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List of Street Names with maps in Sutter Creek-Plymouth, California

#Street Name
18 Oaks
2Amador Creek Rd
3American Flat Rd
4American Flat Side Rd
5Andrews Ln
6Autumn Ct
7Bens Alley
8Bertone Dr
9Blackwell Rd
10Booger Hollow Rd
11Bunker Hill Rd
12Cam Del Aparicio
13Canyon Ave
14Carpenters Gulch Rd
16Cedar Ln
17Cedar Trail
18Chestnut Ln
19Chicago Mine Rd
20Chicken Flat Blvd
21China St
22Circle Ave
23Clapboard Rd
24Consolation St
25Cosol Rd
26County Road 81
27County Road E16
28Cyprus Trail
29Dew Drop Bypass
30Drytown Amador Via Bunkerhill Rd
31Ellis Ranch Rd
32Emigrant Trail
33Fern Ave
34Fern Ln
35Fern Trail
36Fiddletown St
37Fleehart St
38Fremont Mine Rd
39Gallup Ln
40 Gold Valley Rd
41Gopher Flat
42Greilich Trail
43Grelich Trail
44Harley Blvd
45Hillcrest Ave
46Holly Ln
47Horseshoe Ln
48Hurtigs Hanger
49Iris Ln
50Jibboam St
51Kennedy Hills Dr
52La Colina Rd
53Lake Marie Rd
54Lomo Ranchos
55Lomo Ranchos Rd
56Lower Rd
57Marantha Dr
58Mayflower Rd
59Meadow View Rd
60Meadowlark Ln
61Moonshine Rd
62Moss Ln
63N Vineyard
64New Chicago Rd
65No Amador Rd
66Oak Ave
67Oak Meadow Rd
68Oak Trail
69Old Amador Rd
70Old Jackson
71Old Sutter Creek-amedor City Hwy
72Omo Ranch Rd
73P Lupe Rd
74Pigeon Trail
75Pine Ave
76Pine Trail
77Pinebrook Ct
78Plug St
79Ponderosa Trail
80 Pony Ln
81Potosi Mills
82Quail Rd
83River Ln
84River Trail
85Rock Ln
86Sandar Rd
88Spring Ln
89String Bean Alley
90Suckertown Rd
91Tannyard Hill Rd
93Vaira Ranch Rd
94View Circle Rd
95Vineyard View
96West Ave
97White Rd
98Willow Creek Road Exn