List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Wallace, Idaho

#Street Name
19 Mile Creek Rd
2Alder Gulch Rd
3Balsam St
4Bank St
5Beaver Creek Rd
6Benthams Rd
7Blackcloud Rd
8Blackcloud St
9Bobtail Rd
11Buena-vista Heights
12Burke Rd
13Burke-canyon Creek Rd
14Cabin Creek Rd - Coeur D'alene National Forest
15Canyon Ave
16Carbon Center Rd
17Caron Ct
19Cedar St
20Clee Creek Rd
21Coeur D Alene Nf Road 151
22Coeur D Alene Nf Road 270
23Coeur D Alene Nf Road 442 - Coeur D'alene National Forest
24Crescent Dr
25Crescent Way
26Cypress Ave
27Dairy Rd
28Delta Murray Rd
29Devils Elbow Rd - Coeur D'alene National Forest
30E Eagle Rd
31Front St
32Gem Hill Rd
33Gold Run St
34Gorge Gulch Rd
36Grays Bridge Rd
37Gruber Ln
38Haystack Rd - Coeur D'alene National Forest
39Haystack Saddle - Coeur D'alene National Forest
40 High Bank St
41High St
42Hord's Ranch Rd
43Hotel St
44Hwy 4
45Kellway St
46King St
47Kings Pass Rd
48Kottkey Way
49Lake Gulch Rd
50Little Guard Peak Rd
51Lost Creek Rd - Coeur D'alene National Forest
52Main Ave
53Maple St
54Meadow St
55Mine St
56Murray Rd
57N F Eagle Creek Rd
58N F S 800 - Coeur D'alene National Forest
59N Frontage Rd
60National Forest Develop Rd
61Old Rd
62Old Us Highway 10
63Olive St
65Pearl St
66Placer Creek Rd
67Pole Line Ave
68Prichard Creek
69Prichard Creek Rd
70Prichard St
71Queen St
72Rabbit Creek Rd
73Residence St
74Ron-d-voo St
75Shady Ln
76Shifters Hill
77Shoshone Creek Rd
78Sonora Peak Rd
79Tamarack St
80 Thompson Pass Rd
81Tomsche Ave
82Upper Tourist Rd - Coeur D'alene National Forest
83Venus Creek Rd - Coeur D'alene National Forest
84W Eagle Rd
85W Fork Of 9 Mile Rd
86W Pearl St
87Walt Almquist Ave
88Washington Basin Rd
89Wehr Gulch Rd
90Westside Ave
91Willow Acres
92Woodland Dr
93Yardley Rd
94Yellow Dog Rd