List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Santa Clara County, California

#Street Name
1Ainsworth Dr
2Akron St
3Alderbrook Ln
4Alma College Rd
5Almaden Expy
6Almaden Rd
7Almarida Dr
8Alum Rock Ave
9Ambrose Rd
10Arboretum Rd
11Archibald Dr
12Arizona Cir
13Arroyo Hondo Rd
14Arroyo Seco Dr
15Austin Way
16B Rd
17Bailey Rd
18Bainter Ave
19Bainter Way
20Barnheisel Rd
21Bay Springs Rd
22Bear Creek Rd
23Bernal Rd
24Berry Dr
25Bettio Rd
26Big Basin Way
27Bismarck Dr
28Black Arrow Rd
29Blackhawk Canyon Rd
30Bloomfield Ave
31Blossom Hill Rd
32Blue Jay Dr
33Bollinger Rd
34Bolsa Rd
35Bowdoin St
36Branham Ln
37Brooker Creek Rd
38Brookglen Dr
39Bucknall Rd
40 Bush Cir
41Bushnell Rd
42Calaveras Rd
43California 9
44Camden Ave
45Capri Dr
46Carey Ave
47Carlton Ave
48Carnadero Ave
49Casa Loma Rd
50Cathermola Rd
51Cecelia Way
53Center Ave
54Charcoal Rd
55Chase Rd
56Chinquapin Ln
57Chrisandra Ln
58Church Ave
59Clark Rd
60Clayton Rd
61Cll Celestina
62Cll Cielo
63Cll Moniz
64Cll Uvas
65Cochrane Rd
66Cody Rd
67Cohansey Ave
68Columbet Ave
69Congress Springs Rd
70Cooper Hill Dr
71Copper Hill Dr
72Copper Hill Pl
73Cothran Rd
74County Highway G7
75County Line Rd
76County Road G8
77Covington Rd
78Coyote Lake Rd
79Coyote Reservoir Rd
80 Creston Dr
81Crestview Dr
82Cristo Rey Dr
83Cronwell Dr
84Crothers Rd
85Croy Ridge Rd
86Cuesta Dr
87Cummins Ave
88Curtner Ave
89D Rd
90Dailey Rd
91Darryl Dr
92David Ave
93De Bruin Way
94Deer Creek Rd
95Dixon Landing Rd
96Drummond Dr
97Dry Creek Rd
98Dunne Ave
99E Bayshore Rd
100E Capitol Ave
101E Charleston Rd
102E Evelyn Ave
103E Hamilton Ave
104E Hills Dr
105E Mozart Ave
106Edquiba Rd
107El Camino Real
108El Camino Real
109El Corto
110Ellege Rd
111Empey Way
112F Rd
113Farman Ln
114Felter Rd
115Fitz Ct
116Fitzgerald Ave
117Fitzgerald Ct
118Foothill Ave
119Foothill Blvd
120Foothill Expy
121Frazier Lake Rd
122Fremont Rd
123Fruitdale Ave
124G Rd
125Garrod Rd
126Ginger Ln
127Girard Rd
128Glen Una Dr
129Gold Mine Rd
130Golden Way
131Golf Ln
132Gorsey Rd
133Grant Rd
134Graveyard Rd
135Hale Ave
136Hartman Dr
137Hayes Ln
138Heather Heights Rd
139Hecker Pass Hwy
140Hecker Pass Rd
141Hellyer Ave
142Heritage Way
143Hicks Rd
144Hollenbeck Ave
145Hollingsworth Dr
146Hollister Rd
147Holsclaw St
148Homestead Rd
149Hot Springs Rd
150Hwy 130
151Hwy 152
152Hwy 156
153Hwy 35
154Hwy 85
155Inca Ct
156Interstate 680
157Isabel Cr Trail
158Isabel Creek Trail
159Jamieson Rd
160Jardin Dr
161Jeep Trail
162Joe F Young Rd
163Johnson Ave
164Jordan Way
165Junipero Serra Blvd
166Junipero Serra Fwy
167Justin Morgan Dr
168Kaiser Rd
169Kannely Ln
170Kentwood Ave
171King Rd
172La Mirada Way
173Lake Ranch Rd
174Landess Ave
175Laswell Ave
176Lazo Grande Dr
177Leghorn St
178Lexington School Rd
179Limekiln Canyon Rd
180Limekiln Trail
181Lincoln Ave
182Linnet Ln
183Little Llagas Ave
184Locust Rd
185Loma Almaden Rd
186Loma Prieta Ave
187Loma Prieta Rd
188Loma Prieta Way
189Los Altos Ave
190Los Gatos Blvd
191Macon Dr
192Macon Rd
193Magdalena Ave
194Malech Rd
195Manfroy Ranch Rd
196Manna Way
197Marich Way
198Marsh Rd
199Mc Cord Ave
200Mcbain Ave
201Mccarthy Blvd
202Mccoy Ave
203Mckean Rd
204Mckee Rd
205Mellots Rd
206Meridian Ave
207Miller Ave
209Mineral Spring Way
210Miramonte Ave
211Mo Gill Rd
212Monroe Dr
213Monte El Sereno Ct
214Montebello Rd
215Monterey Rd
216Monterey St
217Moorpark Ave
218Mountain Day Rd
219Mt Day Rd
220Mt Eden Rd
221Mt Hamilton Rd
222Mt Madonna Rd
223Mt Umunhum L Prieta Rd
224Mt Umunhum Rd
225Mule Trail
226N Akron Rd
227N Central Ave
228N Mccarthy Blvd
229Neva Dr
230New Ave
231Nita Ave
232Oak Glen Rd
233Oakridge Rd
234Old Oak Creek Ave
235Old Pacheco Pass Rd
236Old Page Mill Rd
237Old Santa Cruz Hwy
238Old Trace Ln
239Olive Tree Ln
240Orchard Rd
241Origilia Ln
242Orion Park
243Orsetti Rd
244Pacheco Pass Highway Ram
245Pacheco Pass Hwy
246Page Mill Rd
247Palo Alto Ave
248Park Ave
249Paseo Olivos
250Patio Dr
251Permanente Rd
252Pescadero Creek Rd
253Phoenix Dr
254Piedmont Rd
255Piers Ln
256Pole Line Rd
257Poli Rd
258Pollard Rd
259Prom Dr
260Prospect Rd
261Pso Tranquillo
262Quail Ridge Rd
263Quarry Rd
264Quimby Rd
265Quito Rd
266Race St
267Radtke Ave
268Rainbow Dr
269Ranch Dr
270Red Creek Rd
271Reed St
272Renaissance Dr
273Renaissance Woods
274Rincon Ave
275Rio Linda
276Robles Del Oro
277Rte 152
278Rte 17
279Rte 25
280Rte 35
281Rucker Ave
282Rundell Way
283S Akron Rd
284S Bascom Ave
285S Blaney Ave
286S Capitol Ave
287S De Anza Blvd
288S Park Victoria Dr
289S San Tomas Aquino Rd
290S Springer Rd
291Samaritan Dr
292San Antonio Rd
293San Antonio Valley Rd
294San Felipe Rd
295San Jose
296Sanborn Rd
297Sand Hill Rd
298Sanders Rd
299Santa Cruz Hwy
300Santa Teresa Blvd
301Scarlet Dr
302Sears Rd
303Seramonte Dr
304Serendipity Ln
305Severyns Ave
306Sevryns Rd
307Shafer Ct
308Shelley Ave
309Shenandoah Ct
310Shewtan Ln
311Sierra Rd
312Smittys St
313Stanford Ave
314State Route 130
315Stevens Cir
316Stevens Rd
317Stevens Way
318Story Rd
319Summit Rd
320Sycamore Canyon Rd
321Tasman Dr
322Tennant Ave
323Thornton Way
324Timmies Ln
325Timmus Rd
326Titus Ave
327Trail Ridge
328Truman Ave
329Turner Gulch Rd
330Twin Creeks Rd
331Union Ave
332Upper San Antonio Rd
333Upper San Antonio Valley Rd
334Vanderbilt Dr
335Vista Del Monte Dr
336W Evelyn Ave
337W Fremont Rd
338W Hamilton Ave
339W Middlefield Rd
340W Parr Ave
341W Valley Fwy
342Walbrook Dr
343Walcott Rd
344Warner Rd
345Water Ave
346Watsonville Rd
347Welch Rd
348Wescoat Rd
349Westmont Ave
350Weston Dr
351Whipple Cir
352Whitehurst Rd
353Whitwood Ln
354Willow St
355Woodard Rd
356Woodwardia Ln
357Wright Station Rd
358Wunderlich Dr
359Young Rd
360Zook Rd