List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Tulare, California

#Street Name
1156 Ave
2176 Ave
34th Ave
45th Ave
5Adams St
6Addie Ave
7Admiral Ave
8Admiral Ct
9Agusta Ct
10Akers Rd
11Alameda St
12Albarino St
13Alcott St
14Alderwood St
15Alexander Ave
16Allen Rd
17Almaden St
18Alpha St
19American Ave
20Ametjian St
21Anderson Ave
22Andrews Ct
23Angling Rd
24Ann Dr
25Applewood St
26Arbor Dr
27Arciero Dr
28Arkansas Ave
29Arkansas Ct
30Arneis Ave
31Arrowhead Pl
32Ash Ct
33Atlantic Ave
34Atlantic Ct
35Atwood Dr
36Auburn St
37Augusta Ct
38Ave 144
39Ave 152
40 Ave 160
41Ave 168
42Ave 170
43Ave 172
44Ave 176
45Ave 178
46Ave 180
47Ave 184
48Ave 186
49Ave 188
50Ave 190
51Ave 192
52Ave 194
53Ave 196
54Ave 198
55Ave 199
56Ave 200
57Ave 204
58Ave 208
59Ave 210
60Ave 212
61Ave 216
62Ave 220
63Ave 224
64Ave 226
65Ave 228
66Ave 229
67Ave 230
68Ave 232
69Ave 236
70Ave 236b
71Ave 240
72Ave 244
73Ave 245
74Ave 246
75Ave 248
76Ave 252
77Ave 256
78Ave 260
79Ave 261
80 Ave 266
81Ave 268
82Avenue 166
83Avenue 167
84Avenue 172
85Avenue 272
86Avila Dr
87Avon Ave
88Avon Dr
89Azalea Ave
90Azalea Ct
91Badger Flat Ave
92Balaam Dr
93Balsawood Ct
94Barbera Ct
95Bardolino Dr
96Bardsley Ave
97Bargetto Ave
98Bargetto Ct
99Barolo Ct
100Bash Alley
101Bass Lake Ave
102Baywood Ave
103Beaumont Ct
104Bell Port Ave
105Bella Oaks Dr
106Belmont St
107Ben Franklin Ave
108Bender Ct
110Benicia Ave
111Bering Ct
112Berryhill Ave
113Berrywood Ct
114Bettinelli Ct
115Beverly Dr
116Big Sandy Ct
117Billing Ave
118Birch Ave
119Black Rock Ct
120Black Rock St
121Blackstone St
122Bliss Ln
123Blue Oak St
124Bonarda Ave
125Bonita Dr
126Bora Ave
127Bordeaux Dr
128Boxwood Ave
129Boxwood Ct
130Boyd Ct
131Brentwood St
132Brett Beach Cir
133Brian Rd
134Briarwood St
135Brickfield Ave
136Bright St
137Brightside St
138Brisa Ct
139Bual Ct
140Burlwood Ct
141Burton Ave
142Butte St
143Buttonwood Ave
144Buttonwood Ct
145Cabernet Dr
146Cabrillo Ave
147Cabrillo Dr
148Calaveras Ct
149California Ave
150California Ct
151Camara Ln
152Camelia Ave
153Campbell Cir
154Campbell Ct
155Camron Ave
156Canal St
157Canyon View St
158Cape Canyon Ave
159Capistrano Ave
160Capitol Ct
161Cardoza Dr
162Carelton Ave
163Carleton Ave
164Carson Ave
166Cartmill Ave
167Cassidy St
168Catalina Cir
169Catavee Ave
170Centennial Ct
171Center St
172Central Valley Hwy
173Champagne St
174Chandler Ct
175Chardonnay Ct
176Charles Krug Ave
177Chavez Ct
178Chenin Blanc Ct
179Chenin Blanc St
180Chevy Chase Cir
181Chevy Chase St
182Chism Ave
183Claremont Rd
184Clarete Ave
185Clarete Ct
186Clarete St
187Clearwater St
188Clinton Ave
189Clover Meadow Ave
190Cloverdale Rd
191Cochran Ave
192Colleen Ct
193College Ave
194Colonial Cir
195Colony Ave
196Colorado Ave
197Colorado Ct
198Columbia Ave
199Commercial Ave
200Concord Ave
201Concord Ct
202Congressional Ct
203Constitution St
204Coral St
205Cortese St
206Corvina Ave
207Cotta St
208Cottage Grove Ave
209Cotton Ct
210Cottonwood St
211Country View Ave
212County Road 112
213County Road 262
214County Road 60
215Crater Lake Ave
216Cromley St
217Crystal Downs Ave
218Crystal Springs Ct
219Crystal St
220Cumberland Ct
221Cumberland St
222Cupertino Ct
223Curti Rd
224Cypress Cove Dr
225Dalton St
226Dana Fink Ct
227Dandelion Ave
228Danville Ave
229Daos Ct
230Dawkins Dr
231Dayton St
232De Foe Ct
233De La Vina St
234Deer Creek St
235Del Monte Ct
236Delaware Ave
237Delaware Ct
238Delores Ct
239Denair St
240Descanso Bay Cir
241Descanso Bay St
242Dinky Creek Ct
243Dogwood Ave
244Dogwood Ct
245Dolcetto Ct
246Donna Ave
247Doral Ct
248Dover Canyon Ct
249Driftwood Ave
250Drive 108
251Durango Ct
252E Academy Ave
253E Academy Ave
254E Addie Ave
255E Almond Ave
256E Alpine Ave
257E Alpine Ct
258E Apricot Ave
259E Ash Ave
260E Aspen Ave
261E Avila Ave
262E Bardsley Ave
263E Batavia Ct
264E Beacon Ave
265E Ben Franklin Ave
266E Berkeley Ave
267E Berkeley Dr
268E Beverly Dr
269E Birch Ave
270E Boyer Dr
271E Brea Ave
272E Bridger Ave
273E Burton Ave
274E Callie Ave
275E Camelia Ave
276E Cardoza Ave
277E Carmelo Ave
278E Carson Ave
279E Cartmill Ave
280E Cedar Ave
281E Cerritos Ave
282E Chapman Ave
283E Cheryl Ln
284E Chestnut Ave
285E Chevy Chase Dr
286E Coelho Ave
287E Colleen Cir
288E College Ave
289E Colonial Cir
290E Continental Ave
291E Cross Ave
292E Cypress Ave
293E Dickran Dr
294E Eastbrook Ave
295E Eastfield Ct
296E Eastgate Ave
297E Elm Ave
298E Estate Dr
299E Evergreen Ave
300E Fairview Ave
301E Finch Ave
302E Foster
303E Foster Dr
304E Frances Ave
305E Fulton Ave
306E Gail Ave
307E Gannon Dr
308E Garden Ct
309E Garfield Ave
310E Glenwood Ave
311E Hillcrest Ave
312E Independence Ave
313E Inyo Ave
314E Karen Ave
315E Kennedy Ave
316E Kern Ave
317E King Ave
318E Kohn Ave
319E La Mesa Dr
320E Laurel Ave
321E Levin Ave
322E Lois Ave
323E Lois Ct
324E Lyndale Dr
325E Lynn Ave
326E Mariposa Ave
327E Mercedes Ave
328E Merritt Ave
329E O Neal Ave
330E Oakdale Ave
331E Owens Ave
332E Pacific Ave
333E Paige Ave
334E Pine Ave
335E Pine Dr
336E Pleasant Ave
337E Prosperity Ave
338E Rankin Rd
339E Redwood Ct
340E Richard Smith Ave
341E Roosevelt Ave
342E Royal Ann Ave
343E Salome Ave
344E San Gregorio Ct
345E San Joaquin Ave
346E Sandalwood Ave
347E Sandra Ave
348E Sequoia Ave
349E Sierra Ave
350E Solano Ave
351E Sonora Ave
352E Stockham Ave
353E Sunset Ave
354E Sycamore Ave
355E Target Ave
356E Terrace Ave
357E Thompson Ave
358E Toledo Ave
359E Tulare Ave
360E Tuolumne Ave
361E Tustin Cir
362E Valley Forge Ave
363E Ventura Ave
364E Wade Ave
365E Walnut Ave
366E Washington Ave
367E Willow Ct
368E Wilson Ave
369E Woodward Dr
370Eagle Ct
371Eastgate Ave
372Eaton St
373Edgewater St
374Eldridge Ave
375Elk Bayou Rd
376Elsinore St
377Elster Ave
378Encino Ct
379Enterprise St
380Eshom Creek Ct
381Estrella Ave
382Estrella Ct
383Etna Dr
384Fairwind Ct
385Fallbrook Ct
386Feather Ct
387Ferro Ct
388Fiano St
389Finch Ave
390Firestone Dr
391Fogal Rd
392Forest St
393Frances Ave
394Freedom St
395Fulton Ave
396Fulton St
397Gallo St
398Gamay Ct
399Garden Ct
400Gemini Ave
401Gemini Ct
402Gemini St
403Glen Ellen Ct
404Glen Ellen Dr
405Glenwood Ave
406Goble Ct
407Gomez Ave
408Gomez Cir
409Gomez Ct
410Gorelli Ct
411Grapewood St
412Greenwood Ct
413Gregory Ave
414Grove Dr
415Gruner Ave
416Hall St
417Hampton St
418Hansen Rd
419Harbor Island Ave
420Harmon Cir
421Harmon Rd
422Harris St
423Hartley Ct
424Harvard Ave
425Hatch Ave
426Haven Ct
427Haven St
428Hemlock St
429Hemmingway Ct
430Henshaw Ave
431Hermosa Ave
432Hillboro St
433Hillcrest Ave
434Hillman St
435Hillsboro St
436Hillsdale Ct
437Hodson Dr
438Holliday St
439Hoover Ave
440Hosfield Dr
441Hosfield Rd
442Hough Ave
443Houston Ave
444Hoyt Ave
445Hoyt Ct
446Hoyt Pl
447Hudson Ave
448Huntington Ct
449Hwy 137
450Hwy 43
451Hwy 63
452Hwy 99
453I Dr
454I St
455Industrial Ave
456Industrial Dr
457Inverness St
458Inyo Ave
459Ironwood St
460Irving Cir
461Isley Dr
462J St
463Jackson Ave
464Jamestown St
465Jan Ct
466Jasmine Ct
467Jefferson St
468Johnson Ct
469Johnson St
470Joyce Cir
471Juliet Ct
472Juniper Ct
473Kaiser Creek Ave
474Kaiser Creek Ln
475Kaweah Dr
476Kelty Meadow Ave
477Kennedy Ave
478Kenwood Ct
479Kenwood St
480Killette St
481Kirch Flat Ave
482Kirk Ct
483Kona Ct
484Kristen Cir
485La Cell Ave
486La Dawna St
487La Mesa Dr
488La Paloma Ct
489La Paloma Dr
490Lagunna St
491Lakeridge Ave
492Lakeridge Ct
494Lakewood St
495Lampe St
496Lanai Ct
497Laspina St
498Lassen Ave
499Lassen Ct
500Latimer St
501Laurel Ave
502Leland Ave
503Lemonwood Ave
504Leota Ave
505Levin Ave
506Lewis Ln
507Lincoln St
508Locovetti Ct
509London Cir
510Lopes Ave
511Lopes St
512Los Gatos Ave
513M St
514Madalyn Ave
515Maduro Ct
516Maduro St
517Magnolia St
518Malbec Ct
519Malibu Ct
520Malvasia Ave
521Malvasia Ct
522Mammoth St
523Manor St
524Manzanita Ave
525Maple Ct
526Marimar Ave
527Marin St
528Marion St
529Mariposa Ave
530Mark Twain Ave
531Marroneto Cir
532Marroneto Ct
533Marsanne St
534Martin Luther King Jr Ave
535Martin St
536Martinho Ave
537Marvin Ave
538Marvin Ct
539Mateus Ave
540Mateus Ct
541Mathias St
542Maui Ct
543Mc Kinley Ct
544Meadowbrook St
545Mendocino St S
546Meridian Ct
547Millbrae St
548Millerton St
549Miracle Cir
550Mirasson Ave
551Mirasson Ct
552Mission Cir
553Mitchell Ave
554Modoc Ave
555Mondavi Ave
556Mondavi Ct
557Mono Ct
558Mono Pl
559Monroe Rd
560Monsecco St
561Montana De Oro St
562Monterey St
563Mooney Plvd
564Moraga Ave
565Moraga Ct
566Moraine St
567Morrison St
568Mt Brewer Ct
569Mt Langley Ct
570Mt Whitney Ave
571Mt Whitney Ct
572Muirfield Ave
573Munson Rd
574Muscat Ave
575N A St
576N Adams St
577N Arbor Dr
578N Atwood Dr
579N B St
580N Barranca Ct
581N Beatrice Dr
582N Blackstone St
583N Bonita Dr
584N C St
585N California Ct
586N California St
587N Cambridge Cir
588N Canby St
589N Cherry Ct
590N Cherry St
591N Colpien Rd
592N Constitution St
593N D St
594N Dayton St
595N Dellwood St
596N Delwood St
597N Denair St
598N Dickran Dr
599N E St
600N Enterprise St
601N F St
602N Freedom St
603N G St
604N Gem St
605N Greenwood Ct
606N Greenwood St
607N H St
608N Helene St
609N Heritage Ct
610N Highland St
611N Hillman St
612N Hwy 99
613N I St
614N J St
615N Jefferson St
616N K St
617N L St
618N Lamar St
619N Lamar St
620N Lane St
621N Laspina St
622N Lincoln St
623N Los Angeles St
624N Lynora St
625N M St
626N M St
627N Madden St
628N Madison Ct
629N Mahaleb St
630N Manor Dr
631N Margaret St
632N Maricopa St
633N Mckinley Ct
634N Milner St
635N Mooney Blvd
636N Mountain View St
637N O St
638N Oakmore St
639N Oaks St
640N Olga St
641N Palm Ave
642N Palm St
643N Peralta Ct
644N Petaluma St
645N Pl
646N Polk St
647N Sacramento St
648N Sampson St
649N Santa Clara St
650N Sedro St
651N Spruce St
652N Stanley Dr
653N Stanley St
654N Sutton Ct
655N Tealwood St
656N Terrace Park St
657N Theodore Ct
658N Welch Dr
659N West St
660N Williams St
661N Yorktown Dr
662Napa St
663Naval Ct
664Nelder Groove St
665Nelder Grove St
666Nelson St
667Nevada Cir
668North N Place
669North N Street
670Northridge St
671Oak Ave
672Oakdale Ave
673Oakland Ct
674Oakmore Way
675Oaks Ct
676Oaks St
677Oakwood Dr
678Octol Ave
679Ohio St
680Old Town Dr
681Olema Ave
682Olema Cir
683Olive St
684Olson Ave
685Olympia Ave
686Olympic Ct
687Orange Cir
688Orchard St
689Orinda Ave
690Paige Ave
691Paige Rd N
692Palm Cir
693Palo Alto St
694Palomino St
695Paradise Ave
696Park Ave
697Parks Ave
698Parkview Ct
699Paseo Del Lago
700Peachwood Ave
701Pebble Ct
702Pecan Ave
703Peggy St
704Pepperwood St
705Peterson St
706Pine Valley Ct
707Pinehurst Ave
708Pinot Ct
709Pismo Ct
710Placer St
711Pleasant Ave
712Plymouth Ave
713Ponderosa St
714Poppyview Ave
715Port Ct
716Premo St
717Presidential Dr
718Princeton St
719Prine Dr
720Prosperity Ave
721Pyramid Ave
722Rainier Ct
723Ranch Acre Rd
724Rancheria Ct
725Randle Ct
726Randle St
727Rankin Rd
728Reagan St
729Redondo St
730Reed Ave
731Retherford St
732Rhone Ct
733Riesling St
734Rio Grande St
735Riviera Ct
736Road 100
737Road 102
738Road 108
739Road 112
740Road 118
741Road 120
742Road 124
743Road 126
744Road 128
745Road 130
746Road 132
747Road 136
748Road 140 - Kings Canyon National Park
749Road 142
750Road 144
751Road 146
752Road 148 - Sequoia National Park
753Road 152
754Road 166
755Road 168
756Road 19
757Road 196
758Road 20
759Road 200
760Road 24
761Road 28
762Road 30
763Road 32
764Road 36
765Road 40
766Road 42
767Road 44
768Road 46
769Road 48
770Road 52
771Road 56
772Road 60
773Road 64
774Road 68
775Road 70
776Road 72
777Road 76
778Road 80
779Road 84
780Road 88
781Road 92
782Road 92b
783Road 96
784Rosa Ave
785Rose St
786Rothschild Ave
787Roussanne Ave
788Rte 43
789Rte 63
790Rte 99
791Rudder Ave
792Russel Ave
793Ryan Ave
794S A St
795S Amber St
796S Ametjian St
797S Ann St
798S Aronian St
799S B St
800S Balboa St
801S Becky St
802S Blackstone St
803S C St
804S California St
805S Canal St
806S Canby Ln
807S Canby St
808S Cardoza St
809S Casa St
810S Central St
811S Chess Terrace St
812S Cleveland Ave
813S Cleveland St
814S D St
815S Dayton St
816S Demaree St
817S E St
818S Enterprise St
819S F St
820S Forest St
821S Foster Ave
822S Front St
823S G St
824S H St
825S Hemlock St
826S Howard St
827S I St
828S Irwin St
829S J St
830S K St
831S Kazarian St
832S L St
833S Laguna St
834S Lansing St
835S Larkin St
836S Laspina St
837S Latimer St
838S Los Angeles St
839S Luton St
840S Lydia Dr
841S M St
842S Magnolia St
843S Maricopa Ct
844S Mark St
845S Mooney Blvd
846S Moraine St
847S Mountain View St
848S N St
849S O St
850S Oakmore St
851S Oliver St
852S P St
853S Palm St
854S Peggy St
855S Plumas St
856S Pratt St
857S Q St
858S R St
859S R St
860S Sacramento St
861S Salida Pl
862S Salome Dr
863S Santa Clara St
864S Silva St
865S Spruce St
866S Stafford Ct
867S Sundance St
868S Sunset Ave
869S Sunset St
870S T St
871S Tamarack St
872S Tower Square
873S U St
874S Van Ness St
875S Victoria Ave
876S Vista Ave
877S Vista St
878S W St
879S Walter St
880S Warren St
881S West St
882S Whitney St
883S Wright Way
884S Yolo Ct
885Salome Ave
886San Diego St
887San Marino Ct
888San Ramon Ave
889San Simeon Ct
890Sand Hills Ave
891Sandalwood Ave
892Santa Barbara Ave
893Santa Cruz Ave
894Santa Monica Ave
895Saratoga Ave
896Sauvignon St
897School St
898Scoon Ct
899Scoon Pl
900Seaside Ct
901Security Ct
902Sequoia Ave
903Serr Ct
904Shaver Lake Ave
905Shell Ct
906Sherman St
907Sherwood Ct
908Ship Rock Ave
909Ship Rock Cir
910Short Ave
911Sierra Ave
912Sierra View Cir
913Silver Lake Pl
914Sirocco St
915Smith St
916Solaria St
917Spacer Dr
918Spring Sails Ave
919Spruce St
920Spyglass St
921Stagecoach Ct
922Stagecoach Pl
923Stanley Dr
924State Route 137
925Stevenson Ct
926Stevenson Dr
927Stockham Ave
928Stoney Creek St
929Strathmore Rd
930Sundance St
931Sunrise St
932Sunset Ave
933Sutter Cir
934Swanson Meadows Ave
935Sweetwater Ct
936Sycamore Ave
937Syrah Ave
938Syrah Ct
939Tagus Blvd
940Tagus Ranch
941Tagus Rd
942Tahoe Ave
943Tamas Ct
944Tammy Rd
945Tecopa Ave
946Tempranillo Dr
947Terrace Ave
948Terrace Ln
949Tex Dr
950Texas Flat St
951Thompson Rd
952Tinto Ave
953Tocia Ave
954Topanga Ct
955Topanga St
956Topaz Lake Ct
957Torrey Pines St
958Tradewinds Ave
959Trapper Springs Ave
960Treana Ct
961Trebbiano St
962Trinity Ct
963Tulare Ave
964Tulare Dr
965Tulare Lindsay Hwy
966Tulare Santa Fe Trail
967Tuohy St
968Turnberry Ct
969Turner Dr
970Tustin Cir
971Valley Forge St
972Verdelho Ct
973Vetter Dr
974Vineland Ave
975Vineyard Way
976Vintage Dr
977Viognier St
978W Addie Ave
979W Allstar Ave
980W Alpine Ave
981W Aspenwood Ct
982W Atwood Ave
983W Bane Ave
984W Bardsley Ave
985W Beacon Ave
986W Beaumont Ave
987W Beechwood Ct
988W Beechwood Dr
989W Boxwood Ct
990W Camron Ave
991W Cartmill Ave
992W Cedar Ave
993W Crescent Dr
994W Cross Ave
995W Damron Ave
996W Delta Ave
997W Diamond Ave
998W Diamond St
999W Dickens Ave
1000W Elm Ave
1001W Gail Ave
1002W Goodin Ave
1003W Hayward Ave
1004W Inyo Ave
1005W Juliet Ave
1006W Kern Ave
1007W King Ave
1008W League Ave
1009W Lois Ave
1010W Lynn Ave
1011W Madalyn Ave
1012W Maple Ave
1013W Matheny Ave
1014W Meadow Ct
1015W Meadow Dr
1016W Merritt Ave
1017W National Ave
1018W Oakdale Ave
1019W Oakland Ave
1020W Oakwood Ct
1021W Omega Ave
1022W Owens Ave
1023W Paige Ave
1024W Pine Ave
1025W Pleasant Ave
1026W Prosperity Ave
1027W San Joaquin Ave
1028W San Mateo Ave
1029W Sandra Ave
1030W Saratoga Ave
1031W Shasta Ave
1032W Sonora Ave
1033W Soults Dr
1034W Stadium Ave
1035W Thera Ave
1036W Tollin Rd
1037W Tuggle St
1038W Tulare Ave
1039W Tulare Dr
1040W Tyson Ave
1041W Vieira Ave
1042W Wade Ave
1043W Walnut Ave
1044W Westfield Ave
1045Wagonwheel Ct
1046Warren Ct
1047Warren St
1048Washington Ave
1049Waukena Ave
1050Waukena Dr
1051Waukena Rd
1052Welch Dr
1053Westminster Ave
1054Weyrich St
1055Wheeler Ct
1056White St
1057Wilbur Rd
1058Willow Creek Ct
1059Windmill Ave
1060Windsong Dr
1061Windsor Dr
1062Woodville Rd
1063Woodward Ave
1064Woodward Cir
1065Wright Way
1066Yale St
1067Yellowstone St
1068York Mountain Ct
1069Yuba Cir
1070Zandotti Ave
1071Zenaida Ct
1072Zinfandel Ct
1073Zumwalt Ave