List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Fruita, Colorado

#Street Name
112 1/2 Rd
216 1/2 Rd
317 1/2 Rd
417 1/4 Rd
517 3/4 Rd
617 Rd
717 Rd
818 1/2 Rd
918 5/10 Rd
1018 6/10 Rd
1119 1/2 Rd
1219 1/2 Road Line
1319 Rd
1420 5/10 Rd
1520 Rd
16Abigail Ct
17Adams Dr
18Agate Ct
19Alexander Ct
20Almond Cir
21Altimont Ct
22Alyssum Ct
23Amelia Rose Ct
24Amethyst Dr
25Andromeda Way
26Anthracite Dr
27Applewood Dr
28Applewood Way
29Aqua Ct
30Aquarius Ave
31Arbuckle St
32Arches Dr
33Aries Ct
34Azurite Dr
35Baco Noir Ln
36Beech Ave
37Belden Ct
38Birchwood St
39Black Ridge Dr
40 Blue Water Dr
41Bobcat Way
42Bonnie Vista Dr
43Bonsai Ave
44Branding Iron Dr
45Brandon Dr
46Breeze Dr
47Bridle Path Ct
48Buttercup Ln
49Canal Bank Rd
50Capricorn Ave
51Capricorn Way
52Carlotta Ct
53Cassia Dr
54Castle Ct
55Catalina Ave
56Catalpa Ct
57Catkin St
58Cedar Ct
59Cedar Glen Way
60Cedar Glenn Way
61Cedar Way
62Celestite Dr
63Chelsea Ct
64Cipolla Rd
65Claremont Dr
66Clements Way
67Cliffrose Ave
68Compton Ct
69Comstock Dr
70Corn Maiden Dr
71Corona Ct
72Cottonwood Ct
73Cougar Run
74Coulson St
75Cresthaven Dr
76Cretaceous Ct
77Cripple Creek Dr
78Crown Ct
79Crystal Ct
80 Crystal Way
81Daisy Ln
82Darcy Jo Ln
83David Ct
84Dean Ct
85Dee Ann St
86Delean Way
87Dell Ct
88Devils Canyon Rd
89Diana Ct
90Dogwood Dr
91Doug Dr
92Dover St
93Drumlin Cir
94Drumlin St
95E Addington Ln
96E Aspen Ave
97E Carolina
98E Carolina Ave
99E Cedar Ct
100E Cleveland Ave
101E Columbine Ave
102E Concord Dr
103E Grand Ave
104E Harrison Ave
105E Laura Ave
106E Mccune Ave
107E Ottley Ave
108E Pabor Ave
109E Paradise Way
110E Paulson Dr
111E Via Le Paz Dr
112Echo Canyon St
113Ed Ct
114Elderberry Dr
115Elderberry Rd
116Elmwood Ave
117Elmwood Ct
118Encanto Ct
119Esprit Ln
120Forty Niner Dr
121Fouts Ct
122Fowler Dr
123Fremont St
124Frontage Rd
125Galena Dr
126Garnet Dr
127Gemini Cir
128Glenhaven St
129Gold Rush Dr
130Golden Jubilee Dr
131Granite Dr
132Greenbriar St
133Greenway Ave
134Hartz Ct
135Hawthorne St
136Hazel Cir
137Heath Dr
138Heatherly Ln
139Henry Cir
140Heritage Ct
141Hickory St
142Holly Berry Way
143Holly Park Dr
144Holly Park Way
145Honeysuckle Cir
146Horseshoe Dr
147Horsethief Canyon Rd
148I 3/10 Rd
149Interstate 5
150Interstate 70
151Inverness Way
152Ironwood Ct
153J 1/2 Rd
154J 1/3 Rd
155J 2 Rd
156J 2/10 Rd
157J 3/10 Rd
158J 6/10 Rd
159J Rd
160James Ct
161Jasper Dr
162Joann Ct
163Jurassic Ave
164Jurassic Ct
166K 3/4 Rd
167K 4/10 Rd
168K 6 Rd
169K 6/10 Rd
170K Rd
171Kaley St
172Kandle Ct
173Karp Ave
174Kayenta Way
175Kent St
176Kiefer Ave
177Kiefer Ct
178Kingsview Rd
179Knotty Pine Ct
180Kokopelli Dr
181L 1/2 Rd
182L Rd
183La Mesa Ln
184Larchwood Ct
185Laura Ct
186Laurel Ct
187Legacy St
188Leo Ave
189Lexington Way
190Lexington Way E
191Libra Ct
192Libra Way
193Linden Ct
194Linden Way
195Locust St
196Logan Ln
197Lois Dr
198Lola Ct
199Lonnie Way
200Lucki Dr
201Lyndhurst Ave
202Lyra Dr
203M 3/4 Rd
204M Rd
205Mae Ct
206Mahogany Ct
207Mahogany St
208Malachite Dr
209Mancos Way
210Marigold Ave
211Marigold Ct
213Mesquite Ct
214Mica Dr
215Micah Ct
216Middlebury Ct
217Mineral Ct
218Mission Ct
219Monument Ct
220Moores Diamond Dr
222Murray St
223Myers Ln
224N Annabelle Ct
225N Apple St
226N Ash St
227N Bookcliff Ct
228N Cedar St
229N Cherry St
230N Coulson St
231N Eden Dr
232N Elm St
233N Lake Ct
234N Maple St
235N Mesa Ave
236N Mesa St
237N Mulberry St
238N Oak St
239N Orchard Ct
240N Park Ct
241N Park Square
242N Peach St
243N Peach Way
244N Pine St
245N Plum St
246N Sycamore St
247N Willow St
248Narrow Leaf Dr
249Nugget Dr
250Oakwood Ave
251Old Fruita Hwy
252Orchard Ridge Dr
253Orchard St
254Oxford Ct
255Palo Verde Ct
256Park St
257Patricia Ct
258Pear Dr
259Periwinkle Ln
260Peter Dr
261Phyllis Dr
262Pinyon Ct
263Pioneer Dr
264Pisces Cir
265Pisces Ln
266Polaris Ct
267Ponderosa Dr
268Pony Trail Ct
269Powell St
270Powis Ln
271Primrose Ln
272Prince Ct
273Prince Way
274Purple Plum St
275Quartz Dr
276Quebec Ct
277Raptor Rd
278Red Canyon Ave
279Red Cliffs Dr
280Red Globe Dr
281Red Rocks St
282Ribbon Ct
283River Ranch Ct
284River Rock Ct
285Roma Ave
286Ruby Lee Dr
287S Annabelle Ct
288S Apple St
289S Ash St
290S Bookcliff Ct
291S Cedar St
292S Cherry St
293S Coulson St
294S Eden Dr
295S Elm St
296S Lake Ct
297S Maple
298S Maple St
299S Mesa Ave
300S Mesa St
301S Mulberry St
302S Orchard St
303S Park Square
304S Peach
305S Peach St
306S Pine St
307S Plum St
308S Sycamore St
309Sabil Dr
310Sagittarius St
311San Gabriel St
312San Luis Ct
313Sandstone Dr
314Sandstone St
315Santa Ana Dr
316Santa Fe Cir
317Sargent Cir
318Satterfield Ave
319Scorpio Ct
320Sierra Dr
321Silver Plume Dr
322Skiff Ave
323Smokey Dr
324Squire Ct
325St Croix Ln
326St Peppin Dr
327Stampede Ct
328Stone Mountain Dr
329Sunbury Ln
330Suncrest Dr
331Sunflower Ave
332Sunrose Ln
333Sunset Ct
334Sunset Dr
335Tamarisk Ct
336Tara Dr
337Taurus Ave
338Timber Falls Dr
339U.s. Route 6 In California
340Ute Canyon Ave
341Vermont Ln
342Vintners Ct
343Virgo Way
344Vista Valley Ct
345Vista Valley Dr
346W Addington Ln
347W Applewood Dr
348W Aspen Ave
349W Cedar Ct
350W Columbine Ave
351W Mccune Ave
352W Meadow Ave
353W Ottley Ave
354W Pabor Ave
355W Pabor Way
356W Paradise Way
357W Roberson Dr
358W Sunset Dr
359W Via Le Paz Dr
360Wallace St
361Walnut St
362Waters Ln
363Westwater Cir
364Wildcat Ave
365Wimberly Dr
366Windsor Park Dr
367Winterland Ct
368Wolf Creek Ct
369Woodstock St
370Yew St