List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Sanger, California

#Street Name
114th St
22nd Cir
32nd Ct
4Acacia Ct
5Academy Ave
6Academy Exn
7Almond Ave
8Apache Dr
9Barbara Ave
10Bellows Dr
11Bennett Way
12Bethel Ave
13Big Oak Rd
14Bob's Flat Rd - Sierra National Forest
15Bonanza Dr
16Brehler Ave
17Buckhorn Dr
18Burma Rd
19Camelia Ave
20Camella Ave
21Canal Dr
22Casty Ct
23Catherine Ave
24Chaparral Dr
26Ciancetti Dr
27City Yard Rd
28Commerce Way
29Cottle Ave
30Coyote Trail Rd
31Daisy Ln
32Dalton Ave
33Danes Ln
34Diamond Ave
35Dogwood Dr
36E Buck Way
37E Eagles Rock Ct
38E Flume Ave
39E Goodfellow Ave
40 E Lone Oak Ave
41E Metzler Dr
42E Switch Ave
43E Woods Ave
44Eagles Nest Ct E
45Eastwood Dr
46Faller Ave
47Faller Cir
48Faller Ct
49Fenmore Ave
50Fink Ave
51Florence Ct
52Flyer Ln
53Gaston Dr
54Glenview Ave
55Gloria Ave
56Gongs Ln
57Grace Ave
58Greenwood Ave
60Hawley Ave
61Heidi Ave
62Hilltop Dr
63Hoag Ave
64Hume Dr
65Industrial Way
66Island Park Dr
67J St
68James St
69Jefferson Way
70Jenni Ave
71Judd Ave
72K St
73Kister St
74Lakeside Ln
75Lime Ave
76Little Beaver Rd
77Live Oak Dr
78Lombardos - Sierra National Forest
79Longhorn Dr
80 Lupine
81Lupine Dr
82Lyon Ave
83Mardros Ave
84Mary Ave
85Meierwood Ave
86Millwood Dr
87Moir Ave
88Moir Dr
89Monreal Dr
90Morain Dr
92Mountain Hawk Ct N
94N Academy Ave
95N Academy Ave
96N Adair Pl
97N Bethel Ave
98N Brehler Ave
99N Chickadee Ave
100N Cottle Ave
101N Dalton Ave
102N Dockery Ave
103N Frankwood Ave
104N Greenwood Ave
105N Independence Ave
106N Isabella Ave
107N Kittyhawk Ave
108N Lac Jac Ave
109N Macdonough Ave
110N Malvern Ave
111N Markay Ave
112N Mendocino Ave
113N Nelson Ave
114N Newmark Ave
115N Oliver Ave
116N Orchid Ave
117N Oriskany Ave
118N Owl Perch Ct
119N Pederson Ave
120N Peregrine Ct
121N Piedra Rd
122N Poinsettia Ave
123N Post Ave
124N Quality Ave
125N Rio Vista Ave
126N Riverbend Ave
127N Smith Ave
128N Smyrna Ave
129N Trout Lake Dr
130N Viau Ave
131N Wilderness Dr
132N Wrico Ave
133N Zediker Ave
134Newmark Ave
135Nile Ave
136Oatman Ave
137Orchid Ave
138Palomino Dr
139Pearl Ave
140Perlman Dr
141Pine Flat Rd
142Pinewood Ave
143Pinto Dr
144Post Ave
145Post St
147Quality Ave
148Rawson Ave
149Reagan Ave
150Recreation Cir
151Recreation Ct
152Reed Ave
153Richard Ave
154Rosewood Ave
155Round Mountain Ln
156S Channel Rd
157S Dockery Ave
158S Fairbanks Ave
159S Indianola Ave
160S Lewis Ln
161S Macdonough Ave
162S Oliver Ave
163S Piedra Rd
164S Quality Ave
165S Rainbow Ave
166S Rainbow Route
167S Riverside Ave
168S Tinoco Ave
169S Turney Ave
170Sandra Ave
171Sanger Ave
172Santa Barbara Ave
173Santa Cruz Ave
174Santa Maria Ave
175Santa Monica Ave
176Segura Ave
177Simone Way
178Skylar Ave
179Spencer Ave
180Sterling Ave
181Sunnyslope Rd
182Swan Ave
183Sweet Ln
184Sycamore 1 Rd - Sierra National Forest
185Sycamore 2 Rd - Sierra National Forest
186Sycamore Creek Campground - Sierra National Forest
187Tait Ave
188Tamarack Ave
189Thermal Rd
190Tivy Valley Rd
191Trimmer Rd - Sierra National Forest
193Tucker Ave
194Un Rd
195Vine St
196Virginia Ave
197W Metzler Dr
198Walton Ave
199Webster St
200Wildcat Dr