List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Sonoma, California

#Street Name
11st Ave
21st St
31st St E
41st St W
52nd Ave
62nd St E
72nd St W
83rd Ave
93rd St E
103rd St W
114th Ave
124th St E
134th St W
145th Ave
155th St E
165th St W
176th Ave
186th St E
196th St W
207th St E
217th St W
238th St E
24Acacia Ave
25Academy Ln
26Acapulco Dr
27Adler Ct
28Admiral Cooke Ln
29Adobe Canyon Rd
30Adobe Way
31Agua Caliente Rd E
32Agua Caliente Rd W
33Alberca Rd
34Alex Rd
35Allen Rd
36Alta Sonoma Rd
37Alta Sonoma St
38Amado St
39Amedeo Ct
40 Amherst Cir
41Andrieux St
42Anthony Ct
43Anza Ct
44Anza Dr
45Apple Tree Ct
46Apple Valley Rd
47Appleton Way
48Arbor Ave
49Archer Rd
50Arguello Ct
51Arkay Ct
52Armstrong Dr
53Arnold Dr
54Arroyada Rd
55Arroyo Ct
56Arroyo Rd
57Arroyo Way
58Aureo Ct
59Austin Ave
60Ave Del Oro
61Avenida Barbera
62Babb Ln
63Bacchus Ct
64Baggs Blvd
65Bags Blvd
66Bain Ranch Rd
67Bainbridge Ln
68Baines Ave
70Baker Rd
71Bakman Pl
72Balsam Ave
73Banchero St
74Banchero Way
75Barcelona Dr
76Barracchi Way
77Barrachi Way
78Barrett Ave
79Bart Rd
80 Bartholomew Rd
81Baudin Way
82Baxter Ave
83Bay St
85Baytree Ln
86Beasley Way
87Beatrice Dr
88Belmont Ct
89Bennett Rd
90Bennett Valley Rd
91Bernhard Ave
92Bernice Ln
93Berryessa Ct
94Berryessa Dr
95Bertini Rd
96Bettencourt St
97Birch Rd
98Blue Wing Dr
99Bokman Pl
100Bonneau Rd
101Bonneau Road Exd
102Bonness Rd
103Bonnie Way
104Bourke Rd
105Bowen Ct
106Bragg St
107Brazil St
109Brockman Ln
111Brooks Ave
112Brookside Rd
113Brookview Dr
114Brown Ave
115Brownstone Ln
116Buena Vida Ct
117Buena Vida Dr
118Buena Vista Ave
119Buena Vista Dr
120Bundschu Rd
121Burke Pl
122Burndale Rd
123Buttercup Ct
124Caballeros St
125Caffa Ln
126California Ct
127Calle Del Monte
128Canyon Dr
129Canyon Rd
130Capastaic Rd
131Carillo Ct
132Carmel Ave
133Carnation Ct
134Carriger Rd
135Carson Ct
136Casa Verde Ct
137Casabella Dr
138Casabella Dr
139Casabonne Ln
140Caspian Ct
141Castle Rd
142Caton Ct
143Cavedale Rd
144Cazares Cir
145Cedar Ave
146Cedar Ct
147Center St
148Central Ave
149Chalfant Rd
150Channing Row
151Charles Van Damme Way
152Chase St
153Cherry Ave
154Cherry Ln
155Cherry Ln Ct
156Cherry Tree Ct
157Chestnut Ave
158Chico Dr
159Chiquita Camino
160Chiquita Camino Dr
161Church St
162Clark Rd
163Claudia Dr
164Clay St
165Clayton Ave
166Clyde Ave
167Coffin Ln
168Comstock Ave
169Contento Ct
170Cooper St
171Cordilleras Dr
172Corey Rd
173Cory Ln
174Cottonwood Ave
175Cougar Mountain Dr
176Country Club Ct
177Country Club Dr
178Country Club Ln
179Country Meadow Ln
180Courtney Dr
181Cox St
182Cragmont Dr
183Craig Ave
184Creek Ln
185Crest Way
186Crivelli Dr
187Crocus Cir
188Crocus Ct
189Crocus Dr
190Cuernavaca Dr
191Cuneo Rd
192Curtin Ln
193Cypress Ave
194Cypress Ln
195Cypress Rd
196Dahlia Dr
197Dale Ave
198Dance Dr
199Daniel Young Dr
200Davenport Rd
201David St
202Davidson St
203Davila Ct
204Davitto Rd
205De Chene Ave
206De Mate Rd
207Deer Park Dr
208Del Rio Paseo
209Denmark St
210Depot Rd
211Desilu Dr
212Dewell Dr
213Dinnucci Rd
214Don Timoteo Ct
215Donald St
216Donnell Rd
217Donner Ave
218Dresel Rd
219Dry Creek Rd
220Duane Rd
221Duggans Rd
222Dumas Rd
223Dunbar Rd
224E Agua Caliente Rd
225E Bonness Rd
226E Brockman Ln
227E Macarthur St
228E Napa St
229E Spain St
230E Thomson Ave
231E Watmaugh Rd
232Eastin Dr
233Eda Ct
234Egg Farm Ln
235El Camino Real
236El Castillo Vista
237El Dorado Dr
238El Nido Ct
239El Nino Ct
240El Portola Ct
241El Portola Dr
242El Ritero
244Elliott St
245Elm Ave
246Elm Ct
247Emilys Meadow Ct
248Encinas Ln
249Encinas Pl
250Engler St
251Enterprise Rd
252Ernest Dr
253Escalon Dr
254Escondido Ct
255Este Madera Ct
256Este Madera Dr
257Este Madera Ln
258Estrella Dr
259Etienne Rd
261Evans Ave
262Eveton Ln
263Fairview Ln
264Fairway Ct
265Fairway Dr
266Falcon Ln
267Fano Ln
268Farm Rd
269Felder Rd
270Feldin Rd
271Fetters Ave
272Fine Ave
273Fisher Ln
274Flint Ct
275Flying Arrow Ranch Rd
276Folger Rd
277Foster Rd
278Fowler Creek Rd
279France St
280Francisco Dr
281Franquelin Pl
283Frederica Ave
284Fremont Dr
285Fryer Creek Dr
286Garland Ave
287Garry Ln
288Geezer Ln
289Gehricke Rd
290Gelardi Rd
291Gillman Dr
292Glenn Oaks Rd
293Glenwood Dr
294Goff Rd
295Goin Ln
296Grant Ct
297Greene St
298Greger St
299Gregory Cir
300Greve Ln
301Griswold Ave
302Grove Ct
303Grove St
304Guadalajara Dr
305Guadalupe Dr
306Guaymas Dr
307Gundlach Bunschu Rd
308Hacienda Dr
309Hale Rd
310Half Moon St
311Hamblin Rd
312Hansen Rd
313Happy Ln
314Haraszthy Dr
315Harley St
317Harrington Dr
318Harris Rd
319Hartzell Rd
320Harvard Ct
321Hatpat Ln
322Hawks Beard
323Hawthorne Ave
324Hayes St
325Heather Ln
326Heaven Hill Rd
327Heins Rd
328Helmick Rd
329Hemlock Ave
330Henno Ranch Rd
331Henno Rd
332Herbazal St
333Hermosa Pkwy
334Hermosillo Dr
335Herschel Rd
336Hickory St
337High Rd
338Highland Blvd
339Highlands Blvd
340Hillcrest Ave
341Hillside Ave
342Hollis Rd
343Holsworth Rd
344Holt Rd
345Hooker Ave
346Hopkins St
347Hudson Ct
348Hwy 116
349Hwy 12
350Hwy 121
351Hwy 37
352Hyde Burndale Rd
353Hyde Rd
354Imperial Dr
355Indelicato Rd
356Indian Ln
357Ingram Dr
358International Blvd
359Iris Way
360Istvan Rd
361Ivy Ct
362Jacey St
363Jami Lee Ln
364Jamie Lee Ln
365Janero Pl
366Jay Ct
367Jensen Rd
368Jericho Rd
369Jessie St
370Joaquin Dr
371John Mesa Dairy
372Johnson Ave
373Johnson Rd
374Johnstone Rd
375Jones St
376Juniper Ct
377Juniper St
378Junipero Serra Dr
379Kappner Rd
380Katie Ln
381Kearney Ave
382Keaton Ave
383Kelly Glen Ln
384Kelsey Ct
385Kenilworth Ave
386Kenleigh Dr
387King Ct
388Kinnybrook Dr
389Kirch Rd
390Knight St
391Knob Hill Rd
392Knolle Bros Rd
393Knolles Rd
394Korneck Rd
395Kunde Dr
396Kunde Winery Rd
397Kupine Ridge
398La Grama Dr
399La Grama St
400La Mancha Dr
401La Paz Dr
402La Paz Ln
403La Placita
404La Quinta Dr
405La Quinta Ln
406La Serena Way
407Ladera Dr
408Lark Ave
409Larkin Dr
410Las Casitas Ct
411Las Flores Dr
412Las Lomas Rd
413Las Lomas St
414Lasuen St
416Laurelbrook Ct
417Lawler Rd
418Lee Ct
419Leggs Ln
420Legs Ln
421Leveroni Rd
422Libby Ave
423Lichtenberg Ave
424Linda Dr
425Linden St
426Liquid Amber Ln
427Litchenberg Ave
428Lobelia Ct
429Locke Ct
430Locust Ave
431Loma Ct
432Loma Vista Dr
433Lomita Ave
434London Way
435Loretta Ct
436Lori Ct
437Los Banos Dr
438Los Guilicos Ave
439Los Gullicos Ave
440Los Palos St
441Los Robles Dr
442Louise Ln
443Lovall Valley Ct
444Lovall Valley Rd
445Lower Rd
446Lubeck St
447Lucas Ave
448Lucca Ct
449Lyon Ranch Rd
450Lyon St
451Mabry Ln
452Macarthur Ln
453Madison Dr
454Madrid Way
455Madrone Rd
456Maffei Rd
457Main St
458Malaga St
459Maldonado Ave
460Malek Ln
461Malet St
462Mallard Dr
463Mallard Rd
464Mana Way
465Mancus Rd
466Mangel Ranch Rd
467Manor Dr
468Manuella Ln
470Manzanita Rd
471Maple Ave
472Maple Glen Ranch Rd
473Maple Glen Rd
474Maple St
475Maplewood Dr
476Marcy Ct
477Mariano Ct
478Mariano Dr
479Marin Ave
480Marna Ln
481Martiin Rd
482Masnara Rd
483Mayan Dr
484Mazatlan Dr
485Mcdonell St
486Mcgill Rd
487Meadow Dr
488Meadow Oak Dr
489Meadow Oaks Dr
490Meadowbrook Ave
491Meadowlark Ln
492Meadowood Ln
493Melody Ct
494Melody Ln
495Melrose Ct
496Melvin Ave
497Merida Dr
498Meridith Ct
499Merritt Ct
500Mervin Ave
501Mesquite Ct
502Meyer Rd
503Michael Dr
504Middlefield Rd
505Miller Ln
506Miller Rd
507Millerick Ln
508Millerick Rd
509Mimosa Ln
510Misbro Way
511Mission Dr
512Mission Terrace
513Mission Way
514Mitchell Way
515Mocabee Rd
516Molinari Rd
517Moll Ct
518Monterey Ave
519Montini Way
520Moon Mountain Dr
521Moon Mountain Rd
522Morada Rd
523Morgan Hill Rd
524Morningside Mountain Dr
525Mosta Way
526Mound Ave
527Mountain Ave
528Mulberry Ave
529Mulford Ln
530Myrtle Ave
531N Castle Rd
532N Maffei Rd
533Najm Ln
534Napa Rd
535Nash St
536Natal Ct
537Natalina Ct
538Nathanson Creek Ln
539Neil Ct
540Nelligan Rd
541Nevin Ln
542Newcomb St
543Nicholas Rd
544Nicoli Ln
545Nicolini Rd
546Nikki Dr
547Noble Rd
548Norrbom Rd
550Northside Ave
551Nuns Canyon Rd
552Nut Tree Ct
553Nut Tree Ln
554O'farrell Ct
555Oak Creek Dr
556Oak Ln
557Oak St
558Oak Wood Lands
559Oakwood Dr
560Ola Ct
561Old County Rd
562Old Madrone Rd
563Old Maple Ave
564Old Winery Ct
565Old Winery Rd
566Olive Ave
567Oman Springs Cir
568Oman Springs Ct
569Orange Ave
570Orchard Ave
571Orchard Rd
572Oregon St
573Ortega Ct
574Osenda Ct
575Oso Trail
576Padre Dr
578Palm Ct
579Palmer Ave
580Palo Verde Ct
581Palou St
582Paragon Way
583Park Ave
584Park Ln
585Park Row
586Park Tree Ln
587Parrish Rd
588Parthenon Way
589Pasaje Pajaros Calle
590Patten St
591Pear Tree Ct
592Pearce Dr
593Pearson Ave
594Pearson Rd
595Peary Ave
596Penny Ln
597Pepito Dr
598Pepperwood Ct
599Perkins St
600Peru Rd
601Petaluma Ave
602Peters Rd
603Phillipi Rd
604Pickett St
605Pierson Rd
606Pina Ave
607Pine Ave
608Pine St
609Pipeline Rd
610Piper Ln
611Plum Tree Ct
612Poehlman Rd
613Point Dr
614Polley Ln
615Poplar Ave
616Princeton Dr
617Prospect Dr
618Pueblo Ave
619Quail Run Way
620Quarry Hill Rd
621Quedo Ct
622Queens Rd
623Quigley Ln
624Rachael Rd
625Railroad Ave
626Ramal Rd
627Ramon St
628Ranch Rd
629Rancho Bonita Way
630Randolf Ct
631Randolph Ave
632Ray Ct
633Reclamation Rd
634Redding Rd
635Repetto Ranch Rd
636Revie Rd
637Richards Blvd
638Ridge Rd
639Riscioni Rd
640River Rd
641Riverside Dr
642Robie Rd
643Robin Ave
644Robinson Rd
645Robinson St
646Robles Serano Ct
647Rocina Rd
648Rockrose Ln
649Rosalie Dr
650Rose Ave
651Ross Ct
652Rover Rd
653Rte 37
654Rugger Rd
655S Central Ave
656San Gabriel Dr
657San Lorenzo Ct
658San Luis Rd
659San Ramon Dr
660San Simeon Dr
661Saunders Dr
662Schellbach Rd
663Schellville Rd
664Schiller Ct
665School St
666Schumann Ct
667Searcy Rd
668Sears Point Rd
669Sereno Ct
670Serpilio Dr
671Serres Dr
672Serres Ln
673Shainsky Rd
674Shaw Ave
675Sherman Ct
676Sierra Dr
677Sierra Pl
678Siesta Way
679Siler Rd
680Silva Rd
681Skaggs Island Rd
682Skaggs Island Rd
683Sleepy Hollow Ct
684Smith St
685Sobre Vista
686Sobre Vista Ct
687Sobre Vista Rd
688Solano Ave
689Solano Ct
690Sonoma Bike Path
691Sonoma Cir
692Sonoma Green Acres
693Sonoma Hwy
694Sonoma Mountain Rd
695Sonoma Vista Dr
696Sonora Dr
697Specht Rd
698Sperring Rd
699Splude Rd
700Spolini Rd
701Spring Dr
702Spring Hill Rd
703Spring Ln
704Spring St
705St Germain Ln
706St James Dr
707St Jean Ct
708St Mathews Ct
709St Patrick Ct
710Stage Gulch Rd
711Stanford Ct
712Steuben Ln
713Stevens Gate Rd
714Storetti Rd
715Streeter Rd
716Studley St
717Summer Meadow Ln
718Sunnyside Ave
719Sunnyslope Farm Rd
721Sunset Way
722Swallow Rd
723Sweet William Ct
724Sylvia Dr
725Temelec Cir
726Temelec Dr
727Temelel Cir
728Theodor Ln
729Thornsberry Rd
730Tienne Rd
731Todd Ave
732Tolay Creek Rd
733Tonelee Rd
734Toulay Creek Rd
735Towne St
737Treehaven Ct
738Treehaven Ln
739Trestle Glen Dr
740Trinity Rd
741Tronado Ct
742Troy Ln
743Turkey Rd
744Turtle Creek Dr
745Twin Oaks Ln
746Upper Monterey Ave
747Vailetti Dr
748Vallejo Home State Park
749Vasquez Ct
750Vassar Ct
751Verano Ave
752Verde Vista Dr
753Victoria Ct
754Viewcrest Dr
755Vigilante Rd
756Vigna St
757Vineyard Cir
758Vineyard Ln
759Virginia Ct
760Vischer Ct
761W 2nd St
762W Agua Caliente Rd
763W College Ave
764W Macarthur St
765W Napa St
766W Ranch Rd
767W Spain St
768W Thomson Ave
769W Verano Ave
770W Watmaugh Rd
771Wagele Dr
772Wagner Rd
773Waldruhe Heights
774Walker Rd
775Wall Rd
777Walnut Ave
778Walnut St
779Warm Springs Rd
780Waterman Ave
781Weise Rd
782Wellesley Ct
783Welzel Ln
784Westach Way
785White Alder
786White Briar Dr
787White Oak Ct
788White Oak Dr
789Wildwood Ln
790Wilking Way
791Wilkins Way
792William Cunningham Ave
793Willow Ln
794Willow St
796Wine Country Ct
797Winery Terrace
798Wingate Rd
799Winter Creek Rd
800Wolf Ridge Rd
801Wood Valley Rd
802Woodland Ave
803Woodworth Ln
804Wyatt Rd
805Yale Ct
806Yell Rd
807York Ct
808Yount St
809Zinnia Ct