List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Oxford, Florida

#Street Name
1245 S
2C R 100 B
3Compass Point
4County Line Rd
5County Road 102
6County Road 103
7County Road 103g
8County Road 103g-1
9County Road 103g-2
10County Road 104b
11County Road 106
12County Road 107
13County Road 108
14County Road 12
15County Road 200
16County Road 201
17County Road 209
18County Road 210
19County Road 216
20County Road 216a
21County Road 218
22County Road 223
23County Road 227
24County Road 227a
25County Road 233
26County Road 233a
27County Road 237
28County Road 239
29County Road 245 E
30County Road 245 N
31County Road 245 W
32County Road 245a
33County Road 245c
34County Road 245d
35County Road 246
36County Road 246 S
37County Road 466
38County Road 475
39E County Road 466
40 Edgewater Way
41Jib Ct
42Ne 104th Blvd
43Ne 104th Cir
44Ne 107th Rd
45Ne 10th Terrace
46Ne 110 Rd
47Ne 113th Pl
48Ne 11th Way
49Ne 120 Ave
50Ne 120 Rd
51Ne 120th Crossing
52Ne 120th Trail
53Ne 121 Ln
54Ne 121st Ave
55Ne 121st Rd
56Ne 122nd Blvd
57Ne 122nd Ln
58Ne 123rd Ln
59Ne 124th Pl
60Ne 126th Pl
61Ne 12th Dr
62Ne 130th Ave
63Ne 134th Rd
64Ne 135 Ave
65Ne 135th Grove
66Ne 137 Rd
67Ne 137th Ln
68Ne 13th St
69Ne 26th Dr
70Ne 27th St
71Ne 42 Blvd
72Ne 4th Pl
73Ne 50th Ct
74Ne 50th View
75Ne 51st Cir
76Ne 52nd Dr
77Ne 52nd Loop
78Ne 5th St
79Ne 99th Blvd
80 Neptune Cir
81Nw 107th Rd
82Nw 111 Ln
83Nw 11th Dr
84Nw 120th Ave
85Nw 122nd Ave
86Nw 132nd Rd
87Nw 13th St
88Nw 15th St