List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Southwest Shasta, California

#Street Name
129n21 - Trinity National Forest
22nd St
3Archer Rd
4Ball Mill Rd
5Bambow Rd
6Bandana Mine Rd
7Bandana Trail
8Beegum Gorge Rd
9Beegum Rd
10Bender Rd
11Benson Dr
12Benson Rd
13Big Foot Rd
14Bird Valley
15Bird Valley Dr
16Birdie Ln
17Bridle Ln
18Brunswick Dr
19Brunswick Ln
20Buell Alley
21Bully Choop Mountain Rd
22Bully Choop Rd
23Bully Choop Rd
24Choctaw Rd
25Compound Dr - Trinity National Forest
26Coram Rd
27Cottonwood Creek Rd
28County Line Rd
29Cow Gulch Rd
30Crocker Alley
31Cross Creek Dr
32Crosscreek Dr
33Crystal Creek Rd
34Deck Way
35Dekkas Pom Ct
36Duck Rd
37Duncan Creek Rd
38East Side
39East Side Rd - Shasta National Forest
40 Edwin Dr
41Ella Richter Rd
42Falcons View Dr
43Flying Eagle Rd
44Forest Route 41 - Trinity National Forest
45French Alley
46Gamblers Gulch Rd
47Glendale Pines Dr
48Gogo Rd
49Gold Diggers Rd
50Gold Rush Rd
51Gold Spring Pl
52Goldsborough Gulch
53Granite Dr
54Grape St
55Graves Ranch Rd
56Grizzly Gulch Rd
57Gunny Sack Rd
58Hammer Mill Dr
59High St
60Highland Ridgerd
61Hilo Rd
62Homestake Rd
63Hoppy Trail
64Horse Canyon Rd
65Iola Dr
66Ishi Rd
67Jeffrey Rd
68Jennifer Rd
69Jenny Bird Ln
70Jerusalem Creek
71Johnson Alley
72Junkans Rd
73Kennedy Memorial Dr - Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
74Keno Camp Rd - Trinity National Forest
75Knob Peak Lookout Rd - Trinity National Forest
76Lamplite Dr
77Laurel St
78Leo's Lookout Rd
79Lower Coal Pit Dr
80 Lower Coalpit Rd
81Mackley Alley
82Manana Way
83Manzanita Rd
84Marcella Rd
85Marthas Farm Rd
86Marx No 1 Rd
87Marx No 2 Rd
88Matheson Rd
89Maverick Dr
90Mc Comb Hill Rd
91Mccomb Hill Rd
92Mcdonald Alley
93Mi Own Way
94Middle Fork Cottonwood Creek
95Millie St
96Miners Gulch
97Moran Mountain Rd
98Mule Town Rd - Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
99Muletown Rd
100Mushroom Ln
101Neilson Way
103Nono Rd
104Nova Scotia Ln
105Oak St
106Old Bully Choop Rd
107Old Crest Rd
108Paige Bar Rd - Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
109Papas Dr
110Paradise Ln
111Park St
112Patches Tr Rd
113Pinecrest Dr
114Pioneer Rd - Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
115Placer Rd
116Platina School Rd
117Rainbown Lake Rd
118Red Bluff Rd
119Rendes Rd
120Road 29n05 - Trinity National Forest
121Rock Mountain Ln
122Ruggles Rd
123S Fork Lookout Rd
124S Shore Dr - Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
125Sargent Rd
126Shadow Mountain Ln
127Shady Nook Dr
128Shasta Star
129Shields Rd - Trinity National Forest
130Shores Ln
131Shurtleff Alley
132Small Farms Rd
133Stardust Ln
134Stella St
135Stoney Terrace
136Stoney Terrace Way
137Stuart Gap Rd - Trinity National Forest
138Sugar Pine Ln
139Sunday Gulch Rd - Trinity National Forest
140Surprise Ln
141Tankit Ln
142Tar Bully Rd
143Tollhouse Rd
144Tolowa Rd
145Trinity Alley
146Trinity Alps Vista Rd
147Trinity Mnt Rd - Trinity National Forest
148Trombley Ln
149Van Ness Rd - Trinity National Forest
150Walker Terrace
151Whiskey Creek Rd
152Whispering Pine Dr
153Whispering Pines Dr
154White Mountain Rd
155White Rock Rd - Trinity National Forest
156Wilderland Dr
157Wildwood Rd - Trinity National Forest
159Wingfield Ln
160Winthrope Ct
161Wintun Rd
162Yucatan Trail
163Zogg Mine Rd