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List of Street Names with maps in Lyons, Illinois

#Street Name
11st Avenue
238th Place
341st Court
441st Place
541st Street
642nd Court
743rd Place
844th Court
944th Place
1044th Street
1145th Court
1245th Place
1345th Street
1447th Street
1547th Street
1658th Street
1761st Place
1861st Street
1962nd Place
2063rd Place
2164th Place
2267th Street
2371st Street
2473rd Place
2573rd Street
2674th Street
2775th Street
2883rd Street
2987th Street
30Abbott Court
31Anna Avenue
32Archer Road
33Blackstone Avenue
34Buck Trail
35Buege Lane
36Canal Bank Road
37Carr Court
38Christie Avenue
39Clock Tower Drive
40 Collins Avenue
41Columbia Drive
42Court Drive
43Cracow Avenue
44East Plainfield Road
45Eberly Avenue
46Edgebrook Lane East
47Edgebrook Lane West
48Elm Avenue
50Fir Lane
51Fishermans Terrace
52Forest Hill Road
53Forest Preserve Road
54Gage Avenue
55German Church Road
56Gilbert Road
57Glenbrook Court
58Glenbrook Lane
59Haas Avenue
60Heritage Court
61Hess Avenue
62Joe Court
63Johnston Road
64Joliet Avenue
65Joliet Road
66Kean Avenue
67Keokuk Road
68Konrad Avenue
69Laurel Avenue
70Leitch Avenue
71Leland Avenue
72Locust Lane
73Mcclintock Drive
74Oak Knoll Drive
75Ogden Avenue
76Parkside Lane
77Peck Avenue
78Pine Lane
79Plainfield Road
80 Portage Trail
81Prescott Avenue
82Ridgeland Lane
83Riverside Avenue
84Route 171
85Salisbury Avenue
86Sanders Lane
87Selma Avenue
88Shady Drive
89Shady Lane
90Shakespeare Avenue
91Shawmut Avenue
92South 73rd Avenue
93South 74th Court
94South 75th Avenue
95South Catherine Avenue
96South Center Avenue
97South Franklin Avenue
98South Hunt Avenue
99South Kensington Avenue
100South Madison Avenue
101State Highway 171
102Sterling East
103Sterling Street West
104Sunset Avenue
105Tartan Ridge Road
106Testa Drive
107Timberview Lane
108Vale Court
109Vial Parkway
110Victory Lane
111Waubansee Drive
112West 55th Place
113West 55th Street
114West 56th Place
115West 64th Street
116West 65th Street
117West 66th Street
118West 72nd Street
119West Hanover Street
120West Lawndale Avenue
121West Plainfield Road
122White Avenue