List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Shasta Lake, California

#Street Name
16th St
2Akrich Park Ave
3Allan St
4Allred St
5Alpine St
6Altus St
7Arkwood Dr
8Arlene Ct
9Arrow Rock Ave
10Arrow Rock St
11Arrowhead Ave
12Ascot Ct
13Ashby Ct
14Ashby Rd
15Ashwick Ct
16Autumn Harvest Dr
17Autumn Harvest Way
18Avington Way
19Beacon St
20Black Canyon Rd
21Bloomsbury Ave
22Boca St
23Bonneville St
24Boudreaux Pl
25Boulder St
26Bronze Ct
27Brook St
28Buckeye Dump Rd
29Buckeye St
30Buckingham Dr
31Buena Vista St
32Bursell St
33Butterfly Ln
34Cabello St
35Cabochon Pl
36Cana Dr
37Cedar Ave
38Central Ave
39Cherry St
40 Chico St
41Coeur D Alene Ave
42Conchas St
43Cottage Ave
44County Highway 418
45Craftsman Ave
46Crystal St
47Cypress Ave
48D Alene Ave
49Dartford Dr
50Deer Creek Ave
51Deer Creek Rd
52Digger Bay Rd
53Dolphin St
54Dowell Ct
55Doyle Ct
56Durrett St
57Duval Dr
58Duval Ln
59Dyke St
60Easy Money Ln
61El Cajon Ave
62El Paso St
63Elizabeth St
64Ellen Dr
65Elliott St
66Epping Ct
67Eugene St
68Farm Hill Dr
69Fern Ave
70Fig St
71Flanagan Rd
72Flower St
73Forest St
74Fort Peck St
75Foursquare Ct
76Front St
77Gavin St
78Givan St
79Grand Ave
80 Grand Coulee Blvd
81Grand River Ave
82Gray Pine Way
83Greenwich Dr
84Hardenbrook Ave
85Hazel St
86Hill Blvd
87Hillington Ct
88Holley Ave
89Holly St
90Homer Ln
91Huckleberry Ln
92Huckleberry Rd
93Humboldt Ave
94Humboldt St
95Idaho Way
96Impression Way
97Indian Ave
98Iron Ct
99Iron Horse Rd
100Ivy Ave
101Jankanish Rd
102Johnson St
103Joseph St
104Kenneth Ave
105Kennett St
107Kevin Ln
108Kimmie Dr
109Kirkelie Ln
110Koch St
111Kokanee Dr
112La Mesa Ave
113Lakeview St
114Laredo St
115Larkin Ave
116Lassen St
117Latigo Way
118Leisure Ln
119Lena Way
120Lennox St
121Leona Ave
122Linda Vista Dr
123Loch Pl
124Locust Ave
125Los Flores Ave
126Los Flores St
127Los Gatos Ave
128Marilyn Ave
129Mason Dr
130Mcconnel Ave
131Meade St
132Median Ave
133Mendocino St
134Mesquite St
135Miller Ave
136Moccasin Ln
137Montana Ave
138Montego Dr
139Moon Shadow Ct
140Morningstar Way
141Mulberry St
142Mussel Shoals Ave
143N Beltline Rd
144Nell Orr St
145Nellie Bell Ln
146Newbury Ct
147Nicole Dr
148North Ave
149North Blvd
150Oak Ave
151Old Churchtown Ln
152Old Churntown Rd
153Oliver St
154Oregon Ave
155Orkney Pl
156Ostling Ave
157Ostling Ct
158Ostling Pl
159Ouray St
160Page Ct
161Pancake Hill Dr
162Parallel St
163Park Ln
164Parker St
165Pembroke Ln
166Pendleton Ct
167Pensacola Ave
168Pensacola St
169Perth Ln
170Pickard St
171Pine Flat St
172Pine Grove Ave
173Pit St
174Poplar St
175Poppy Ln
176Provo Ave
177Pullup Pl
178Quigley Ct
179Ranchera Rd
180Red Ave
181Red Bluff St
182Riddle Rd
183Rio Monte Ave
184Rio Monte Ct
185Risstay Way
186Rosamond Ave
187Rose Ave
188Rouge Rd
189Ruby Ln
190San Gorgonio Ave
191San Gorgonio St
192Shasta Gateway Dr
193Shasta Park Dr
194Shasta Way
195Short St
196Siners Ranch Rd
197Sioux Ct
198Sioux Dr
199Slow Season Rd
200Smith Ave
201Sophia Ln
202Spring St
203Spruce Ave
204Stafford Dr
205Stanton Ave
206Tanya Ln
207Tapestry Ln
208Targa Dr
209Temple Ln
210Thomas St
211Tibark Oak Ln
212Tibbitts Rd
213Tomahawk Trail
214Toyon Ave
215Trinity St
216Twin Lake Dr
217Vallecito Ct
218Vallecito St
219Vassar Way
220Virginia Ave
221Walker Ln
222Walton Ave
223Wandsworth Dr
224Washington Ave
225Webster Pl
226Wellington Pl
227Westminster Ct
228White Way
229Whiting St
230Whiting Way
231Williamette St
232Winter Amber Ct
233Wintun Dr
234Woodley Ave
235Yellow Pine Ave