List of States

List of Street Names with maps in San Andreas, California

#Street Name
149er St
24th Crossing Rd
3Adams Ave
4Adams Rd
5Airport Rd
6Alfreda St
7Andreas Vista Dr
8Bar 7 Rd
9Barger Ct
10Barnum Rd
11Beer Creek
12Bell View St
13Berry St
14Beverlynn Ln
15Big Foot Rd
16Black Tail Creek Rd
17Blue Jay Rd
18Bonanza St
19Broadway St
20Buckboard Ln
21Buckskin Way
22Burns Rd
23Calaveritas Rd
24Calaveritas St
25California St
26Cam De Oro
27Carmel Rd
28Carol Kennedy Rd
29Catholic Cemetery Rd
30Cement Plant Rd
31Cemetary Ln
32Cemetery Ave
33Central Hill Rd
34Chileno St
35Church Hill Rd
36Cloward Dr
37Coachman Way
38College Ave
39Comanche Ln
40 Cortes Dr
41Costa Rd
42County Road J14
43Court St
44Covey Rd
45Croatan Ct
46Crooked Springs Ln
47De Moss Ln
48Del Sol Ln
49Dennis Ln
50Dick Barbsley Ranch Rd
51Dickanson Ct
52E Oak Park Dr
53E St Charles St
55Edgewood Dr
56Edna Dr
57El Dorado Creek
58Esmeralda Rd
59Fahily Cir
60Fire Protection
61Fitzgerald Rd
62Flat Gulch Ln
63Florence Cir
64Foothill Ct
65Forest Hill Dr
66Forest Route 3n55 - Stanislaus National Forest
67Forest Route 5n52 - Stanislaus National Forest
68Forest Route 5n56 - Stanislaus National Forest
69Forest Service
70Francine Rd
71French Cir
72Frontier St
73Gabry Dr
74Garbarini Ranch Rd
75Gatewood Ave
76Gitney St
77Gobblers Gulch Rd
78Gold Ct
79Gold Hunter Rd
80 Gold Oak Rd
81Gold Strike Rd
82Gold Strike Way
83Golden Gate Ct
84Golden Gate Dr
85Golden Hills Ct
86Govt Center Rd
87Green St
88Grutz Way
89Hageman Loop
90Hathaway Pl
91High School St
92Hildebrandt St
93Hope Ct
94Howard Rd
95Howell Rd
96Huberty Ct
97Hunter Rd
98Indian Creek Dr
99Indian Ridge Rd
100Jasper Way
101Knief Ln
102Last Chance Rd
103Last Change Rd
104Lc Peterson Dr
105Leonard Ct
106Leonard Rd
107Lewis Ave
108Live Oak Rd
109Lucky Jim Mine Rd
110Luddy Ln
111Lumber Ave
112Luna Dr
113Magers Way
114Magnolia Ln
115Manuel County Dr
116Marantha Ln
117Mariposa St
118Market St
119Marshall Ave
120Martingale Rd
121Mckeany Ct
122Meagan Ln
123Melsher Rd
124Miller Ct
125Mills Ave
126Mills Ct
127Miner Rd
128Monte Vista Ct
130Moro Ct
131Moro Rd
132Mountain View Ave
133Murray Ridge Rd
134Murraydale Ln
135Murry Dale Ln
136Murry Ridge Rd
137N Burson Rd
138Neilsen Rd
139Neilson Rd
140Nob Hill Ln
141Nugget St
142O Connell Ln
143Oak Grove Rd
144Oak Hollow Dr
145Oak Knoll Dr
146Oak Park Dr
147Oak Pl
148Oak St
149Old Dirt Rd
150Old Fogey Rd
151Old Stage Rd
152Olive Orchard Rd
153Olsen Ln
154Park Dr
155Pixley Ave
156Pope St
157Quail Oak Ct
158Quartz Rd
159Ramirez Ct
160Rapetti Rd
161Refuse Disposal Site Rd
162River Ranch Rd
163River Ridge Dr
164Roberts Ave
165Rocky Rd
166Rosalie Dr
167Russells Rd
168Saddleback Dr
169San Antoino Falls
170San Antone Camp Rd
171Sandretti Rd
172Scenic Ct
173Serra Trail
174Shalom Way
175Ship Rock Rd
176Snyder Ct
177Spring Hill Rd
178St Andrews Way
179Star Canyon Trail
180Sunset St
181Sunset Terrace
182Terrace View Ct
183Thomoson Way
184Toll Bridge Rd
185Toyanza Ct
186Toyanza Dr
187Toyon Ct
188Toyon Dr
189Treat Ave
190Turner Ct
191Union Mine Ct
192Union Mine Rd
193Valley View
194Victorian Way
195Vista Verde Dr
196W Oak Park Dr
197W St Charles St
198Whalen Service Rd
199Willow Creek Rd
200Windle Way
201Windmill Cir
202Winkler Ct