List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Wasco, California

#Street Name
110th Pl
211th St
36th Pl
48th Pl
5Adobe Way
6Alpine Meadow Ct
7Annette Rd
8Annin Ave
9Banff Ct
10Barker Pl
11Barker Rd
12Bautista Ave
13Bay Meadow Dr
14Beason St
15Beckes St
16Bell Rd
17Berrenda Canal
18Berrenda Mesa Canal
19Bitterwater Creek
20Blankenship Ave
21Bloomfield Ave
22Blue Moon Cafe
23Catalina Dr
24Cedar Canyon Rd
25Celestial Way
26Central Ave
27Central Park Dr
28Chardonnay Ln
29Chestnut Pass
30Cisco Way
31Clay Ave
32Climbing Rose Ave
33Corcoran Rd
34Cord Rd
35Cornelia St
36Cottonwodd Creek
37Cottonwood Creek
38County Line Ave
39County Line Rd
40 Dairy Ave
41Davis Rd
42Delfino Rd
43Dogwood Ct
44Douglas Ct
45Evelyn Ct
46F St
47Fern Tree Close
48Frey Ave
49Garden Site Rd
50Gaston St
51Glacier Ct
52Goldspire Ct
53Grape Vine Ln
54Greenbrier Ct
55Griffith Ave
56Griffith St
57Gromer Ave
58Gun Club Rd
59Hazelnut St
60Holloway Gypsum
61Jackson Ave
62Kecks Rd
63Kurt Rd
64Lewis Ct
65Lilac Ct
66Lily St
67Line A
68Lobos Ct
69Lupine Ct
70Main Drain Levee
71Margalo St
72Martin Ct
73Marvin Ave
74Mc Combs Rd
75Mc Kibben Rd
76Mccombs Ave
77Mccoy Ave
78Mescal Way
79Mesquite Ct
80 Mondavi Ct
81Mulberry Pass
82N Palm Ave
84Nonparell Rd
85Oak Ave
86Oak Creek Ct
87Offutt Rd
88Oleander Ct
89Olive Ct
90Olympic Close
91Orchid Ln
92Paramont Rd
93Pavilion Way
94Payton Ave
95Peachtree Ct
96Pebble Beach Way
97Pecan St
98Penelope Ave
99Pepper Tree Close
100Persimmon St
101Peters St
102Pistachio St
103Plum Ave
104Pond Rd
105Poso Dr
106Primrose Ct
107Prospect Ave
108Prosperity Ln
109Quaking Aspen Ave
110R 344
111Redwood Ave
112Resource St
114Root Ave
115Rose St
116Rowlee Rd
117Rte 41
118Sagebrush Ct
119Salvador Ave
120Sauvignon St
121Sawgrass Ct
122Scofield Ave
123Scofield Rd
124Shamrock Ct
125Sharon Ct
126Shelco Rd
127Shellco Rd
128Silvertree Ln
129Smoke Tree Ct
130Snapdragon Dr
131Solano St
132St Andrews Crescent
133Stephen Ct
134Summer Hill Ct
135Summershade Ct
136Sunset St
137Sycamore St
138Syrah Ln
139Taussig Ave
140Thorton Rd
141Tulere Ave
142Unamed Unimproved Agr Road Prrd
143Unimproved Private Road Prrd
144Valley Rose Pkwy
145Ventura Ct
146Via Granada Ct
147Via Serrantino Ct
148Violette St
149Wedel Ave
150West Side Canal
151Wildwood Rd
152Woodside Dr
153Zinfandel Dr