List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Plainfield, Connecticut

#Street Name
11st Cross
21st St No 2
32nd St
43rd St
53rd St Exd
63rd St No 1
74th St
85th St
96th St
106th St Annex
117th St
127th St Annex
138th St
148th St Annex
159th St
16Academy Hill Rd
17Academy Ln
18Adams Dr
19Aldrich Ave
20All Hallows Rd
21Allen St
22Arbor Ln
23Arnio Dr
24Ashley St
25Atwood Ln
26Babcock Ave
27Barber Hill Rd
28Basley Rd
29Bazinet Ln
30Bedard Rd
31Beechwood Blvd
32Belair Dr
33Bell Ave
34Belle Ave
35Bennett St
36Bishop Crossing Rd
37Bitgood Village
38Black Hill Rd
39Bloom Dr
40 Bob White Way
41Bog Ln
42Brunswick Ave
43Butternut Ln
44Butterworth Ave
45Cady Ln
46Carey Ave
47Carrie Ln
48Cedar Ln
49Cedarview Village
50Center Pkwy
51Champagne St
52Charlotte Dr
53Chase Ave
54Chicory Ct
55Colbridge Rd
56Collelo Ave
57Collins Rd
58Colonial Rd
59Community Ave
60Community St
61Cone Ave
62Cone Hill Rd
63Connecticut Dr
64Cornell Rd
65Cottonwood Dr
66Cranska Oaks Rd
67Cranska Rd
68Cross Creek Rd
69Daggett St
70Davis Rd
71Deibler Ln
72Demarco Terrace
73Demers Rd
74Diane Dr
75Dougherty Ave
76Douglas St
77Dow Rd
78Dropo Dr
79E Shepard Hill Rd
80 E Spaulding Rd
81East Pkwy
82Easy St
83Easy St
84Eaton Ln
85Erin Dr
86Evergreen St
87Exley Rd
88Fernwood St
89Flat Rock Rd
90Forest St
91Fountain St
92Fry Hill
93Gallup St
94Gendron Rd
95Glebas Rd
96Golden Dr
97Gorman St
98Goshen Heights Rd
99Goshen Rd
100Graham Ave
101Greene Ave
102Hanson Rd
103Harrington Dr
104High Meadow Dr
105Highland St
106Highland Street Ext
107Hope Rd
108Huntington Dr
109Jackson Rd
110Jacques St
111James St
112Jolley Rd
113Judy Ln
114Judy Rd
115Juniper Ln
116Karin Dr
117Kate Downing Rd
118Kinney Hill Rd
119Kivela Rd
120Lafayette Ave
121Lake St
122Laperle Ave
123Lathrop Rd
124Lathrop Rd
125Lester Dr
126Lillibridge Rd
127Linda Ln
128Linnell St
129Lions Dr
130Lori Dr
131Louis Ln
132Major Dr
133Mapleshade Ave
134Mar-jon Dr
135Margaret Ln
136Marie St
137Mary Ave
138Matteau Dr
139Mill Brook Rd
140Miller St
141Milner Ave
142Moosup Pond Rd
143Mortimer Rd
144Morton Ln
145N Cross
146N Pole Ave
147N Potvin Ave
148Northern Dr
149Northrup Ave
150Norwich Rd
151Old Black Hill Rd
152Old Canterbury Rd
153Old Norwich Rd
154Old Putnam Exd
155Old Putnam Rd
156Old Putnam Road Exd
157Olearos Hill Rd
158Packerville Rd
159Palmer Ct
160Palmer Ln
161Parent Hill Rd
162Patty Ln
163Pauley Ave
164Payson St
165Perkins St
166Phillips St
167Philmar Dr
168Pickett Rd
169Pinecrest Dr
170Plainview Dr
171Pond Hill Rd
172Pond St
173Pond View Rd
174Porteous Terrace
175Potvin Ave
176Pratt Rd
177Promenade St
178Railroad Ave
179Ralph St
180Ralph St Exd
181Red Oak Dr
182Reservoir Rd
183Reservoir St
184River St
185Roode Rd
186Roper Rd
187Roy St
188Ruth Dr
189S Cady Ln
190S Dougherty Ave
191S Potvin Ave
192Sachem Dr
193Salisbury Ave
194Salmon Dr
195Sanborn Dr
196Sara Ln
197School St Exn
198Sessions Dr
199Sharkey St
200Shepard Hill Rd
201Simmons Ave
202Spaulding Rd
203Squaw Rock Rd
204Stanley Dr
205Stanmark Dr
206Starkweather Rd
207State Highway 426
208State Highway 664
209Stone Hill Rd
210Sugar Brook Rd
211Sullivan Dr
212Sunny Acres
213Sunset Ln
214Susie Ave
215Suzie Ave
216Sylvia Dr
217Talbot Ave
218Tarbox Rd
219Terrace Dr
220Terry Ln
221Texas Heights Rd
222Tom Ave
223Toper Rd
224Torrey Ln
225Trillium Ct
226Trout Hatchery Rd
227Turcotte Ave
228Unity Dr
229Valley Ln
230Viburnum Ct
231Victoria Dr
232Village Center Cir
233Vosler Dr
234Walas Rd
235Ward Ave
236Weston Rd
237Whip Poor Will Dr
238Williams Ave
239Windsor Ave
240Winthrop Dr
241Wisteria Cir
242Withey Hill Rd