List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Ellenton, Florida

#Street Name
111th St Ct E
212th St Ct E
313th St E
416th Ln E
517th St E
619th Ave Dr
725th Dr E
835th Ave E
935th Ln E
1035th St E
1136th Ct E
1239th Ave Dr
1339th Ave Dr E
1439th Ave E
1539th Cir
1640th Ave Cir E
1741st Ave Dr E
1841st Ave E
1942nd Ave Dr E
2042nd Dr E
2143rd Ave Dr E
2244th Ave
2344th Ave Dr E
2444th Ct E
2545th Ave Dr E
2645th Ave E
2745th Dr E
2846th Ave Dr E
2947th Dr E
304th St Ct E
3155th St E
3256th Ave E
3358th St Ct W
3459th Ave Cir E
3559th Cir E
365th Ct E
3760th Ave E
3861st Terrace E
3963rd St W
40 68th Terrace E
416th Ct E
4270th Ave E
4372nd Ave E
4472nd Terrace E
457th Cir E
467th St Cir E
478th St E
48Acorn Dr
49Alkmaar St
50Alla Ct
51Allamanda St
52Ameland Dr
53Amelo Ave
54Amers Avenye
55Amers Ln
56Amsterdam Ave
57Anastasia Pl
58Antigua Cove
59Antiqua Cove
60Audry Ln
61Barbara Dr
62Basin Dr
63Bayshore Dr
64Bayshore Dr
65Bernadette Dr
66Bessie Ln
67Bonita Way
68Bonnie Dr
69Bougainvillea Ave
70Broad River Run
71Brookwood Dr
72Buena Vista Dr N
73Buena Vista Dr S
74Buena Vista Way S
75Camellia Ave
76Carol Dr
77Cedar St
78Central Ave
79Church St
80 Citrus Ct
81Coco Plum Way
82Coconut Grove Cir
83Colony Ct
84Colony Dr
85Colony Dr N
86Colony Dr S
87Colony Point Dr
88Coquina Dr
89Coral Creek Ct
90Coral Ln
91Countryside Dr
92Covered Bridge Crossing
93Crystal Ln
94Cynthia Pl
95Cypress Way
96Darnea Ln
97Darnea Pl
98Date Palm Ln
99Day Bridge Pl
100Den Helder Ave
101Denise Dr
102Desoto Dr
103Donna Dr
104Dordrecht St
105Doreen Dr
106Dorothy Pl
107Driftwood Dr
108Driftwood Ln
109Duck Creek Way
110Eagle Cir
111Edgewater Dr
112Edmonds Dr
113Egret Cir
114Eileen Dr
115Ellenton Gillette Rd
116Elm St
117Emden Way
118Endhoven St
119Eva Pl
120Evelyn Dr
121Factory Shops Blvd
122Flamingo Ln
123Florence Dr
124Franklin Ave
125Franklin St
126French Creek Ct
127Frontage Rd
128Gamble Ave
129Gamble Ct
130Gardenia Dr
131Gardens Run
132Gary Ave
133Glenda Ln
134Gloria Dr
135Granada Way
136Grapefruit Ln
137Great Oaks Way
138Gretchen Pl
139Hague Dr
140Halls Mill Crossing
141Harbor Ave
142Harbor Cir
143Hard Rd
144Heerleen St
145Heron Ct
146Highland Shores Dr
147Hillcrest Ln
148Holland St
149Horseshoe Loop Rd
150Hummingbird Ave
151Hwy 301
152Ida Dr
153Island Ct
154Ixora Ave
155John Ave
156Judith Dr
157Ken Hubbard Rd
158King Bridge Pl
159King Palm Ct
160Kings Dr
161Kiwi Pl
162Lacey Ln
163Lake St
164Lake View Dr S
165Lakeshore Dr
166Lakeview Dr N
167Laurel Creek Trail
168Laurel Way
169Lauren Ct
170Leeside Dr
171Leffingwell Ave
172Leffingwell Dr
173Lemonwood Dr N
174Lemonwood Dr S
175Leona Ave
176Liles St
177Lime Tree Way
178Linden Dr
179Little Gap Loop
180Long Lake Dr N
181Long Lake Dr S
182Long Lake Way
183Lucille Dr
184Magnolia Dr
185Manaway Dr
186Maple Leaf Ln
187Marie Ln
188Mark Ave
189Martin Dr
190Mary Pl
191Meadow Cir
192Meadowlark Cir
193Michiana Dr
194Michiana Pl
195Middle River Terrace
196Midway Dr
197Mockingbird Ln
198Montego Ln N
199Montego Ln S
200Morningside Dr N
201Morningside Dr S
202Moss Ave
203Mound Pl
204Mourningdove Ct
205N Orange Ave
206N Orchard Dr
207N Orchid Dr
208Nancy Gamble Ln
209Nancy Ln
210New Paris Way
211Nightingale Cir
212Oakwood Dr
213Oleander Ave
214Orange Groves
215Orchid Dr N
216Orchid Dr S
217Osprey Cir
218Outer Dr
219Palmetto Grove
220Partridge Ave
221Patricia Pl
222Patten Ave
223Pelican Dr
224Peppertree Ln
225Perrys Mill Pi
226Pindo Palm Pl
227Pinecrest Ln
228Poinciana Dr
229Pompano Dr
230Power Line Rd
231Princess Way
232Queens Way
233Renee Ct
234Ridgewood Blvd
235Ridgewood Ln
236Rita Pl
237Riverview Dr
238Rock Bridge Ln
239Rock Creek Cir
240Rock Creek Cir E
241Rocky Fork Terrace
242Rotterdam Ave
243Royal Crest Dr
244Ruth Pl
245Sabal Cir
246Sable Cir
247Sable Palm Dr N
248Sally Lee Dr
249Sandalwood Ln
250Sandcastle Dr
251Sandpiper Cove
252Sandy Creek Ln
253Seagrape Cove
254Seashore Terrace
255Shenandoah Cir
256Shirley Pl
257Shore Dr
258Siesta Dr
259Spoonbill Ln
260Stepana Ln
261Stephanie Ln
262Sunset Cir N
263Sunset Cir S
264Tahitian Dr
265Tamara Dr
266Tangerine Ct
267Teakwood Dr
268Terra Siesta Blvd
269Thatch Palm Ct
270Traction Ave
271Trout River Crossing
272Utrecht N
273Utrecht S
274Utrecht St N
275Utrecht St S
276Victoria Ln
277Victory Rd
278Vowell St
279Water St
280Westwood Dr
281Whipporwill Ct
282Willow Bridge Loop
283Willow Ln
284Wood Owl Ave
285Woody Ct
286Yellow Creek Ct