List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Buhl, Idaho

#Street Name
11000 East Rd
21100 East Rd
312th Ave N
412th Ave S
513th Ave N
613th Ave S
714th Ave N
81500 East Rd
93200 North Rd
103400 North Rd
113925 North Rd
12400 East Rd
134100 North Rd
144300 North Rd
154300 North Rd
164336 N Rd
174338 N Rd
184348 North Rd
194374 North Rd
204376 North Rd
214500 North Rd
224550 N
234600 North Rd
244700 North Rd
254800 North Rd
264840 N
274868 N
28Aiken Ave
29Applegate Ave
30Banbury Rd
31Barsness Ave
32Big Dipper Dr
33Birch St
34Broadway Ave N
35Broadway Ave S
36Brook Dr
37Brown Dr
38Burke St
39Burley Ave
40 Burley Ave W
41Canyon View Ln
42Carter Pack Rd
43Castleford Glenns Ferry Rd
44Castleford Rd S
45Cemetery Rd
46Chessmore Dr
47Church Ave
48Clear Creek Dr
49Clear Creek Dr E
50Clear Creek Rd
51Clear Lakes Ln
52Clear Lakes Ln
53Clear Lakes Rd
54Clover Rd
55Craven Ave
56Deep Creek Rd
57E 3200 N Rd
58E 3500 N Rd
59E 3660 N
60E 3662 N
61E 4050 N
62E 4175 N
63E 4210 N
64E 4225 N
65E 4230 N
66E 4242 N
67E 4250 N
68E 4300 North Rd
69E 4325 N
70E 4340 N
71E 4400 N
72E 4425 N
73E 4450 N
74E 4475 N
75E 4500 N
76E 4500 North Rd
77E 4600 N
78E 4800 N
79E 4900 N
80 E 5900 N
81Elm Ave E
82Fair St
83Fruitland Ave
84Glenns Ferry Castleford Rd
85Harvest Moon
86Hatfield Ln
87Hidden Canyon Ln
88Hidden Lake Ln
89Holly St
90Huckleberry Ln
91Injun Joe Rd
92Kanaka Ct
93Kanaka Rapids
94Kanaka Rapids Rd
95Katherine St
96Laurel St
97Lemhi Loop
98Lewis And Clark Rd
99Lewis Clark Rd
100Lily Grade Rd
101Magic Waters Rd
102Manor Dr
103Maple St
104Mark Twain Dr
105Meadow Brook
106Meadow Cir
107Meadow Ln
108Mellon Valley Rd
109Melon Valley Rd
110Mesa View Rd
111Milky Way Dr
112Miller Ave
113Milner St
114Miracle Hot Spring Rd
115Mistilyn St
116Moon Glo Ave
117Moonglo Rd
118Mud Creek Rd
119N 100 East Rd
120N 1000 E
121N 1050 E
122N 1100 E
123N 1115 E
124N 1150 E
125N 1200 E
126N 1200 East Rd
127N 1250 E
128N 1280 E
129N 1300 E
130N 1325 E
131N 1350 E
132N 1355 E
133N 1360 E
134N 1380 E
135N 1400 E
136N 1402 E
137N 1410 E
138N 1412 E
139N 1425 E
140N 1450 E
141N 1500 E
142N 1522 E
143N 1550 E
144N 1566 E
145N 1572 E
146N 1600 E
147N 1600 East Rd
148N 1700 E
149N 1800 E
150N 500 East Rd
151N 600 E
152N 600 E Rd
153N 700 East Rd
154N 750 E
155N 900 E
156N 900 E Rd
157Old Farm Rd
158Orchard Cir
159Parnell Dr
160Partin Ln
161Paysee St
162Peck Ave
163Pheasant Ln
164Poplar St
165Quail Hollow Rd
166Rainbow Cir
167River Rd
168River Rd E
169River View Ln
170Riverside Dr
171Robertson St
172Salmon Creek Dr
173Salmon Falls Creek Rd
174Sawtooth Ave
175Sawyer Dr
176Silver Creek Rd
177Silver Lakes Ct
178Silver Lakes Rd
179Smalley Cir
180Snake River Mesa Rd
181Sprague Ave
182Spring Dr
183Spring Valley Rd
184Star Light Ave
185Sunset Cir
186Thatcher Pl
187Warren St
188Wilson Ln