List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Yucca Valley, California

#Street Name
129 Palms Highway Oh S
26 House Ln
3Airlane Dr
4Airway Ave
5Airway Ct
6Alaba Ave
7Albion Dr
8Amador Ave
9Anaconda Dr
10Ancient Woman Springs Rd
11Anita Ave
12Antelope Trail
13Apache Trail
14Aranza Ct
15Arcadia Trail
16Archer Rd
17Arneal Rd
18Artesia Ave
19Asio Way
20Aster Ave
21Aurora Dr
22Avila Rd
23Baker Trail
24Balboa Ave
25Balsa Ave
26Bandera Rd
27Bannock Trail
28Barberry Ave
29Barron Dr
30Baywood Cir
31Beaver Tail Ln
32Belmont St
33Ben Mar Trail
34Benecia Trail
35Benicia Trail
36Benmar Trail
37Black Rock Canyon Rd
38Bolero Dr
39Bonanza Dr
40 Bonita Ave
41Bonmar Rd
42Boo Ln
43Borrego Trail
44Breezy Ln
45Brock Rd
46Brown Dr
47Buckley Ave
48Buena Suerte Ct
49Buena Suerte Rd
50Buena Vista Dr
51Bunny Rd
52Busby Ln
53Bush Ave
54Butte St
55Cactus Canyon Trail
56Caliente St
57Calladine Ln
58Calle Way
59Cam Del Cielo Trail
60Camarilla Ave
61Camino Del Cielo Ct
62Camino Del Cielo Trail
63Campero Dr
64Campground Rd - Joshua Tree National Park
65Canton St
66Canyon St
67Cardillo Trail
68Carlsbad Ave
69Carlsbad Ct
70Carlyle Dr
71Carmelita Ave
72Carmelita Cir
73Carmelita Ct
74Carmelita Pl
75Cassia Dr
76Castro Rd
77Catalina Way
78Cedarbird Rd
79Cereus Ave
80 Chaparral Rd
81Chapparral Dr
82Cheechaco Trail
83Chemehuevi Way
84Cherokee Trail
85Chipmunk Trail
86Chippewa Trail
87Cholla Ave
88Chula Vista Ave
89Church Ct
90Cibola Trail
91Clevenger Rd
92Concho Way
93Condalia Ave
94Coronado Trail
95Cortez Dr
97Covington Flat Rd
98Coyote Trail
99David Ave
100Davis Way
101Dedicated Dryden Ave
102Deer Trail
103Deerhurst Ave
104Del Mar St
105Del Monte Ave
106Del Sol Ln
107Delano Trail
108Desert Gold Dr
109Desert Sky Dr
110Diadem Dr
111Douglas Ln
112Dryden Ave
113Duarte Ln
114Duarte St
115Ducor Ave
116Ducor Rd
117Dumosa Ave
118Dumosa Ct
119E Rd
120Eagles Nest
121El Cielo Ave
122El Cortez Rd
123El Dorado Ave
124El Dorado Dr
125El Prado Ct
126El Prado Trail
127Elata Ave
128Elk Trail
129Emerson Ave
130Encelia Dr
131Eneva Ln
132Facia Way
133Faith Ln
134Farrelo Ct
135Farrelo Rd
136Forrest Dr
137Fortuna Ave
138Fortuna Ct
139Fox Trail
140Free Gold Ct
141Free Gold Dr
142Frontera Ave
143Gatos Trail
144Gemini Ln
145Gila Ct
146Gill Rd
147Gold Ave
148Gold Nugget Ct
149Golden Bee
150Golden Bee Dr
151Golden Meadow Dr
152Goleta Ave
153Gorgonio View
154Grand Ct
155Grand Ln
156Great House Ln
157Griffis Rd
158Griffith Rd
159Hacienda Dr
160Hammett Rd
161Handley Rd
162Hanford Ave
163Hardesty Dr
164Havasu Trail
165Hawkeye Rd
166Hermosa Ct
167Hidden Gold Dr
168Hidden Golden Dr
169Highland Trail
170Hilde Ln
171Hilton Ave
172Hilton Ct
173Hilton Ln
174Hilton Rd
175Homestead Way
176Hondo St
177Hoopa Trail
178Hoot Owl Trail
179Hopi Trail
180Imel St
181Imperial Dr
182Inca Trail
183Indian Hill Rd
184Indio Ave
185Inez Ave
186Iona Ln
187Ivanhoe Dr
188Jamie Ann Ln
189Jarana Ct
190Java Dr
191Jemez Trail
193Joshua Dr
194Joshua View Dr
195Journey Ln
196Juarez Ct
197Juarez Dr
198Junipero Trail
199Kaiulani Rd
200Kalan Ct
201Katje Way
202Keats Ave
203Keeler Ave
204Kickapoo Trail E
205Kickapoo Trail W
206Kismet Rd
207Kuna Ct
208La Cadena Rd
209La Contenta Rd
210La Entrada
211La Habra Ave
212La Honda Way
213La Vina
214La Vina Trail
215Lemoore St
216Lennox Ave
217Lennox Ct
218Linda Lee Dr
219Lindbergh Ln
220Lisa Cir
221Lisbon Dr
222Lloyd Ln
223Lomita Ln
224Long View Rd
225Los Coyotes Dr
226Lotus Way
227Lowe Ave
228Lucerne Vista
229Lucky Way
230Luna Mesa Rd
231Luna Vista Ln
232Lupine Dr
233Macdonald Dr
234Mandarin Rd
235Mariposa Trail
236Martinez Trail
237Mato Ct
238Mazanita Dr
239Melody Ln
240Meredith Rd
241Miami Trail
242Millstone Dr
243Mira St
244Miramar Dr
245Mirlo Ct
246Mirlo Ln
247Mirlo Rd
248Moffett Ln
249Moffit Ln
250Mohawk Trail
251Montecello Rd
252Monticello Ln
253Moonstone Ln
254Mormon Ave
255Moyer Ave
256Murietta Ave
257Murrieta Ave
258Nagles St
259Navajo Trail
260Neagles St
261Neimeyer Pl
262Nelson Ave
263Neva Ct
264New Horizons Rd
265Newton Ln
266Newton St
267Nogales Ct
268Nugget Ct
269Obrien Dr
270Old Aberdeen Rd
271Old Haggard Rd
272Old Woman Springs Outerhighway W
274Omega Trail
275Oro Dr
276Oro Rd
277Paisano Ln
278Pajara Dr
279Palisade Dr
280Palo Alto Ave
281Panchita Rd
282Paradise View Rd
283Patree Dr
284Pawnee Ave
285Paxton Ln
286Paxton Outerhighway N
287Paxton Rd
288Piedra Dr
289Piedras Cir Ln
290Pima Trail
291Pimlico St
292Piper Rd
293Pipes Canyon Rd
294Piute Trail
295Plasse Dr
296Plata Dr
297Plaza Del Amigo
298Prescott Ave
299Primavera Dr
300Pso Los Ninos
301Puente Ct
302Puente St
303Quail Rd
304Quail Trail
305Quemada Trail
306Rabbit Trail
307Red Bluff Ave
308Redden Ln
309Redding Dr
310Redondo St
311Richard Dr
312Ridge Rd
313Ripon Ave
314Roberts Rd
315Robertson Rd
316Romans Rd
317Ronald Dr
318Roubidoux Ave
319Rowell Rd
320Rubidoux Ave
321Rubidoux Ct
322Ruidosa Ave
323Ruth Dr
324Ruth Ln
325S Twentynine Palms Outerhighway
326Sable Ct
327Sage Ave
328San Andreas Rd
329San Juan Rd
330San Marino Dr
331San Rafael Rd
332San Remo Trail
333San Vicente Dr
334Sand Piper Dr
335Sandy Way
336Santa Barbara
337Santa Barbara Dr
338Scandia Ln
339Scarvan Rd
340Scott Glen Rd
341Scott Glenn Rd
342Security Dr
343Selecta Ave
344Seymour Dr
346Silver Mine Trail
347Sioux Ave
348Sioux Trail
349Skyline Ranch Rd
350Skypark Dr
351Soledad Ave
352Songbird Ln
353St Marys Dr
354Stardust Trail
355Starlight Mesa Rd
356Steffensen Rd
357Stephenson Ln
358Sun Mesa Dr
359Sun Oro Rd
360Sun Via Dr
361Sunflower Dr
362Sunland Dr
363Sunland Trail
364Sunny Ave
365Sunny Pl
366Sunnyslope Dr
367Sunway Dr
368Surrey Ave
369Surrey Ct
370Taft Ct
371Tahoe Ave
372Tahoe Ct
373Tamarisk Ct
374Tamarisk Pl
375Tanager Rd
376Taos Cir
377Taos Ct
378Taos Trail
379Teakwood Rd
380Tecuya Way
381Terbush Ave
382Terra Vista Dr
383Terry Ct
384Tesoro Ave
385Theatre Rd
386Thunderbird Ln
387Tish Trail
388Tracy Blvd
389Tule Dr
390Turner Ave
391Twentynine Palms Outerhighway N
392Twentynine Palms Outerhwy S
393Ulu Ct
394Unruh Rd
395Ute Trail
396Vaduz Ave
397Vera Ln
398Vermiculate Mine
399Vin Rose Ln
400Vole Ct
401Wall St
402Wallaby St
403Wamego Trail
404Warren Vista Ave
405Warren Vista Dr
406Warren Way
407Waxwing Ave
408Webb Trail
409Whitney Ave
410Wilcox Ln
411Wilhart Dr
412Williams Ln
413Wilmar Ave
414Winters Rd
415Wood Dr
416Yellow Knife Rd
417Yucca Blossom Dr
418Yucca Mesa Rd
419Yucca Trail
420Yucca Vista Ave
421Yuma Trail
422Zuni Trail