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List of Street Names with maps in Upper Lake, California

#Street Name
115 N 14 Rd
217 N 07 Rd - Mendocino National Forest
317 N 33 Rd - Mendocino National Forest
418 N 17 Rd - Mendocino National Forest
5Angelo Ct
6Big Oak Way
7Blue Heron Dr
8Blue Lakes Rd
9Bridge Arbor N
10Bridge Arbor Rd
11Carson St
12Clover Ct
13Clover Dr
14Clover Valley Rd
15Collier Ave
16County Road 301b
17County Road 302
18County Road 305
19County Road 308
20County Road 309
21County Road 311
22County Road 311d
23County Road 314
24County Road 315
25County Road 315c
26County Road 407
27Crabtree Trail - Mendocino National Forest
28Crestview Trail
29D Albert Dr
30Dewell St
31Diane Ln
32E Robinson Rancheria Rd
33Edmands Blvd
34Elliott St
35Ezra Ave
36Faye Rd
37Forest Route 17n26
38Government St
39Hardisty Rancheria Rd
40 Irvine Ave
41Joanne Ln
42Ladder Ridge Rd
43Laurel Dell Rd
44League St
45Maddocks Ct
46Mahoney Dr
47Malpas Way
48Mason Rd
49Meadow View Ave
50Melody Ln
51Mendenhall Ave
52Mid Lake Rd
53Middle Creek Rd
54Middle Mountain Firebreak
55N 16 Rd - Mendocino National Forest
56N Forty Trail
57Old Lucerne Rd
58Old Orchard Ln
59Pitney Ln
60Pitney Ridge Rd - Mendocino National Forest
61Point Lands Farm Rd
62Pomo Way
63Ponderosa Ln
64Post St
65Rancheria Rd
66Reclamation Cut Off Rd
67Reclamation Rd
68Red Hill Ln
69Rice St
70Robinson Rancheria Exd
71Sabini St
72Sailor Ave
73Sailor Rd
74Sam Alley Ridge Rd
75Spring Trail
76Stokes Rd
77Upper Lake Lucerne Rd
78Van Sleeper Rd
79White Rock Canyon Rd - Mendocino National Forest
80 Woodson Ct
81Zablo Ln