List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Georgetown, Delaware

#Street Name
1Academy St
2Albury Ave
3Alfred St
4Anderson St
5Arbutus Dr
6Arrow Rd
7Arrow Safety Rd
8Barr Ln
9Bayberry St
10Beale St
11Boisenberry Ln
12Booker St
13Bramhall St
14Bridgeville Rd
15Brittinghams Ln
16Broad Alley
17Buck Run
18Buttercup Dr
19Calhoun St
20Capitol Ln
21Carolyn St
22Carver St
23Charity Ln
24Charles Way
25Chicory Dr
26Cinder Way
27Clark Dr
28Clover Dr
29Coach Ln
30Coal Alley
31Conaway St
32Cooper Alley
33Deposit St
34Depot St
35Donovans Rd
36Douglas St
38E Adams St
39E Laurel St
40 E Market St
41E North St
42E Pine St
43Edward St
44Elderberry St
45Elizabeth St
46Ennis Rd
47Ennis St
48Fairway Ave
49Frankenberry Dr
50Garden St
51Gardner Ave
52Georgetown Plaza
53Goff Dr
54Goldenrod Dr
55Gordy St
56Grammar Ave
57Green Alley
58Harris Alley
59High School Ave
60Highland Ave
61Hollyberry Dr
62Honeysuckle Ct
63Industrial Blvd
64Ingramtown Rd
65James St
66Kimmey St
67Layton Ave
68Legion Alley
69Linden Ave
70Little St
71Love Ln
72Lynch Ln
73Mae St
74Mary St
75Murrays Ln
76N Bedford St
77N King St
78N Margaret St
79N Race St
80 N Railroad Ave
81Nancy St
82Nelson Ave
83Old Laurel Rd
84Park Ave
85Park Ave
86Parker Rd
87Parsons Ln
88Pepper St
89Pittard Alley
90Pleasant St
91Primary St
92Professional Park Blvd
93Rd 319
94Road 114
95Road 243
96Road 246
97Road 40a
98Road 431
99Road 469
100Road 519
101Road 520
102Road 622
103Road 87
104Robinson St
105Rosa St
106Rum Bridge Rd
107Rust Ave
108S Bedford St
109S Bedford St
110S King St
111S Margaret St
112S Race St
113S Railroad Ave
114Savannah Dr
115Silverberry St
116South Alley
117South Ln
118Springfield Ln
119Springfield Rd
120State Forest Rd
121Stephens St
122Stevenson Ln
123Strawberry Alley
124Sussex Ave
125Sussex Central Dr
126Sussex Pines Rd
127Swain Ave
128Sweet Gum Ct
129Tam Alley
130Town Ln
131Tracey St
132Truitt Ave
133Vaughn Rd
134Vickers Ln
135W Adams St
136W Laurel St
137W Market St
138W North St
139W Pine St
140Wagaman St
141Wagamon Ave
142Walter St
143Waples Dr
144West Way
145Whispering Wood Ct
146Wingate Dr
147Wood Branch Rd