List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Placida, Florida

#Street Name
135th St
240th St
348th St
4Aback Ct
5Abaft Pl
6Abeam Ct
7Adele Way
8Adrift Ct
9Afloat Dr
10Aft Ct
11Alborado Rd
12Anchor Row
13Anglers Club Dr
14Anglers Way
15Aye Ct
16Bag Ct
17Bail Ct
18Bank Ct
19Bar Ct
20Barge Ln
21Barracuda Dr
22Bay St
23Baytree Dr
24Beam Ct
25Bends Ct
26Berth Ct
27Betty Ct
28Bight Ln
29Bill Ct
30Binnacle Bend
31Binnacle Rd
32Bitts Ct
33Blue Marlin Rd
34Boat Ct
35Boca Grande Causeway
36Bocilla Dr
37Bonita St
38Boom Ln
39Brig Cir E
40 Brig Cir N
41Brig Cir S
42Brig Cir W
43Buccaneer Bend
44Buccaneer Trail
45Bulk Ct
46Bunk Ct
47Capstan Dr
48Caree Pl
49Carline Ln
50Carter St
51Cats Paw Dr
52Cleat Ct
53Clew Ct
54Clubhouse Dr
55Cobia Dr
56Cockpit Ln
57Cole Brothers Dr
58Conch Ct
59Confound Rd
60Coquina Ct
61Coral Landings Ct
62Coral Landings Ln
63Coral Vista Cir
64Creekside Dr
65Current Ln
66Cutter Rd
67Davit Ct
68Deck Ct
69Dirt Dr
70Dock Dr
71Dog Ct
72Dorisan Ct
73Dory Ct
74Doubloon Dr
75Doubloon Trail
76Duck Ct
77Eagle Dr
78Ebb Cir
79Ebb Dr
80 Eddy Pl
81El Gaspar Dr
82El Matador Dr
83El Sol
84Equestrian Ct
85Fiddler Dr
86Fishery Rd
87Flare Ct
88Freeboard Rd
89Gardner St
90Garfield Ct
91Garnet Dr
92Gaspar Dr
93Gasparilla Dr
94Gasparilla Pass Blvd
95Gasparilla Pass Blvd Ne
96Gasparilla Pass Blvd Nw
97Gasparilla Rd
98Grand Ave
99Grand Quay Dr
100Grande Quay Dr
101Green Dolphin Dr
102Green Dolphin Dr N
103Green Dolphin Dr S
104Grouper Hole Ct
105Grouper Hole Ct Nw
106Grouper Hole Dr
107Gulf Shores Dr
108Gulf St
109Gunwhale Rd
110Harness Rd
111Haul Ct
112Heave Ln
113Helm Ct
114Hull Ct
115Idle Ct
116Jolly Roger Trail
117Joseffa Ct
118Kettle Harbor Dr
119King St
120Knot Ct
121Lands End Cir
122Lateen Sail Dr
123Leeward Ln
124Linwood Rd
125Longshore Rd
126Lookout Alley
127Loomis Ave
128Loomis Way
129Marsh St
130Mast Dr
131Master Dr
132Masthead Rd
133Mate Cir
134Mate Dr
135Mooring Pl
136N Island Ct
137Peekins Cove Dr
138Pelican Bend
139Pennant Ct
140Pennant Pl
141Pheasant Ln
142Pieces Of 8 Trail
143Pier Rd
144Pilothouse Cir
145Pilothouse Ct
146Pirate Row
147Plum Ave
148Point Ct
149Pointe Way
150Polar Ct
151Pompano St
152Privateer Rd
153Reef Ct
154River Ct
155Rotonda Trce
156Rudder Ln
157Rum Runner Rd
158S Gulf Blvd
159Sabot Ct
160Sand Dollar Dr
161Scupper Ln
162Seagrape Ln
164Seahawk Ct
165Seawatch Dr
166Seawatch Lake Dr
167Seawatch Way
168Seawitch Lake Dr
169Ships Ln
170Shore Ln
171Snail Island Ct
172Spaniards Rd
173Spyglass Alley
174Starfish Ln
175State Highway 771
176Stern Pl
177Surf Ct
178Swells Ct
179Swinson St
180Taffrail Ln
181Tarpon Ct
182Tarpon Dr
183Tarpon Landings Terrace
184Thunderation Way
185Tide Ct
186Topside Rd
187Transon Ln
188Trim Ct
189Via Aurelia
190Via Cassia
191Via Flamina
192Via Flavia
193Via Maria
194Village Ct
195Wake Ct
196Warping Ln
197Wharf Ave
198Winborough Dr
199Windward Ln
200Woodfield Rd
201Woodlake Rd
202Yardarm Dr