List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Solvang, California

#Street Name
119th St
21st Pl
329th St
43rd St
55th Ave
6A St
7Aalborg Ct
8Aalborg Way
9Acacia St
10Adams Way
11Adler Ct
12Adria Ave
13Alamo Pintado Ave
14Amber St
15Aquastio Canyon
16Ash Ave
17Ashton St
18Atlaus Way
19Augusta St
20Augustenborg Pl
21Baker Ln
22Baldwin Way
23Birch Ave
24Bishop Rd
25Boundary Oaks Ct
26Buck Canyon Rd
27Butterfly Ln
28Carrari Ave
29Chalfonte Ct
30Coast Dr
31Colleen Ave
32Cooper's Rd
33Cottonwood Cyn Rd
34Cottonwood Ln
35Covered Wagon
36Coyote Cir
37Creek Ln
38Creekside Ln
39Crocker Sperry Dr
40 Cuaslui Creek
41Deer Canyon Rd
42Deer Trail Ln
43Depot St
44Dove Ln
45Dove Meadow Ln
46Ebony St
47Elk Grove Ln
48Elmwood Dr
49Elsinore Dr
50Esquela St
51Eucalyptus Ave
52Fairway Dr
53Finney St E
54Firethorn Ln
55Floradale Ave
56Frazier Ln
57Fredensborg Canyon Rd
58Frey Way
59Glen Oaks Dr
60Golf Rd
61Greenfield Rd
62Hickory St
63Hickory Way
64High Grove Ave
65Hill Ct
66Hillside Cir
67Hillview Rd
68Hobbs Ln
69Holly Ave
70Holmcrest Rd
71Honda Way
72Horizon Dr
73Ironwood St
74Janet Dr
75Janin Pl
76Jennifer Ct
77June St
78Kameo St
79Kara Dr
80 Kodiak Ave
81Kristen Ct
82Kronborg Dr
83La Vuelta Rd
84Lateen Rd
85Latigo Dr
86Lewis Rd
87Lilac St
88Los Ninos
89Manzanillo Dr
90Meadow Ln
91Mesa Cir Dr
92Mesa View Ln
93Middle Rd
94Molera Dr
95Monica Ct
96Myrtle Ave
97Nopalitos Way
98Nutmeg St
100Odie Ln
101Old Mill Rd
102Old Ranch Dr
103Osito Ct
104Otono Dr
105Owen Rd
106Park View Dr
107Paseo Del Refugio
108Pepperwood Pl
109Pesetas Ln
110Pomar Ln
111Ranch St
112Rebecca Ln
113Rialto Ln
115Ringsted Dr
116Ringsted Pl
117Rinsstead Pl
118Robin Pl
119Rosita Ave
120Sandalwood Dr
121Shanon Ct
122Siena Ln
123Silkberry Ln
124Sisquoc St
125Skyscreen Rd
126Spyglass Dr
127Stacy Ln
128Stadium Dr
129Stewart St
130Sycamore Vista Rd
131Tanya Ct
132Utah St
133Vales St
134Veronica Springs Rd
135Vester Hof
136Via Del Rey
137Via Diego
138Via Regina
139Via Salerno
140Via Zorro
141Vieja Dr
142Viendra Dr
143Vigard Dr
144Willow Cir
145Winchester Way
146Winding Way
147Windmill Ct