List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Shasta County, California

#Street Name
1Airport Rd
2Akiba Ln
3Akrich St
4Backbone Rd
5Balls Ferry Rd
6Battle Creek Bottom Rd
7Big Bend Rd
8Boyle Rd
9Buckhorn Ln
10Bullskin Ridge Rd
12Canyon Rd
13Carmello Dr
14Carpet Creek Way
15Cascade Blvd
16Cassel Fall River Rd
17Cassel Rd
18Christmas Tree Ln
19Churn Creek Rd
20Clear Creek Rd
21Cloverdale Rd
22County Road A16
23Crag View Dr
24Day Rd
25Dee Knoch Rd
26Deer Lick Knob Rd
27Dersch Rd
28Deschutes Rd
29E County Line Rd
30Gale Ln
31Gas Point Rd
32Gover Rd
33Happy Valley Rd
34Hazel Creek Rd
35Hoadley Peaks Rd
37Hufford Ranch Rd
38Hwy 299
39Hwy 44
40 Hwy 44
41Interstate 5
42Island Rd
43J Strawn Rd
44Lake Blvd
45Lassen Peak Hwy
46Lewiston Turnpike Rd
47Logging Road 100-1
48Lone Tree Rd
49Los Altos Dr
50Margie Ln
51Mayhollow Dr
52Mcarthur Rd
53Millville Plains Rd
54Morrison Ln
55Mountain View Rd
56Nectorberry Ln
57Old 44 Dr
58Old Alturas Rd
59Old Oregon Trail
60Old Oregon Trail N
61Panorama Point Rd
62Pear Ln
63Pigeon Point Rd
64Pittville Totten Rd
65Placer Rd
66Red Mountain Rd
67Reedy Camp Rd
68Rocky Oaks Rd
69Rte 151
70Rte 44
71S 1st St
72S Fork Rd
73S Market St
74Shafer Dr
75Shasta Dam Blvd
76Silver Bridge Rd
77Small Farms Dr
78Spring Creek Rd
79Sqiss Dr
80 Staccone Pl
81State Highway 299
82State Route 273
83State Route 299
84State Route 299
85Summit Lake Rd
87Swallowtail Ln
88Swede Creek Rd
89Tamarack Rd
90Terry Mill Rd
91Union School Rd
92W Anderson Dr
93W Lava Rim Rd
94Walker Mine Rd
95Webster Way
96Wildcat Rd
97Wilson Hill Rd
98Windwalker Ln
99Wonderland Blvd
100Z Line