List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Tavares, Florida

#Street Name
11st St Ct
23 Palms Ln
3Abaco Dr
4Adriatic Ave
5Aitkin Loop
6Alane Ct
7Alice St
8Anderson Dr
9Ann Rou Rd
10Antigua Ave
11Antigua Bay Ln
12Apache Cir
13Appalachee Cir
14Armada St
15Astatula Landfill Rd
16Atlantis Rd
17Azealia Pl
18Bahama Cir
19Baja Ave
20Baltic Sea Blvd
21Banning Beach Rd
22Barnsley Ln
23Barons Ct
24Basin St
25Bay Lagoon Way
26Bay Rd
27Bayshore Cir
28Baytree Blvd
29Baywater Rd
30Beauclaire Ct
31Beauclaire Dr
32Beaver Run
33Beechnut Rd
34Belmont Cir
35Bengal Ave
36Bermuda Dr
37Bettys Ct
38Beulah Ave
39Bexley Dr
40 Bimini Dr
41Birch Blvd
42Black Dog Ct
43Blanton Ln
44Bluegill Ave
45Bluegill Dr
46Boardwalk Way
47Bounty Cir
48Bracknell Forest Trail
49Brandywine Dr
50Brewers Ct
51Bright Star Ave
52Brittania Blvd
53Bryan St
54Buccaneer Blvd
55Caicos Dr
56Camp Rd
57Campbell Dr
58Can Do Ln
59Canal Ct
60Canal Pl
61Canal St
62Canoe Ct
63Cape Horn Ct
64Capella Dr E
65Carol Ct
66Carolina Ct
67Carroll's Ct
68Caterra Ct
70Cayman Dr
71Cedar Ave
72Cedar Cir
73Chalet Dr
74Challenger Dr
75Charleston Ave
76Chestnut Ln
77China Sea Dr
78Church Ave
79Citrus St
80 Clara Ave
81Classique Ln
82Clayton St
83Clipper Way
84Clubhouse Ct
85Colerain Ave
86College Park Dr
87Colley Dr
88Columbia Rd
89Coral Reef Way
90Corbett Ave
91County Dr
92County Road 19a
93County Road 448
94Cove Pl
95Cove Rd
96Crosby Rd
97Crystal Ct
98Cypress Cove Dr
99Cypress Ct
100Cypress Grove
101Dailey Dr
102Dale Dr
103David Ct
104David Walker Dr
105Davison Ln
106Dead River Rd
107Deer Island Rd
108Deerfield Ln
109Diane Dr
110Discovery Rd
111Dolphin Dr
112Donna St
113Dora Ave
114Dora Canal Ct
115Doris Ave
116Dory Way
117Douglas Dr
118Dream Ave
119Druid Pl
120Dry Run
121Duncan St
122Dykes Dr
123E Alfred St
124E Burleigh Blvd
125E Caroline St
126E Clifford St
127E Cove Dr
128E Delaware St
129E Esther St
130E Givens St
131E Ianthe St
132E Kentucky St
133E Maud St
134E Nelson St
135E Rosewood Ln
136E Ruby St
137E Shirley Shores Rd
138Eagles Club House Way
139Eagles Way
140El Red Dr
141Elizabeth Ln
142Elkhart Cir
143Elm Ct
144Enterprise Rd
145Estate Dr
146Etowah Park Blvd
147Fairview Point
148Fairview Pointe
149Fairvista Dr
150Falcon Dr
151Farringdon Dr
152Fence Post Dr
153Fern Ave
154Flagship Ave
155Florida Rock Rd
156Fox Run Blvd
157Foxhollow Rd
158Foxtree Rd
159Frankies Rd
160Freeport Dr
161Gary St
162Gause St
163George Dr
164Gladys Ln
165Glenn Dr
166Golden Palm Cir
167Golden Palm Dr
168Grand Oak Ln
169Grassy Knoll Dr
170Green Bay Dr
171Greenway Ave
172Grenadine Ct
173Grinders Glen
174Grove Ct
175Gulf Stream St
176Hanson View Dr
177Harbor Terrace Rd
178Harris Ave
179Harris Rd
180Heron Dr
181Hibiscus Ct
182Hickory Ln
183Hidden Woods Dr
184Hillingdon Rd
185Hilltop Rd
186Holiday Pl
187Homer St
188Honeybell Pl
189Hope Ct
190Hunterwood Ln
191Idamere Shores Ct
192Imperial Dr
193Indian Ocean Loop
194Industry Dr
195Ironsides Ct
196Irwin Dr
197Island Club Dr
198J And J Dr
199Jack St
200Jackie Ln
201Janice Ave
202Jean Ct
203Jean St
204Johnson Cir
205Joy Ln
206Judy Ave
207Juniper Ct
208Juniper Way
209Keel Ct
210Kellogg Dr
211Kelly Cir
212Kezer Rd
213King Way
214Kingston Way
215Kumquat Pl
216Lake Arbor Ct
217Lake Ave
218Lake Dora Cir
219Lake Dora Dr
220Lake Elsie Dr
221Lake Frances Blvd
222Lake Harris Cir
223Lake Huron Ln
224Lake Idamere Blvd
225Lake Industrial Blvd
226Lake Junietta Dr
227Lake Shore Blvd
228Lake Villa Dr
229Lakecrest Dr
230Lakecrest Ln
231Lakeshore Blvd
232Lakeside Ln
233Landry Ln
234Lane Park Cutoff
235Lane Park Rd
236Laurel Way
237Lenze Dr
238Lilly Lake Ln
239Linda Ave
240Lion Dr
241Lisa Dr
242Live Oak Blvd
243Lois Dr
244Loma Linda Rd
245Lona St
246Longleaf Trail
247Longville Cir
248Louanne Ct
249Lynn Cir
250Magnolia Ridge Ave
251Maine Ct
252Manatee Rd
253Mandarin St
254Mango Pl
255Manica Dr
256Manigault St
257Mansfield Rd
258Maple Cir
259Maplewood St
260Margaret Dr
261Marina Dr
262Marina Ln
263Marsh Harbor Dr
264Martins Run
265Mayfair Way
266Mayo Dr
267Mclain Ct
268Meadow Green Dr
269Medford Ave
270Medina St
271Mediterranean Loop
272Merry Rd
273Michelle Ct
274Mill Pond Rd
275Millwaukee Ave
276Milwaukee Ave
277Mission Ave
278Mohawk Cir
279Moss View Dr
280Mulberry Ln
281Myakka River Rd
282N Barrow Ave
283N Bloxham Ave
284N Disston Ave
285N Duncan Dr
286N Eichelberger Rd
287N Harbor Terrace Rd
288N Ingraham Ave
289N Joanna Ave
290N New Hampshire Ave
291N Pulsifer Ave
292N Rockingham Ave
293N Sinclair Ave
294N St Clair Abrams Ave
295N Texas Ave
296Nassau Cir
297Nelson St
298New Indiana Ave
299Nice View Ave
300Nichols Dr
301Nightingale Ln
302North Ave
303Norwood Pl
304Nunn's Dr
305Oak Cliff Blvd
306Oak Glen Way
307Oak View Dr
308Oakland Cir
309Oakland St
310Ocho Rios Ave
311Old Hammock Rd
312Old Mill E
313Old Mill Rd
314Old Mill W
315Old Us Highway 441
316Oleander Way
317Olive Dr
318Orange Pl
319Orangewood Cir
320Orangewood Ct
321Osprey Ct
322Otto Ct
323Palace Ave
324Palm Garden St
325Palm Pl
326Palm Way
327Pam St
328Panacea Dr
329Park Ave
330Park Glen Dr
331Park Green Ct
332Parkside Dr
333Pat St
334Patriot Pl
335Peace Rd
336Peninsula Dr
337Penny Ct
338Perch Ave
339Phillips Dr
340Pike St
341Pine Ave
342Pineway St
343Pleasant St
344Poinsettia Way
345Pomelo Ave
346Pond Pine Trail
347Pool Dr
348Portsmouth St
349Rainbow Rd
350Rainbow Trout Rd
351Red Rose Dr
352Redwood Ct
353Restfull Ave
354Ridge Pl
355Ripple Ave
356Rosewood Ave
357Rotherham Rd
358Royal Harbor Blvd
359Rue De Calais
360Rue De Dore
361Rue De Fontaine
362Rue De Mont
363Rue De Paresse
364Rue De Pont
365Rue De Porte
366Rue De Vie
367S Bloxham Ave
368S Dora Blvd
369S Duncan Dr
370S Ingraham Ave
371S Joanna Ave
372S Lake Ave
373S Mt Homer Rd
374S New Hampshire Ave
375S Rockingham Ave
376S Shore Dr
377S Sinclair Ave
378S St Clair Abrams Ave
379S Sycamore Dr
380S Tara Dr
381Sailboat Ave
382Salk Ave
383Santa Fe Rd
384Saratoga Dr
385Saunders Cir
386Saunders Dr
387Sawgrass Run
388Sawgrass Trail
389Schult Ct
390Scrub Ln
391Sea Leopard St
392Sea Pines Ct
393Seagull Ave
394Seahawk Ln
395Seaside Loop
396Seven Seas Dr
397Shawn Ct
398Shellcracker Dr
399Sherman Ave
400Shirley Shores Rd
401Shorewood Ct
402Shorewood Dr
403Sierra Dr
404Siesta Key Ave
405Silent Ridge Dr
406Silverado St
407Sinclair Cir
408Skyline Ct
409Slim Haywood Ave
410Southland Dr
411Southridge Industrial Dr
412Spruce Ct
413Squirrel Point Rd
414Squirrel Point Way
415St Johns Rd
416St Lucia Ct
417State St
418Stokes Acres Dr
419Summer Ct
420Summerall Ave
421Summit Chase Dr
422Sunrise Ct
423Sunset Ct
424Sunset Pointe
425Sunshine Ln
426Sunshine Pkwy
427Susanne Dr
428Suwanee Pl
429Sycamore Cir
430Sycamore Dr
431Tamarac Trail
432Tammi Dr
433Tamolee Ave
434Tangelo St
435Tara Dr
436Tavadora Ave
437Tavares Ridge Blvd
438Tavares Ridge Cir
439Tavares St
440Tealwood Cir
441Terrace St
442Texas Ct
443Thunderbird Ln
444Timber Oaks Ln
445Todd Way
446Tracy Ln
447Trafford St
448Trail Dr
449Treasure Cay Rd
450Tropical Ct
451Tropical Seas Loop
452Tropical Shores Dr
453Trotting Horse Ln
454Tudor Ln
455Tween Waters Dr
456Umbrella Ct
457Valencia Ave
458Valhalla Dr
459Velma Ct
460Vernon Ave
461Vernon St
462View Dr
463Viking Ave
464Villa Lagoon Dr
465Vindale Rd
466Virginia Ave
467Virnita Dr
468Vista Dr
469W Alfred St
470W Bryan St
471W Burleigh Blvd
472W Caroline St
473W Clifford St
474W Cove Dr
475W Delaware St
476W Esther St
477W Givens St
478W Ianthe St
479W Kentucky St
480W Main St
481W Maud St
482W Nelson St
483W Rosewood Ln
484W Ruby St
485Waltham Forest Dr
486Warm Mist Cir
487Waterman Way
488Waters Gate Dr
489Watts Ct
490Wausaukee Dr
491Wekiva Rd
493Wells Ave
494Westland Dr
495Williams Woods Rd
496Willow Ct
497Willow Dr
498Willow Ln
499Windridge Pl
500Windsor St
501Windy Field Ave
502Windy Field Ln
503Winner Cir Dr
504Winsled Blvd
505Wisteria Pl
506Wood Ave
507Woodlea Rd
508Woodview Dr