List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Lewes, Delaware

#Street Name
1Adams Ave
2Admiral Promenade
3Aintree Dr
4Alaska Ave
5Alderleaf Dr
6Amberwood Way
7American Legion Rd
8Andover Ln
9Anglers Rd
10Angola Rd W
11Applewood Ln
12Arrowood Knobs
13Atlantic Dr S
14Bank St
15Bay Breeze Dr
16Baybreeze Dr
17Bayview Ave
18Beach Plum Pl
19Beebe Dr
20Blue Bird St
21Blue Heron Dr
22Bowman Dr
23Bradford Ln
24Bradley Ln
25Breakwater Reach
26Breakwater St
27Bristol Way
28Brittany Ln
29Brownson Ct
30Burton Ave
31C H Mason Way
32California Ave
33Camden Ave
34Canary Ct
35Canary Dr
36Cape Henlopen Dr
37Cape May-lewes Ferry Entrance
38Captains Cir
39Carey Ln
40 Carpenters Way
41Cedar Ave
42Cedar St
43Cedarwood Dr
44Claymont Ave
45Coleman Ave
46Connecticut Ave
47Debraak Landing
48Delmar Ave
49Devon Ln
50Devries Cir
51Dewey Ave
53Drake Knoll Rd
54Duchess Ct
55Dunes Terrace
56Dupont Ave
57Durham Ct
58E Atlantic Dr
59E Canal St
60E Cape Shores Dr
61E Savannah Rd
62Ebbtide Dr
63Felton Ave
64Flamingo Ct
65Forecastle Rd
66Franklin Ave
67Frog Hill Rd
68Gainsborough Dr
69Gills Neck Rd
70Gower Ct
71Harbor Point
72Harbor View Rd
73Harborview Rd
74Harrington Ave
75Hartford Way
76Hartley Ave
77Henlopen Ct
78Henlopen Gardens
79Henlopen Shores Cir
80 Highland Acres
81Holly Pines Dr
82Holly Way E
83Hoornkill Ave
84Hornbill Ct
85Houston Ave
86Illinois Ave
87Indiana Ave
88Inlet Pl
89Iowa Ave
90Jetty Pl
91Johnson Ave
92Kentucky Ave
93Kings Hwy
94Leipsig Ave
95Lewes Ave
96Lighthouse Way
97Lightship Rd
98Liszar Dr
99Love Creek
100Love Creek Dr
101Love Creek Park
102M St
103Madison Ave
104Madison Dr
105Maine Ave
106Manila Ave
107Manor Cir
108Massachusetts Ave
109Maury Cir
110Mcfee St
111Mcintosh Ct
112Michigan Ave
113Midland Ave
114Milton Ave
115Missouri Ave
116Monroe Ave
117N Atlantic Dr
118N Bay Ct
119N Washington Ave
120Nebraska Ave
121Neils Alley
122New Hampshire Ave
123New Jersey Ave
124New Rd
125New York Ave
126Newark Ave
127Newcastle St
128Newport Ave
129Nottingham Dr
130Ocean View Blvd
131Ocean View Ct
132Odessa Ave
133Ohio Ave
134Old Orchard Rd
135Oregon Ave
136Orr St
137Paynter Ave
138Pilot Point
139Pilottown Rd
140Pintail Ct
141Pleasant Pond Way
142Point Dr
143Queen Anne Ave
144Rhode Island Ave
145Road 23
146Road 267
147Road 268
148Road 269a
149Road 288
150Robinsonville Rd
151Rodaline Ave
152S Cape Shores Dr
153Sandstone Dr
154Sandy Ridge Dr
155Schley Ave
156Sea Horse Ln
157Seagull Dr
158Seashell Pl
159Sheffield Dr
160Shields Ave
161Shipcarpenter Square
162Shipcarpenter St
163Smyrna Ave
164St George Ave
165St Paul St
166Sussex Dr
167Sussex St
168Tennessee Ave
169The Orch
170Theo C Freeman Memorial Hwy
171Torry Pines Pl
172University Dr
173Vermont Ave
174Vickers St
175Viola Ave
176Virgina Ave
177W 3rd St
178W 4th St
179W Atlantic Dr
180W Canal St
181W Cape Shores Dr
182W Conley Cir
183Welcome Alley
184Wellington Ct