List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Oldsmar, Florida

#Street Name
1Aire Ct
2Alice Ann Dr
3Arch Ave
4Arlington Ave E
5Arlington Ave W
6Arrowhead Ct
7Ashley Ln
8Augusta Ave
9Avon St
10Azalea Ct
11Bass Ct
12Bay Arbor Blvd
13Bay Lake Trail
14Bayhill Dr
15Bayside Blvd
16Bayview Blvd N
17Beaverland Dr
18Bedford St
19Bengal Cir
20Bird Ct
21Blandon Rd
22Blue Marlin Dr
23Bobcat Tr
24Briargrove Way
25Bridle Ct
26Brooker Creek Blvd
27Burbank Rd
28Camberley Ln
29Camelia Ct
30Camille Ct
31Canal Way
32Captiva Dr
33Cedar Key Ct
34Cedar Ridge Ct
35Charles Blvd
36Christina Cir
37Christy Ln
38Cobia Way
39Colette Ct
40 Congress St
41Corkwood Ln
42Countryside Key Blvd
43Coverstone Ct
44Cross Pointe Dr
45Cross Tee Ct
46Cypress Ct
47Cypress Lake Ct
48Cypress View Dr
49Dartmouth Ave E
50Dartmouth Ave W
51Deerpath Dr
52Derek Ln
53Devonshire St
54Diamond Ct
55Dolphin Dr E
56Donegal Ct
57Douglas Rd W
58Dove Terrace
59Driftwood Cir
60Driftwood Cir W
61Duane Ave
62Edge Park Dr
63Edgewater Ln
64Edgewood Ct
65Elk Dr
66Elk Way
67Emerald Bay Dr
68Enclave Dr
69Eric Ct
70Evelyn Ct
71Evergreen Dr
72Exeter St
73Fairfield St
74Fairwood Ct
75Fawn Ct
76Federal St
77Fernbrook Rd
78Forest Dr
79Forest Lake Blvd S & Derek Ln
80 Forest Lakes Blvd
81Forest Park Rd
82Forest Rd
83Fountainview Cir
84Foxboro Ct
85Foxfire Ln
86Gim Gong Rd
87Gray Bark Dr
88Greenhaven Cir
89Greenhaven Ct
90Greenwood Dr
91Gretchen Ct
92Grogans Mill Rd
93Gull Aire Blvd
94Hemingway Dr
95Hibiscus Cir E
96Hibiscus Cir N
97Hibiscus Ct
98Holly Hill Rd
99Hudson Ct
100Hunter Lake Dr
101Hunters Dr
102Huntleigh Ct
103Huron Ave
104Hwy 584
105Ingrid Pl
106Iris Pl
107Ironwood Ct W
108Isleworth Ct
109Jefferson St
110Joanne Pl
111Kilkenney Ct
112Kilsythe St
113Kingsmill Ct
114Lafayette Blvd
115Lake Charles Ct
116Lake Cypress Cir
117Lake Placid Ct
118Lake Way
119Lakeshore Loop
120Laketree Pl
121Lance Ct
122Lee St
123Lemonwood Dr
124Lesley Ln
125Limetree Dr
126Lisa Ln
127Lockmeade Pl
128Longwood Cir
129Lucas Ln
130Manta Cir
131Mapleleaf Blvd
132Maplewood Cir
133Marlborough St
134Meadow Brook Ct
135Mears Blvd
136Meriden Ave
137Michaels Cir
138Mobbly Bay Dr
139Morning Dove Pl
140National Orange Ave
141Nina Way
142Oak Pond Ct
143Oakleaf Blvd
144Oakwood Blvd
145Oleander Pl
146Orchard Grove Pl
147Palmdale Dr
148Peaceful Ct
149Pelican Dr N
150Pelican Dr S
151Peppertree Ct
152Peppertree Dr
153Phoenix Ave
154Pinckney St
155Pine Ct
156Pinehurst Ct
157Pinnacle Dr
158Pointe Cir
159Pomosa Ave
160Pompano Ct
161Preservation Way
162Race Track Rd S
163Rainforest Ct
164River Oaks Ct
165Riverdale Dr
166Robin Terrace
167Rosalind Ln
168Sabal Ct
169Sail Fish Blvd
170Sawgrass Ct
171Scarlet Blvd
172Sellers Ln
173Shady Oaks Dr
174Shamrock Way
175Sheffield Ct
176Sherbrook Dr
177Shore Blvd
178Shore Dr E
179Shore Dr N
180Shore Dr Pl
181Shore Dr W
182Shorelake Pl
183Shoreview Ln
184Silverthorne Ct
185Snook Ct
186Split Fork Dr
187St Andrews Pl
188St Clair Ave
189St Petersburg Dr
190St Petersburg Dr E
191St Petersburg Dr W
192Stanton Cir
193State St E
194Stevens Ave
195Stonebriar Dr
196Stoneleigh Pl
197Stoneview Cir
198Strathmore Ave
199Summerwinds Ln
200Sunfish Ct
201Sunny Point Ct
202Sweetbriar Dr
203Sycamore Ln
204Sylvia Pl
205Tampa Rd
206Tangerine Dr
207Tanglewood Dr
208Tarpon Ln
209Tavernier Cir
210Tavernier Dr
211Thomas Ln
212Thornwood Dr
213Tower Dr
214Tranquil Ct
215Trout Ln
217Turtle Creek Cir
218Turtle Creek Trail
219Valley Field Dr
220Ventura Dr
221W Cypress Ct
222Warwick Dr
223Washington Ave
224Water Oak Way
225Whisper Wind Ln
226Windtree Pl
227Windview Pl
228Windward Pl
229Wingate Cir
230Woodlake Ct
231Woodlake Wynde
232Woodridge Cir
233Woods Landing Trail
234Woodspring Ct
235Woodward Ave