List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Twentynine Palms, California

#Street Name
12 Mile Rd
229 Outer Hwy
349 Palms Ave
4Abronia Ave
5Adobe Cir
6Adobe Rd
7Alfalfa Ave
8Alladin Dr
9Allen Ave
10Alpine Ave
11Anza Ave
12Applegate Way
13Araby Ave
14Arenoso Trail
15Argos Rd
16Artemecia Ln
17Athol Ave
18Aztec Ave
19Back Of Beyond Rd
20Bad Guys Ln
21Bagley Ave
22Bagley Dr
23Bailey St
24Baileya Ave
25Barbara Ln
26Barlo Vento Ave
27Barnes Dr
28Barranca St
29Basalt Rd
30Bedouin Ave
31Bellerue Rd
32Bemis Rd
33Berkeley Rd
34Berkley Ave
35Bibb Rd
36Blackmer Ln
37Blisterback Rd
38Blower Rd
39Bluegrass Ave
40 Boling Dr
41Bonnie Dunes Rd
42Bristol Ave
43Broad Ave
44Broad Rd
45Broad St
46Brown Rd
47Bullion Ave
48Bullion Dr
49Bullion Mountain Rd
50Cactus Dr
51Cahuilla Ave
52Calcite Rd
53Calle Todd Ln
54Cannon St
55Carey Rd
56Carodean Rd
57Caroline Ln
58Caron Rd
59Cartier Pl
60Casia Dr
61Casmalia Dr
62Cerrano Dr
63Charlotte Rd
64Chemehuevi Dr
65Cherokee Ln
66Chia Ave
67Chiverton Dr
68Cholla Ln
69Cielito Dr
70Clare Ave
71Cleghorn St
72Colaw Rd
73Compadre Ln
74Cones Airport Rd
75Copper Dr
76Copper Mountain Rd
77Copper Mountain Rd E
78Corbin Rd
79Corta Way
80 Costa Dr
81Cove View Rd
82Crampton Ct
83Crystal Ct
84Cypress Point
85Dale Vista Rd
86Daly St
87Damascus Rd
88Datura Ave
89Del Valle Dr
90Delta St
91Denivelle Rd
92Desert Ave
93Desert Dunes Dr
94Desert Flower Ave
95Desert Heights Dr
96Desert Knoll Ave
97Desert Quail Dr
98Desert Queen Ave
99Desert Trail Dr
100Desert View Ct
101Diamond Back Ct
102Diamond Bar Rd
103Dias Ct
104Didsbury Rd
105Digney Dr
106Donavan Rd
107Dorth Pl
108Double D Ranch
109Dunlap Rd
110E Court Way
111Easy St
112El Noche
113El Paseo Dr
114El Portal Ave
115El Rey Ave
116El Rod Pl
117El Sol Ave
118Elm Dr
119Emerald Dr
120Emerson Ct
121Encelia Ave
122Falcon St
123Falderman Ave
124Feldspar Ave
125Felipe Trail
126Fiesta Rd
127Florida Dr
128Flying H Rd
129Foley Dr
130Fortynine Palms Ave
131Fortynine Palms Canyon Rd
132Francis Rd
133Freemantle St
134Friendship Ave
135Fuller St
136Fuschia Dr
137Fuschia Rd
138Galleta Ave
139Gammel Rd
140Garden Rd
141Gatehill St
142Gilbert Rd
143Gillespie Rd
144Godwin Rd
145Gold Crown Rd
146Gold Dr
147Gold Park Rd
148Golden Arrow Trail
149Gorgonio Dr
150Government Rd
151Griffin Rd
152Grimm Ave
153Gundersen Rd
154Hales Dr
155Halsey Ave
156Harvest Trail
157Hastings Dr
158Hatch Rd
159Hendys Rd
160Hennel Ave
161Henry Rd
162Hidalgo Ln
163Highview Trail
164Hill Blvd
165Hill Rd
166Hillside Ave
167Homestead Dr
168Hook Tree Rd
169Howard Way
170Hubler Ln
171Indian Cir
172Indian Cove Rd
173Inn Ave
174Isleta Rd
175Ivanpah Ave
176J C Ortiz
177Jackass Trail
178Jackrabbit Trail
179Jasmine Dr
180Jennifer Ln
181Joe Davis Dr
182Jojoba Dr
183Juanita Dr
184Kachina Dr
185Kellogg Ave
186Kelly Rd
187Kelsey Blvd
188Koroo Pl
189Kuhns Rd
190La Buena Tierra Ave
191La Luna Ave
192Lanes Ln
193Larkspur Ct
194Larrea Ave
195Lava Ct
196Lazy Joe Ave
197Lazy Joe Rd
198Lead Dr
199Lear Ave
200Lee Rd
201Lejeune Cir
202Longview Rd
203Los Olivos Ave
204Luckie Ave
205Ludwig Ct
206Lupine Ave
207Lynne Ln
208Mac Rae Rd
209Maize Rd
210Manana Dr
211Manzanita Ave
212Mara Ave
213Margot Ave
214Maricopa Dr
215Marilane Ave
216Mariposa Ave
217Marks Rd
218Maude Adams Ave
219Maumee St
220Mayfair Dr
221Maynard Ave
222Mckinnon Rd
223Meldora Ave
224Meriwether Rd
225Mesa Dr
226Mesquite Ct
227Mesquite Springs Rd
228Michael Way
230Michels Rd
231Midway Rd
232Mimosa Ave
233Mineral St
234Mission Ave
235Misty Trail
236Mojave Ave
237Monument Ln
238Moonglow Rd
239Morning Dr
240Morongo Rd
241Morrissey Ln
243Munz Rd
244N Star Ave
245Nandina St
246Nevada Trail
247Nicholson Dr
248Nicolson Dr
249Noble Ct
250Noels Knoll Rd
251Oasis Ave
252Ocotillo Ave
253Old Dale Rd
254Old Ironage Rd
255Old Miner's Trail
256Painted Hill Ave
257Palm View Ave
258Palm Vista Dr
259Palo Verde Ave
260Panorama Ave
261Papoose Trail
262Parker Rd
263Pearl Springs Ave
264Peffer Rd
265Peridio Ln
266Period Ln
267Persia Ave
268Peter Rabbit Trail
269Peterson Rd
270Pine Spring Ave
271Pinto Mountain Rd
272Pioneer Trail
273Plant St
274Playa Rd
275Playa Vista
276Playa Vista Dr
277Pole Line Rd
278Presswood Rd
279Primrose Ln
280Quail Spring Ave
281Que Pas
282Que Pas Ln
283Queen Anne Rd
284Rainier Rd
285Ramona Dr
286Rarick Way
287Raymond Dr
288Raymond Way
289Regina St
290Regino St
291Road Runner Rd
292Roadrunner Dr
293Roberts Ave
294Rocky Rd
295Rocky Ridge Ranch Rd
296Rose Ellen Ave
297Round Up Rd
298Rourke Rd
300S Slope Dr
301S Slope Rd
302Saddleback Ave
303Sahara Ave
304Saladin Ave
305Samarkand Dr
306Sampson Ln
307Sand Hill Rd
308Sandale Rd
309Sandpit Ranch Rd
310Screech Owl Rd
311Serrano Dr
312Sheephole View
313Shelton Rd
314Sherman Hoyt Ave
315Shooting Star
316Shoshone Valley Rd
317Siesta Dr
318Singing Sands Rd
319Smith Ranch Rd
320Smoke Tree Ave
321Smoketree Ave
322Split Rock Ave
323Squaw Rd
324Star Dune
325Star Dune Ave
326Star Ln
327Starlight Dr
328Sturgis Rd
329Sun Ct
330Sunlight Rd
331Sunmore Pkwy
332Sunnycrest Ln
333Sunnyvale Dr
334Sunrise Ave
335Sunrise Dr
336Sunshine Peak Rd
337Sunvale Rd
338T Anchor Dr
339Taco Dr
340Tapia Rd
341Telephone Rd
342Tepee Rd
343The Plaza
344Thunder Rd
345Timothy Ave
346Todd Ln
347Trails End
348Truax Dr
349Twentynine Outerhighway
350Twentynine Outerhwy
351Twilight Dr
352Underhill Rd
353Upshur Ave
354Utah Trail
355Utah Trail E
356Utah Trail W
357Valle Vista Rd
358Valleyview Rd
359Verbena Dr
360Via Allegra
361Via Arenosa
362Wainwright Ave
363Ward Ln
364Warren Ln
365Watson Way
366Weber Ct
367Wellock Rd
368Westside Rd
369White Sands Dr
370Whitmore Rd
371Wilshire Ave
372Wilson Rd
373Wilson Way
374Woodward Ave
375Yucca Cir