List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Shafter, California

#Street Name
1Abernathy Alley
2Alamo Ln
3Albert St
4Aldrich Dr
5Amos St
6Ann Ave
7Arkelian Ave
8Arroyo Seco Ave
9Ashley Emili Ln
10Ashley Emily Ln
11Atkinson Ave
12Atlantic Ave
13Aviation St
14Bailey St
15Bayless Ave
16Becker Ave
17Beech Ave
18Beltran St
19Bender Ave
20Beth Eden Ave
21Bishop Ln
22Blake Ave
23Boeing St
24Bree Dr
25Brittany St
26Broken Ct
27Burbank Ave
28Burns Ct
29Burns St
30Calloway St
31Camp Ave
32Caroline Ln
33Carsen Way
34Cavanagh Way
35Cesna St
36Cessna St
37Chris Ave
38Christine Ct
39Clemson St
40 Cobberly Rd
41Coberly Rd
42Colvard St
43Commercial Dr
44Cross St
45Darleen Ave
46Doolittle Ave
47Drake Dr
48E Ash Ave
49E Euclid Ave
50E Lerdo Hwy
51E Los Angeles St
52E Marengo Ave
53E Munzer St
54E Orange Ave
55E Tulare Ave
56Earhart Ave
57Elizabeth Ave
58Ellie Ct
59Emily Way
60English Ln
61Enns Rd
62Erma St
63Escalante Ave
64Faber St
65Fair Haven Ave
66Fanucchi Way
67Fanucchi Way E
68Foxen Spring Dr
69Frances Ave
70Fredrick Ct
71Fresno Ave
72Fuller St
73Galleria St
74Gibson Ln
75Gilead Ave
76Gold's Ave
77Gossiper Ln
78Grace Ct
79Grant St
80 Grundy Ave
81Guenther St
82Gulley St
83Handel Ave
84Hartley St
85Heartnut St
86Heinrich St
87Helenrich St
88Hicks Ln
89Hillman St
90Hitchcock Ave
91Hofman Dr
92Hofman Dr W
93Imperial Rd
94Imperial St
95Industrial Way
96James St
97Juanita St
98Justin Ct
99Karla St
100Kathleen Ct
101Katie Ct
102Kitty Hawk Ave
103Klassen St
104Knight St
105Kylie Way
106Leonard St
107Lerdo Correctional Facility
108Little Ln
109Livers St
110Lockheed St
111Lopez Ave
112Loraine Ln
113Lorraine St
114Los Angeles St
115Madera Ave
116Manhattan St
117Mannel Ave
118Marengo Ave
119Marion St
120Mark Ave
121Martha Ave
122Martinez St
123Mayer Ln
124Mc Crumb Ln
125Mesa Verde Ave
126Mettler Ave
127Minter Ave
128Minter Field Ave
129Molly Ct
130Montoya Ct
131Munzer St
132Myrick Ln
133N Beech Ave
134N Grant St
135N Poplar Ave
136N Reiker St
137N Schnaidt St
138N Valley St
139N Wall St
140Neufeld Ct
141Neufeld St
142Newcastle Ct
143Nickel St
144Ohanneson Ave
145Olson Ave
146Orange Ave E
147Pacific Ave
148Padre Dr
149Palomo St
150Park Ln
151Paseo De Pico St
152Peters Ct
153Pheasant Run Dr
154Pine Cone St
155Planada Dr
156Potter St
157Prince Ln
158Promenade Ct
159Ratzlaf Ln
160Redwood Dr
161Regina Ct
162Reiker St
163Riverside St
164Road 5037
165Road 5039
166Road I
167Rodeo Ave
168Rodeo St
169Rodriguez Ave
170Rodriguez St
171Rosalee Ave
172Roxy Ln
173S Grant St
174S Reiker St
175S Schnaidt St
176S Shafter Ave
177Sagewood Dr
178San Diego St
179Santa Maria Way
180Saunders Ave
181Sharp Way
182Shaw Ave
183Sierra Ave
184Slater Rd
185Smith Ln
186Sonora Dr
187State Ave
188Stearman Ave
189Tamara Ave
190Tamara Ct
191Tamara Way
192Terra Vista Ln
193Thomas Ln
194Transport Ln
195Trevino Terrace
196Van Meter St
197Vasquez Ave
198Venable Ln
199Vera Cruz Way
200Village Ave
201Voth Ln
202W Euclid Ave
203W Los Angeles St
204W Marengo Ave
205W Munzer St
206W Orange Ave
207W Tulare Ave
208Walker St
209Waymon Ave
210West St
211Weyand Way
212Whittier St
213Wiedmann Ave
214Winters Dr
215Wise Ave
216Wishon Dr
217Wisteria Dr