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List of Street Names with maps in York, Illinois

#Street Name
213th Street
314th Street
4150 Rd
5150 Rd
616th Street
71830 St
81840 St
918th Street
101900th St
111950th St
122 Mile Rd
132000th St
142350 E
15250 Rd
163 Mile Rd
1731st Street
18350th Rd
1935th Street
2036th Street
2138th Street
224 Mile Rd
23520th Rd
24550th Rd
25600 N
26Astor Avenue
27Ave Chateaux
28Avenue Latour
29Brown Ave
30Cadwell Avenue
31Canterbury Lane
32Cass Avenue
33Cedar Ct
34Cedar Ln
35Colony Ct
36County Highway 11
37County Highway 17
38County Highway 4
39County Road 1830 E
40 County Road 2000 E
41County Road 2040 E
42County Road 2050 E
43County Road 2180 E
44County Road 2250 E
45County Road 2260 E
46County Road 2300 E
47County Road 250 N
48County Road 300 N
49County Road 350 N
50County Road 520 N
51County Road 550 N
52County Road 610 N
53County Road 650 N
54County Road 750 N
55Depot St
56Donham St
57E 150th Rd
58E 250th Rd
59E 350th Rd
60E 450th Rd
61E 550th Rd
62E 610th Rd
63E 650th Rd
64E Broadway St
65E Donham St
66E Liberty St
67E Mechanic St
68E Pinkston
69E Pinkston St
70E Union St
71East 14th Street
72East 15th Street
73East 18th Street
74East 22nd Street
75East Division Street
76East Kenilworth Avenue
77East Madison Street
78East Saint Charles Road
79Ewing Ln
80 French Rd
81Ginger Brook Drive
82Ginger Brook Drive East
83Ginney Lane East
84Ginney Lane West
85Ginny Lane
86Gloucester Way North
87Gloucester Way West
88Glovcester Way
89Golding Rd
90Governors Trail
91Grandview Pl
92Grimm Rd
93Harrison St
94Harvard Street
95Heron Rd
96High St
97Hull St
98Irish Hollow Rd
99Jamestown Trail
100King Rd
101Locust Ln
102Luther Avenue
103Manufacturing Dr
104Mcginnis Rd
105Meyers Road
106Michigan Avenue
107Mill Dr
108Miner Rd
109Murphy St
110N 1830th St
111N 1840th St
112N 2050th St
113N 2260th St
114N Cherry
115N Market St
116N Water St
117N York Rd
119North Ave
120North Tower Road
121Old Tavern Road East
122Old Tavern Road West
123Old York Road
124Oxford Court
125Palace Green Lane
126Patrick Henry Square
127Patrick Henry Square North
128Paul Revere Lane
129Pearl St
130Pheasant Dr
131Pine Dr
132Prairie St
133Prince George Lane
134Reed Cir
135Riverside Dr
136Riverside Drive
137Riverview Cir Dr
138Riverview Store Rd
139Roosevelt Road
140S Cherry
141S Main St
142S Market St
143S Walnut St
144Sandburr Ct
145South Addison Avenue
146South Ave
147South Cass Court
148South Fairfield Avenue
149South Luther Avenue
150South Meyers Road
151South Monterey Avenue
152South Myrtle Avenue
153South Poplar Avenue
154South Riverside Drive
155South Summit Avenue
156Southlane Drive
157Spring Road
158Squire Cir
159St Jude Ave
160Stagg Rd
161Stanfield St
162Sunococ Dr
163Sunshine Drive
164Tammy Ln
165Theresa Court
166Theresa Lane
167Trans Am Plaza Drive
168Turtle Rd
169W Broadway St
170W Liberty St
171W Mechanic St
172W Union St
173W Washington St
174Washington St
175Webb Rd
176Weir St
177West 22nd Street
178West Adams Street
179West Highridge Road
180West Jackson Street
181West Madison Street
182Westwood Avenue
183Whispering Pine Cir
184Wilken St
185Williamsburg Court
186Winthrop Lane
187Wyman St
188York Center Rd