ave
182Flamingo Pl
183Frankie Ave
184Fresno Ave
185Frontier St
186Fuente Ave
187Fullerton Ave
188Gabriel Ave
189Garner Ave
190Glendale Ave
191Goheen Ave
192Golden Ave
193Goleta Pl
194Gram Ave
195Gram Dr
196Granada Ave
197Grand Ave
198Grant Pl
199Hacienda Ave
200Harbor Dr
201Harding Ave
202Harpur Ave
203Harrison Ave
204Harvard Ave
205Haven Dr
206Haven Pl
207Hayes Ave
208Helen Ave
209Helena Ave
210Hemet Ave
211Henshaw Ave
212Hilma Ave
213Hilo Ave
214Honduras Ave
215Honeylake Ave
216Honolulu Ave
217Hoover Ave
218Hueneme Pl
219Huerta Ave
220Huntington Ave
221Huron Ave
222Idlewild Ave
223Indian Ave
224Iridescent Ave
225Jackson Ave
226Jacumba Ave
227Jason Ave
228Joretta Ave
229Junius Ave
230Jupiter Ave
231Kahoolawe Ave
232Kathy Ave
233Kauai Ave
234Kerr Ave
235King Ave
236King Pl
237Kingston Ave
238Kirk Ave
239Kitty Hawk Ave
240Kure Ave
241La Brisa Ct
242La Honda Way
243La Jolla St
244Ladi Ave
245Laguna Pl
246Lake View Ct
247Lanai Ln
248Lansing Ave
249Larchwood St
250Laura Ave
251Leeward Ave
252Leigh Ave
253Lima Ct
254Linda Ave
255Lindbergh Ave
256Lodi Ave
257Loma Ave
258Loma St
259Loop Dr
260Lunar Ave
261Lynwood Ave
262Lynwood St
263Madison Ave
264Malat Ave
265Malibu Pl
266Malibu St
267Manhatten Ave
268Marlin Dr
269Mars Ave
270Marshall Ave
271Martha Ave
272Maui Ln
273Mayo Dr
274Mckinley Ave
275Mead Ave
276Mercury Dr
277Midas Ave
278Mikele Ave
279Mill Ave
280Milton Ave
281Mirror Lake Ave
282Mission Bay Ave
283Mission St
284Molokai Ave
285Monokai Ave
286Monroe Ave
287Montego Ave
288Monterey Ave
289Monterey Pl
290Montgomery Ave
291Moon Ave
292Morro Ave
293N Marnia Dr
294Neptune Ave
295New Bedford Ave
296Newhaven Ct
297Nido Ave
298Nido Ct
299Nieve Ave
300Nihau Ave
301Nile Ct
302Niles Ave
303Nopal St
304Norfolk Ave
305Noyo Ave
306Nueco Ave
307Oahu Ln
308Ocean Side Ave
309Ojai Ave
310Olivera Ave
311Olympia Ave
312Opal St
313Pajaro Ave
314Palm Air Ct
315Palm Kist Ave
316Palm Manor Ave
317Palm Pl
318Palm Terrace Dr
319Palm Tree Dr
320Palm View Ave
321Palm Vista Ave
322Palm Way
323Panama Ave
324Panorama Ave
325Paraguay Ave
326Pasadena Ave
327Pasadena St
328Pearl St
329Pebble St
330Peggy Ave
331Pelican Island Ct
332Pensacola Ave
333Perth Amboy Ave
334Peru Ave
335Phoenix Ave
336Pierce Ave
337Pierre Ave
338Pine Pl
339Plaza Ave
340Pluto Ave
341Polk Ave
342Pomona Ave
343Portola St
344Portsmouth Ave
345Potrero Pl
346Prado Ave
347Princeton Ave
348Quail Run
349Quemado Pl
350Quincy Ave
351Rainbow Dr
352Ralph Ave
353Rambler St
354Ramon Ave
355Ramona St
356Ranchero Ave
357Redondo Ave
358Redwood Ave
359Riviera Cir
360Riviera Ct
361Roadrunner Run
362Rodeo Rd
363Rona Ave
364Roosevelt Ave
365Rosa Ave
366Rositas Ave
367Rutgers Ave
368Ruth Ave
369S White Pelican Pl
370Sabrina Ave
371Sacramento Ave
372Salem Ave
373Salton Arena St
374Salton Bay Dr
375Salton Ct
376Salton Dr
377Salton Sea Ave
378Salton Sea Militry Reservation Rd
379San Marino Ave
380San Marino St
381Sand Ave
382Sand Bar Pl
383Sand Crest Dr
384Sand Dune Pl
385Sand Flower Ave
386Sand Flower Pl
387Sand Glass Ave
388Sand Hill Ave
389Sand Jewel Ave
390Sand Jewel Pl
391Sand Land Pl
392Sand Man Pl
393Sand Oasis Ave
394Sand Ranch Ave
395Sandalwood Dr
396Sandy Nook Ave
397Santa Barbara Ave
398Santa Monica St
399Santiago St
400Sargo Ave
401Saturn Ave
402Schirra Ave
403Sea Air St
404Sea Belle Ave
405Sea Bird St
406Sea Bonita Ave
407Sea Bonita St
408Sea Breeze Ave
409Sea Cove St
410Sea Dream Ave
411Sea Elf St
412Sea Fair Ave
413Sea Flower Pl
414Sea Garden Ave
415Sea Gem Ave
416Sea Gem Ct
417Sea Gem Way
418Sea Glen Pl
419Sea Gull Ave
420Sea Haven Ave
421Sea Isle St
422Sea Jay Pl
423Sea Jay Rd
424Sea King Ave
425Sea King Pl
426Sea Kist Ave
427Sea Life Ave
428Sea Life Pl
429Sea Lite Ave
430Sea Log Pl
431Sea Mist Pl
432Sea Mist St
433Sea Nymph Ave
434Sea Oasis Ave
435Sea Palm Ave
436Sea Pearl Ave
437Sea Pl St
438Sea Port Ave
439Sea Port Pl
440Sea Queen Pl
441Sea Raider Ave
442Sea Shore Dr
443Sea Terrace Ave
444Sea Tide Ave
445Sea Urchin Ave
446Sea View Ave
447Sea View Pl
448Sea Vista
449Sea Vista St
450Sea Way
451Sea Way Ave
452Sea Wind Ave
453Sea Wind Pl
454Seacrest Pl
455Seal Pl
456Seashore Ave
457Seaview Ave
458Seaview Dr
459Service Rd
460Shasta Ave
461Shell St
462Shelter Island Dr
463Sherman Ave
464Shore Ave
465Shore Cove Ave
466Shore Crest Ave
467Shore Drift Ct
468Shore E St
469Shore Estate Pl
470Shore Fair St
471Shore Garden St
472Shore Gay Way
473Shore Gem St
474Shore Haven Ave
475Shore Haven St
476Shore Hawk Pl
477Shore Isle Pl
478Shore King Ave
479Shore King Pl
480Shore Knoll Ave
481Shore Manor St
482Shore Maze St
483Shore Oasis St
484Shore Palm Pl
485Shore Prince St
486Shore Sand St
487Shore Side Ave
488Shore Side Pl
489Shore Time Pl
490Shore View Ave
491Shore Vista Ave
492Shore Way Pl
493Sky Hawk Ave
494Sky Liner Ct
495Skyliner Ave
496Skyliner Pl
497Skyway Dr
498Snow Goose St
499Snowy Egret St
500Solar Ave
501Solar Pl
502Sorrel Ave
503Sorrel Ct
504Soto Ave
505Springfield Ave
506Stamford Ave
507Stanford Ave
508Starboard Pl
510Starlite Dr
511Sterling Ave
512Sun Ave
513Sunray Ct
514Superior Ave
515Surf Scooter
516Susan Ave
517Taft Ave
518Tahoe Ave
519Taylor Ave
520Tejon St
521Theresa Ave
522Tift St
523Topeka Ave
524Treadwell Bend
525Treasure Dr
526Trenton Ave
527Twin Lakes Ave
528Tyler Ave
529Uranus Ave
530Uruguay Ave
531Vassar Ave
532Venezuela Ave
533Venice Ave
534Venice Dr
535Venus Ave
536Verano Pl
537Verdin Dr
538Verida Ave
539Wailuku Ave
540Washington Ave
541White Pelican Pl
542Willet Way
543Wilmington Ave
544Wilson Ave
545Wright Ave
546Yacht Club Dr
547Yacht Club Pl
548Yellow Sea Ave
549Yorba Ave
550Young Ave
551Yuma Ave