List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Middletown, Delaware

#Street Name
1Academy Ln
2Acorn Dr
3Airmont Dr
4Alder Ave
5Anderson St
6Anna Ct
7Apple Tree Ln
8Appoquin Dr N
9Appoquin Dr S
10Appoquinimink Ct
11Arcadia Pkwy
12Arlinda Ct
13Armillary Cir
14Armory Dr
15Armstrong Corner Rd
16Asbury Loop
17Ash Blvd
18Ashington Dr
19Ashland St
20Ashleigh Dr
21Aspen Cir
22Aspen Ct
23Augustine Blvd
24Auto Park Dr
25Autumn Ct
26Avian Way
27Back Creek Dr
28Back Creek Ln
29Bakerfield Dr
30Bald Eagle Way
31Barley Ct
32Barnacle Ct
33Barnsdale Dr
34Bayberry Ct
35Bayview Rd
36Beaston Rd
37Beckington Ct
38Beech Ln
39Belts Rd
40 Benalli Dr
41Benjamin Wright Dr
42Berger Ct
43Berkman St
44Berryman Ct
45Berwick St
46Betel Ct
47Bethel Church Rd
48Bethel Cir
49Betsy Rawls Dr
50Biggs Ln
51Bishop Ct
52Black Duck Ct
53Blue Heron Ct
54Blue Ridge Dr
55Bobolink Ct
56Bobwhite Ct
57Bohemia Mill Pond Dr
58Bohemian Dr
59Bonnybrook Rd
60Boyds Corner Rd
61Bradley Cir
62Brady Cir
63Brady Ln
64Braemar St
65Brant Ct
66Bray Rd
67Breakwater Dr
68Brick Mill Cir
69Brick Mill Rd
70Bridge Ct
71Brightham Ln
72Brockton Dr
73Brooks Ct
74Brooks Dr
75Browning Cir
76Bryant Ct
77Bucktail Dr
78Bull Run Ct
79Bullen Dr
80 Burnham Ln
81Cambria St
82Canary Ct
83Cantwell Dr
84Canvasback Rd
85Caponi Cir
86Cardigan Rd
87Caribou Ln
88Carter Dr
89Casa Dr
90Casey Cir
91Casper Way
92Cassina Ct
93Cassina Dr
94Cavalier Dr
95Cazier Dr
96Cedar Lane Rd
97Cedarshake Ct
98Center Ln
100Champs Ln
101Chancellorsville Cir
102Chase Ln
103Chesapeake Canal Ct
104Cheshire Dr
105Chestnut Way
106Cheswick Ct
107Choptank Rd
108Christopher Dr
109Churchtown Rd
110Claddagh Ct
111Clayton Manor Dr
112Cleaver Farm Rd
113Clipper Dr
114Clydia Ct
115Colchester Ct
116Cole Blvd
117Colleen Ct
118Colonel Clayton Dr
119Commodore Dr
120Congressional Village Dr
121Connemara Ct
122Corbit Dr
123County Road 440
124Couples Ct
125Crawford St
126Crenshaw Ct
127Cruden Bay Ct
128Crystal Run Dr
129Cutter Way
130Dairy Dr
131Davis Ct
132Dawn Ct
133Dawn Dr
134Daylilly Way
135Deerfield Dr
136Delft Ct
137Demaret Ct
138Diamond Dr
139Dickerson Ln
140Dickey Ct
141Doc Levinson Dr
142Dove Ct
143Dove Nest Ct
144Dove Run Blvd
145Drake Dr
146Draper Ln
147Drawyers Dr
148Dungarvan Dr
149Dunswell Dr
150Dutch Neck Rd
151E Berkman St
152E Bradford Ct
153E Cedarwood Dr
154E Cochran St
155E Crail Ct
156E Creek Ln
157E Delaware Canal Ct
158E Dickerson Ln
159E Glen Mare Dr
160E Green St
161E Hampstead Ct
162E Hoffecker St
163E Kilts Ln
164E Lake St
165E Minglewood Dr
166E Old Squaw Rd
167E Redding St
168E Sarazen Dr
169E Shakespeare Dr
170E Thomas Ct
171E Union Dr
172E Whittington Way
173E Whittington Way
174Edgerow Dr
175Effendi Dr
176El Dorado Cir
177Elizabeth St
178Ellenwood Dr
179Emerson Ct
180Emerson Rd
181Ernest Dr
182Espalier Ln
183Estate Dr
184Ethel Ct
185Evita Cir
186Fairfield Ct
187Fairville Way
188Fenn Ct
189Fields Terrace
190Fields Way
191Fife Rd
192Flower Hall Dr
193Floyd Cir
194Fox Den Ct
195Fox Hound Ct
196Fox Hunt Ln
197Foxtail Dr
198Foxtail Ln
199Franklin Dr
200Fredericksburg Dr
201Frost Dr
202Gallatin Ct
203Galloway St
204Garcia Dr
205Garden Gate Dr
206Gazebo Ln
207Georgiana Dr
208Gibbs Dr
209Gillespie Ave
210Gina Dr
211Glasgow Rd
212Glen Eagle Rd
213Glenelg Ct
214Glennwood Ct
215Glossy Ibis Ct
216Gloucester Blvd
217Great Oak Dr
218Greenlawn Blvd
219Greenway Ct
220Greylag Rd
221Guido Dr
222Haggis Rd
223Haley St
224Hamilton Pl
225Hammond Rd
226Hampden Ct
227Hampden Rd
228Hampshire Dr
229Harding Ct
230Haveg Rd
231Hawks Nest Ct
232Hayley Ct
233High View Ct
234Holland Ct
235Holly Ct
236Holstein Ct
237Hope Dr
238Horseshoe Dr
239Hostetter Blvd
240Hunt Cir
241Hyett's Corner Rd
242Idlewyld Dr
243Ingleside Dr
244Ingram Dr
245Irwin Pl
246Jackie Cir
247Jacks Way
248Jamison Corner Rd
249Jane Ct
250Janvier Ct
251Janvier Dr
252Jeffrey Dr
253Jennifer Ln
254Jersey Ct
255Jessica Dr
256Jewell Ct
257John Randal Dr
258Johnson Dr
259Joshua Ct
260Joshua Ln
261Ketch Ln
262Kimberly Dr
263King Rail Ct
264Kingfisher Ct
265Kingswood Path
266Kirkcaldy Ln
267Knightsbridge Rd
268Lahinch Ct
269Lake Dr
270Lake Seymour Dr
271Lakeside Dr
272Laks Dr
273Landing Dr
274Landmark Ln
275Landview Ct
276Lansdowne Rd
277Lattice Ln
278Laura Ln
279Laurelwood Ct
280Leanne Dr
281Lesh Ct
282Liborio Dr
283Lilac Dr
284Linden Cir
285Lindsay Ct
286Lisa Ln
287Little Cir
288Littondale Ct
289Loch Lomond Dr
290Lockwood St
291Locust Dr
292Logan Way
293Lorewood Grove Rd
294Lowell Ave
295Lynn Cir
296Macleren Dr
297Maiden Ct
298Mallard Way
299Manassas Dr
300Manchester Ct
301Manchester Way
302Manor Dr
303Maplewood Dr
304Maplewood Ln
305Marathon Dr
306Marcus Rd
307Marian Dr
308Marl Pit Rd
309Marldale Dr
310Marquis Ct
311Maureen Dr
312Mccumber Ln
313Meadow Dr
314Melissa Dr
315Merganser Ct
316Merrimac Ave
317Middessa Dr
318Middle Neck Rd
319Middlesex Dr
320Middletown Odessa Rd
321Mildred Ln
322Milford Dr
323Miller Cir
324Millwood Dr
325Misty Vale Dr
326Monoxodil Ln
327Morning Dew Dr
328Mulberry Ct
329Murphy Dr
330Murray Ct
331N Cass St
332N Cox St
333N Cummings Dr
334N Hampton Ct
335N Ingram Ct
336N New Rd
337N Penbrook Dr
338N Ramunno Dr
339N Thomas Ct
340Nantucket Dr
341Nathan Roberts Ct
342Naughty Ln
343Nesting Ln
344Netherlands Dr
345New Brighton Ct
346New St
347Newbury Ct
348Newton Ct
349Noel Dr
350Northampton Way
351Norva Dr
352Norwalk Way
353Oak Dr
354Oak Leaf Dr
355Oakwood Pl
356Obier Ct
357Old Corbit Rd
358Old School House Rd
359Old Summit Bridge Rd
360Old Telegraph Rd
361Omeara Ct
362Orkney Rd
363Osprey Ln
364Outrigger Way
365Paine Ct
366Palisade Cir
367Palmer Dr
368Parker Dr
369Patience Way
370Patriot Dr
371Pennington St
372Peregrine Way
373Pergola Ln
374Peterson Rd
375Pheasant Dr
376Pheasant Vale
377Phillips Dr
378Pierce Ct
379Pimpernell Path
380Pine Valley Dr
381Pinewood Dr
382Pintail Ct
383Pleasant Ln
384Plymouth Pl
385Poets Way
386Pole Bridge Rd
387Porky Oliver Dr
388Porky Oliver Rd
389Port Penn Rd
390Priscilla St
391Quail Hollow
392Quincy Ave
393Ramunno Dr
394Rawls Dr
395Reading Ln
396Rebecca Ct
397Red Fox Cir N
398Red Fox Ct
399Red Oak Dr
400Redden Ln
401Redding Estates
402Ridge Ct
403Robert Burn Ln
404Rosie Dr
405Rte 299
406Rte 299
407Rte 425
408Ruddy Duck Ct
409Ruth Dr
410S Canal Rd
411S Cass St
412S Cox St
413S Cummings Dr
414S Ingram Ct
415S New Rd
416S Scott St
417S Vernon St
418Saddle Dr
419Sally Ln
420Sammons Pond Dr
421Samuel Ct
422Sandhill Dr
423Sands Ct
424Sassafras Dr
425Schagrin Dr
426Schoonover Ln
427Scotish Dr
428Seamans Ct
429Sean Dr
430Senator Dr
431Shallcross Lake Rd
432Shallcross Pl
433Shannon Blvd
434Sharon Ct
435Sharp Ln
436Sheats Ln
437Sheehan Dr
438Silver Lake Dr
439Silver Run Rd
440Silverhill Crossing
441Simpson Pl
442Sir James St
443Skyview Dr
444Sleepy Hollow Dr
445Sloop Ln
446Snead Cir
447Snow Goose Dr
448Snowgeese Ct
449Spinnaker St
450Spring Arbor Dr
451Spring Hollow Dr
452Springfield Cir
453Springmill Dr
454Sr 299 @ Middletown Commons Sc
455St Andrews Ct
456St Augustine Ct
457St Augustine Rd
458St Michael Dr
459Standish Ct
460Starboard Ln
461Stephen Ct
462Stirrup Ct
463Straford Ct
464Strawberry Ln
465Suffolk Ct
466Sugar Pine Dr
467Sugartown Cir
468Summerhouse Ln
469Summit Bridge Dr
470Sundial Ln
471Sunshine Ln
472Susan Pl
473Susie Ct
474Sweet Hollow Ct
475Sweet Hollow Way
476Tami Trail
477Tartan Dr
478Taylor Ct
479Tennyson Ct
480Thomas Dr
481Thomas Landing Rd
482Thorntown Rd
483Toftrees Dr
484Topiary Ln
485Tory St
486Tralee Dr
487Trellis Ln
488Trevino Ct
489Trupenny Turn
490Tulip Ct
491Tuscany Dr
492Twining Ln
493Vance Neck Rd
494Victoria Dr
495Vincent Cir
496Viola Cir
497Virginia Dr
498Vixen Ct
499W Bradford Ct
500W Cedarwood Dr
501W Cochran St
502W Crail Ct
503W Creek Ln
504W Dickerson Ln
505W Glen Mare Dr
506W Green St
507W Harvest Ln
508W Hoffecker St
509W Kilts Ln
510W Lake St
511W Manheim Dr
512W Minglewood Dr
513W Old Squaw Rd
514W Redding St
515W Sarazen Dr
516W Shakespeare Dr
517W Thomas Ct
518W Union Dr
519W Whittington Way
520W Windmill Way
521Wadkins Ct
522Walkers Alley
523Waltham Dr
524Warwick Rd
525Waterford Dr
526Waterlilly Ln
527Waterthrush Ct
528Watson Ln
529Weir Cir
530Weiskopf Cir
531Wellington Way
532Wesley Ct
533Weston Dr
534Westside Ln
535Wheatland Cir
536Whispering Trail
537White Bark Dr
538White Ibis Ct
539White Oak Dr
540White Pine Dr
541Wickerberry Dr
542Widgeon Ct
543Wilgus Ct
544Willetts Ct
545Willow Ct
546Willow Grove Mill Dr
547Willow Grove Mill Way
548Wilmore Dr
549Windfield Ln
550Wood Duck Ct
551Wood St
552Wood Stork Ct
553Wooden Shoe Ct
554Woodline Dr
555Worchester Ave
556Wrights Ln
557Yorkshire Ct
558Zuider Zee Ct