List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Huntington, Indiana

#Street Name
1041 W
2043 W
3045 W
4080 W
51000 W
61200 N
71st St
8280 N
92nd St
103rd St
11594 S
12805 N
13950 W
14Abbey Ct
15Acorn Ave
16Agnes St
17Allen St
18Alston Ct
19Appleby Ct
20Arbor Ln
22Arrowhead Trail
23Arthur St
24Ash St
25Aspen Ave
26Aspen Ct
27Atlantic St
28Avon Pl
29Bartlett St
30Beard St
31Bechtol St
32Bedford Ct
33Bel Air Dr
34Bellingham Dr
35Binder St
36Bowen Park Ave
37Brampton Dr
38Brawley St
39Briant St
40 Brittania Dr
41Buchannan St
42Butler St
43Butterstone Ct
44Byron St
45Camden Ct
46Campus - Huntington University
47Campus St
48Canal St
49Canfield St
50Canterbury Ct
51Carlisle Dr
52Cecil St
53Cedar Ave
54Center St
55Charles St
56Charleston St
57Cherry St
59Chestnut Ave
60Chief Turtle Ct
61Church St
62Circle Dr
63Clark St
64Cline St
65College Ave
66Collins St
67Columbia St
68Commerce Dr
69Commercial Dr
70Commercial Rd
71Condit St
72Corlew St
73Cory St
74Cottage Ave
76Cottonwood Alley
77County Road 100 W
78County Road 300 W
79County Road 306 W
80 County Road 350 E
81County Road 350 S
82County Road 400 N
83County Road 443 N
84County Road 487 W
85County Road 494 W
86County Road 500 W
87County Road 600 North
88County Road 667 N
89County Road 800 E
90Court St
91Couth St
92Crescent Ave
93Crossfell Way
94Crown Hill Dr
95Cumberland Way
96Cycle Ave
97Dayton Ct
98Dean St
99Dearborn St
100Diamond St
101Dieringer Dr
102Dimond St
103Division St
104Driftwood Alley
105Drover St
106Duncan Dr
107E 025 N
108E 100 N
109E 100 S
110E 200 N
111E 200 S
112E 300 N
113E 300 S
114E 400 N
115E 400 S
116E 500 N
117E 500 S
118E 600 N
119E 600 S
120E 630 N
121E 675 N
122E 700 N
123E 716 N
124E 722 N
125E 750 N
126E 800 N
127E 850 N
128E 900 N
129E Division Rd
130E Franklin St
131E High St
132E Hosler Rd
133E Joe St
134E John St
135E Kitt St
136E Lamont Rd
137E Mahon Rd
138E Market St
139E Markle Rd
140E Park Dr
141E Riverside Rd
142E State St
143E Stone Ledge Blvd
144E Sunnydale Dr
145E Taylor St
146E Tipton St
147E Tipton St Exd
148E Washington St
149Edgerton St
150Edgewild Hill
151Edith Blvd
152Edna Alley
153Edna St
154Edwin St
155Eiffel Ln
156Elias Murray Dr
157Elm St
158Emerald Ln
159Engle St
160Erie St
161Erie Stone Rd
162Esther St
163Etna Ave
164Evergreen Ave
165Evergreen Rd
166Felt St
167Ferguson St
168Flaxmill Rd
169Forester Ln
170Forks Of The Wabash Way
171Frederick St
172Freedom St
173Frontage Rd
174Fruit St
175Gardendale Ave
176Garfield St
177Gay St
178George St
179German St
180Ginger Rd
181Glenwood Alley
182Gragg St
183Granite Way
184Grant St
185Grayston Ave
186Green Acre Dr
187Green Hill Ct
188Green Meadow Ln
189Green St
190Griffin Ct
191Grimm Rd
192Guilford St
193Hampton Ct
194Hannah St
195Harley St
196Harrington Dr
197Harris St
198Harrison St
199Hartman St
200Hasty St
201Hauenstein Rd
202Hawk Spring Ct
203Hawk Spring Hill
204Hawthorne Ln
205Hedde St
206Henry St
207Herman St
208Hickory Ave
209Himes St
210Hitzfield St
211Home St
212Hotel Ave
213Hunter's Ridge Dr
214Indiana St
215Iowa St
216Iva St
217Jackson St
218Jade Rd
219Jessup St
220Kennis Ct
221Keswick Dr
222Kings Cross
223Kintz St
224Kocher St
225Lake 1 Dr N
226Lake St
227Leba Ln
228Lee St
229Lehmeyer St
230Leopold St
231Lime Kiln Rd
232Lincoln Ave
233Lindley St
234Little River Ct
235Little Turtle Trail
236London St
237Lynnwood Dr
238Madison St
239Main St
240Main St
241Major St
242Manito Trail
243Maple Dr
244Margaret St
245Marion St
246Market St
247Martha St
248Mason Rd
249May St
250Mayne St
251Mcfarland St
252Mcfarland St
253Meadow Ct
254Meadow Pass
255Memorial Ln
256Merillat Dr - Huntington University
257Miami St
258Miami Trail
259Millside Rd
260Mishler Pike
261Monastery Pl
262Monroe St
263Monument City Rd
264Mulberry St
265N 032 E
266N 035 W
267N 043 W
268N 080 W
269N 100 E
270N 100 W
271N 1000 W
272N 125 E
273N 150 W
274N 200 E
275N 200 W
276N 250 E
277N 300 E
278N 300 W
279N 306 W
280N 312 W
281N 313 W
282N 316 W
283N 319 W
284N 320 W
285N 324 W
286N 329 E
287N 350 E
288N 352 W
289N 362 W
290N 368 W
291N 370 W
292N 376 W
293N 380 W
294N 400 E
295N 408 W
296N 410 W
297N 420 W
298N 450 W
299N 453 W
300N 457 W
301N 464 W
302N 481 W
303N 491 W
304N 496 W
305N 50 E
306N 500 E
307N 500 W
308N 530 W
309N 580 W
310N 600 W
311N 615 W
312N 622 W
313N 635 W
314N 641 W
315N 700 W
316N 750 W
317N 800 E
318N 825 W
319N 886 W
320N 894 W
321N 900 W
322N 910 W
323N 911 W
324N 984 W
325N Briant St
326N Broadway St
327N Clear Creek Rd
328N Etna Rd
329N Goshen Rd
330N Jefferson St
331N Lafontaine St
332N Little River Ct
333N Marion Rd
334N Mary Ln
335N Mayne Rd
336N Meridian Rd
337N Mishler Rd
338N Old Fort Wayne Rd
339N Rangeline Rd
340N Shutt Hill Rd
341N State Road 9
342N Warren Rd
343Nicole Ln
344Noll Plaza
345North Ave
346North St
347Northcrest Ave
348Northpark Ave
349Northpoint Ave
350Northway Dr
352Oak St
353Oakwood Dr
354Ogan Ave
355Old Us Highway 24
356Olinger St
357Opal St
358Orchard Hl
359Orchard Ln
360Orchard Ridge
361Park Blvd
362Park Dr
363Park St
364Parkhill Dr
365Parkmoor Dr
366Paul Dr
367Pershing Rd
368Phillip St
369Pierre Roy Dr
370Pius Dr
371Polk St
372Poplar St
373Quayle Run
374Railroad St
375Randolph St
376Ray St
377Richmond St
378Riverfork Dr
379Riverforks Dr
381Riverside Dr
382Riverside Dr Exn
383Roche St
384Rocky Run
385Roscoe St
386Rose Wood Alley
387Rosewood Alley
388Rte 5
389Ruth St
390S 006 W
391S 010 W
392S 100 E
393S 100 W
394S 200 E
395S 200 W
396S 300 E
397S 300 W
398S 337 W
399S 400 E
400S 400 W
401S 425 W
402S 500 W
403S 588 W
404S 594 W
405S 600 E
406S 600 W
407S 700 W
408S Bel Air Dr
409S Briant St
410S Broadway St
411S Clark Rd
412S Etna Rd
413S Jefferson St
414S Lafontaine St
415S Marion Rd
416S Meridian Rd
417S Warren Rd
418Sabine St
419Salamonie Ave
420Schultz Dr
421Shamrock Ct
422Sherman St
423South St
424St Emily Dr
425St Felix Ct
426St Felix Dr
427Stadium Dr
428State Road 113
429State Road 9
430Stephen St
431Stone Ledge Blvd
432Stone Ridge Dr
433Stonyhurst Bend Dr
434Strodel St
435Studebaker Dr
436Stults Rd
437Superior St
438Swan St
439Sycamore Alley
440Tanglewood Alley
441Terrace Dr
442Theater Ave
443Thomas Rd
444Thornhill Dr
445Timothy Dr
446Topaz Dr
447Tracy St
448Trappers Cove
449Turquoise Dr
450U.s. 224
451U.s. 24
452Valleyview Dr
453Viking Ln
454Vine St
455W 046 N
456W 100 N
457W 100 S
458W 1000 N
459W 1100 N
460W 200 N
461W 200 S
462W 247 N
463W 250 S
464W 280 N
465W 300 N
466W 300 S
467W 325 N
468W 350 S
469W 400 N
470W 400 S
471W 405 S
472W 412 S
473W 442 N
474W 444 N
475W 445 N
476W 450 N
477W 450 S
478W 459 N
479W 46
480W 465 N
481W 494 N
482W 495 N
483W 500 N
484W 515 N
485W 528 N
486W 531 N
487W 539 N
488W 543 S
489W 546 S
490W 550 S
491W 554 N
492W 558 N
493W 582 S
494W 587 S
495W 600 N
496W 600 S
497W 608 N
498W 612 N
499W 630 N
500W 667 N
501W 700 N
502W 710 N
503W 724 N
504W 750 N
505W 783 N
506W 794 N
507W 800 N
508W 812 N
509W 821 N
510W 853 N
511W 900 N
512W 915 N
513W 922 N
514W 950 N
515W Bracken Rd
516W Division Rd
517W Franklin St
518W High St
519W Joe St
520W John St
521W Kitt St
522W Lamont Rd
523W Maple Grove Rd
524W Market St
525W Markle Rd
526W Monument City Rd
527W Park Dr
528W River Rd
529W State St
530W Sunnydale Dr
531W Taylor St
532W Tipton St
533Wabash Cir
534Wabash Rd
535Wal Mart Dr
536Walnut St
537Walton St
538Warren St
539Washington St
540Water St
541Waterworks Rd
542Watson St
543Webster St
544Wesley St
545Westmoreland Dr
546White Eagle Dr
547Whitedove Ct
548Whitelock St
549Whitestine St
550Wildwood Dr
551Wilkerson St
552William St
553Willow Bend
554Willowbend Dr
555Wilt St
556Woodlawn Ave
557Worthington Way
558Wright St
559Yancy Ave
560Yeoman Way
561York Ct
562Zahn St