List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Felton, Delaware

#Street Name
1Abec Ln
2Acorn Forest Dr
3Albert Pl
4Alice Dr
5Amsterdam Rd
6Andiron Ln
7Appalachian Dr
8Autumn Glen Ct
9Barbara Blvd
10Basswood Dr
11Bayberry Ln
12Blaine Dr
13Bork Dr
14Branch St
15Bree St
16Burchneal Ct
17Butterworth St
18Byo Dr
19Canterbury Ct
20Canterbury Dr
21Carlise St
22Carlisle St
23Caroline Ave
24Cattle Dr
25Central Dr
26Chandlers Rd
27Charlies Ct
28Chimney Hill Rd
29Copperfield Ln
30Countryside Dr
31Countryside Trailer Park
32Coursey Mill Rd
33Courtney Ln
34Curvy Ln
35Dailey Dr
36Dandee Ln
37Daves Ct
38Deerwood Farm Ln
39Dickens Ct
40 Dickens Ln
41Dorothy Ln
42E Chimney Top Ln
43E High St
44E Lexington Ct
45E Main St
46E Railroad Ave
47E Sewell St
48Elijah Ln
49Elk Dr
50Equitation Ln
51Esther Ct
52Fan Branch Dr
53Fire Box Dr
54Fireside Dr
55Fitzbrian Dr
56Garey Dr
57Gelden Rd
58Green Ct
59Hackberry Dr
60Hearthstone Ln
61High Ridge Dr
62Holly Spring Rd
63Honey Brook Ln
64Horsepen Rd
65Hunters Run Blvd
66Indian Point Rd
67Indian Runner Rd
68Iverson Ct
69Jefferson St
70Jennifer Ln
71Jones St
72Jubilee Ct
73Jump School House Rd
74Keep Out Dr
75Kent Ave
76Kerry Cir
77Kimberly Way
78Kindling Dr
79Lake Cove Ln
80 Lobelia Ct
81Logsplitter Dr
82Lois Ct
83Lombard St
84Lott Ct
85Lovers Ln
86Ludlow Ln
87Luffs Alley
88Lynnwood Dr
89Macananny Ln
90Marebear Ln
91Marions Way
92Marshyhope Rd
93Mayor Ln
94Mels Dr
95Memorial Ave
96Meredith Rd
97Moxleys Ln
98Mt Olive Cemetery Rd
99N Chimney Top Ln
100N Ember Dr
101N Erin Ave
102Nile St
103Oak Hill Terrace
104Oak Leaf Ln
105Oaknoll Ave
106Old New Rd
107Outten Blvd
108Page Dr
109Paige Pl
110Paradise Cove Way
111Pardoners Tale Ln
112Paris Ln
113Pickwick Blvd
114Pine Bluff Rd
115Pine Needle Dr
116Piper Ct
117Plymouth Rd
118Ponds Edge Ct
119Pratts Branch Rd
120Red Clover Dr
121Reeves Crossing Rd
122Renee Dr
123Ridgeway Cir
124Ripple Run Cir
125River Run Blvd
126Road 208a
127Road 24
128Road 242
129Road 243
130Road 244
131Road 245
132Road 247
133Road 252
134Road 254
135Road 255a
136Road 256
137Road 257
138Road 258
139Road 259
140Road 261
141Road 262
142Road 282
143Road 283
144Road 286
145Road 32
146Road 382
147Road 385
148Road 386
149Road 387
150Road 56
151Roesville Rd
152Rosebud Dr
153Ryan Ct
154S Chimney Top Ln
155S Ember Dr
156S Erin Ave
157S Lexington Dr
158Sandalwood Dr
159Sandalwood Rd
160Sandtown Rd
161Sanford St
162Scrap Tavern Rd
163Seth Ct
164Sewell St
165Sharon Ct
166Sierra Cir
167Sportsman Rd
168St Collom Dr
169Sumac Dr
170Summoners Tale Ln
171Sun Ridge Dr
172The Bridge
173Tomahawk Ln
174Tupelo Ct
175Turtle Dove Ln
176Valery Dr
177Vessel Ct
178Vineyard Ln
179Vinyard Ln
180W High St
181W Lexington Ct
182W Main St
183W Railroad Ave
184W Sewell St
185Walnut St
186Waterside Dr
187Welch Family Ln
188Willow Oak Ct
189Windward Dr
190Winfred Dr
191Woodsedge Ln
192Yoemans Tale Ln