List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Portage, Indiana

#Street Name
126th Pl
237th Ave
35th St
47th St
58th St
69th St
7Abercorn Ave
8Adams St
9Adler Cir
10Airport Rd
11Alexa St
12Alexis St
13Allison St
15Amanda Dr
16Amarillo St
17American Way
18Ameriplex Dr
19Anderson St
20Angel Ln
21Angelina St
22Anthony Ln
23Apple St
24Appledown Ave
25Arbor Blvd
26Arbor Ct
27Ardell St
28Ardmore Ave
29Ardmore St
30Ardmore Trail
31Arlene St
32Armstrong St
33Arrow St
35Ashland St
36Aspen Ave
37Atlanta Blvd
38Atlanta Ct
39Augusta Blvd
40 Austin St
41Ava Ave
42Bailey St
43Baldwin St
44Bass Dr
45Baston Ave
46Batson Ave
47Bay Rd
48Bear Paw Dr
49Beechwood Ave
50Beige Ave
51Bell Ave
52Belmont St
53Belplane Ct
54Bender St
56Berry St
57Beverly St
58Birch Ave
59Blackstone Cir
60Blake Rd
61Blossom Ave
62Bluebell St
63Bluebird Ct
64Bluebird St
65Booker Ave
66Boulder Ave
67Brandt St
68Bravo Ct
69Bremen Ave
70Brentwood Ave
71Brie Ave
72Britney Ave
73Britney St
74Bronze Ave
75Brookline Dr
76Brookview Ave
77Broughton Ave
78Bruce Ave
79Bryant St
80 Buckeye Ave
82Burnham Ave
83Burns Dr
84Burns Waterway
85Bush Ave
86Buttercup Ave
87Button Bush Ave
88Camelot Estates
89Camelot Manor
90Canary Ave
91Canden Ave
92Canterbury Ave
93Canyon Ave
94Capitol St
95Cardinal Ave
96Carla Ave
97Carlson Ave
98Carmel St
99Carmen St
100Carnation Ave
101Carnation Ct
102Carol St
103Castle Dr
104Cedar Creek Cir
105Cedar Grove Cemetery
106Center Ct
107Central Ave
108Chamberlain St
109Chapman Ave
110Charlotte St
111Cheryl St
112Cheshire Ave
113Christy St
114Cindy's Curve
115Cinnamon Teal Ct
116Clam Dr
117Clearwater St
118Clem Rd
119Clover Ct
120Clover St
121Clydia St
122Coca Cola Ave
123Cod Dr
124Compass Dr
125Concord Ave
126Contact St
127Cooley St
128Coppes Ct
129Coral Ave
130Cordele St
131Coronado Ave
132Costello Dr
133County Road 400 W
134Coventry Ct
135Coventry Ln
136Creek 675 W
137Creekview Ct E
138Creekview Ct W
139Crisman Rd
140Crocus St
141Croft Walk Ave
142Cross Meadows Dr
143Crumstown Rd
144Daisy St
145Dale Ave
146Damon St
147Daniel Burnham Dr
148Danlee Dr
149Danube Ave
150Dearborn Rd
151Debbie Ln
152Debra St
153Deerview Dr
154Defiance Ave
155Delta Dr
156Denise Dr
157Denise St
158Destiny St
159Devon St
160Devonshire St
161Diana Rd
162Dixie Dr
163Dolphin Ct
164Dolphin Dr
165Dombey Ln
166Dombey Rd
167Donna Ave
168Doretta St
169Dorn St
170Dorr Rd
171Douglas St
172Dove Dale Ave
174Dover Ave
175Drexel Ave
176Driftwood St
177Dune Forest St
178Dutch Mill St
179E Angela Blvd
180E Bend Dr
181E Boundary Rd
182Eagle Ave
183Eastlea Dr
184Eastwood St
185Echo Trail
186Edgewood St
187Edith St
188Elaine Ave
189Eleanor St
190Elizabeth Ave
191Elmwood St
192Emerson St
193Engle St
194Eugene Ave
195Evelyn St
196Evergreen Ave
197Exeter Ave
198Fairmont Ave
199Fairview Ave
200Fallen Timbers Ave
201Federal Ave
202Federal Ct
203Fern St
204Fiesta Ave
205Fiesta Ct
206Fifield Ct
207Fitz Ave
208Flower Ave
209Ford Ave
210Ford St
211Forrest St
212Fox Tail Ave
213Foxmoor Ave
214Franciscan Dr
215Freedom St
216Friendship St
217Futura Dr
218Gale Rd
219Gardenia Ave
220Gary Ave
221Gaston Ave
222Gateman St
223Gaylord Ave
224Gaywood Ave
225George Nelson Dr
226Gina St
227Glenrose St
228Glenwix St
229Glenwood St
230Goldfinch St
231Grandview Ave
232Grassland Ave
234Greenfield Ln
235Greentree St
236Greta Ct
237Hamilton St
238Hampshire Ave
239Hamstrom Rd
240Harbor Ave
241Harmony Ave
242Harmony Cir
243Harmony Terrace
244Harmony Trail
245Harrison Ave
246Hastings St
247Hawthorne Ave
249Helix St
250Hibiscus St
251Hickory St
252Hidden Waters Dr
253Hollow Log St
254Holmes Ave
255Holmes St
256Holy Cross Cir
257Honeysuckle Ave
258Honeysuckle Trail
259Houston Ave
260Hungarian Sacred Heart Cemetery
261Huron Ave
262Independence Ave
263Indigo St
264Ingram Ave
265Iris St
266Irving St
267Ivory Ct
269Ivy Ave
270Jackson St
271Jacobs Pl
272Jacqueline St
273James Ave
274Jasmine Ave
275Jason Ct
277Joann St
278Jodi Ln
279Joe Perez Dr
281Joseph Ave
282Joseph Ln
284Juniper St
285Kandi Ave
286Kara Ct
287Karen St
288Keller Ave
289Kelly Ave
290Kenbridge Ct
291Kennedy St
293Kensington Ave
295Kimberly Ave
296Kimberly Ct
297Kimberly St
298Kimdee Ave
299Kingman Ave
300Kings Ct
301Kristina Ave
303Laguardia St
304Lake St
305Lakeshore Dr
306Lakeview Ave
307Lakeview St
308Lakewood Ave
309Lakewood Ct
310Lamar Ave
311Lancer St
312Landmark St
313Lapine St
314Lark Ave
315Larosa St
316Laurel Ave
317Lawrence St
318Leeper Dr
319Lenburg Rd
320Lexington Ave
321Liberty Ave
322Liberty St
323Lighthouse Ct
324Lighthouse Rd
325Lily Ave
326Linton Way St
327Lisa St
328Lodgepole Dr
329Lois St
330Long Common Rd
331Lundy Ave
332Lute Rd
333Lyndell Ave
334Macon St
335Magnolia St
336Mallory Street'
337Manor Ave
338Mansfield St
339Marbella Ave
340Marbella Ct
341Marietta Ave
342Marina Way
343Marine Dr
344Marine St
345Marineview St
346May St
347Mccasland Ave
348Mccasland Ct
349Mccool Rd
351Meadow Ave
352Meadowlark St
353Medora Ave
354Melrose Ave
355Mercedes Ave
356Merganser Ln
357Michaux St
358Midwest Hwy
359Mill Run Ave
360Mingo Ct
361Mission St
362Misty Breeze
364Mockingbird Ave
365Monda Ave
366Monnier Ct
367Monnier St
368Monument Ave
369Moreau Dr
370Morehouse Ct
371Morningside St
372Moss St
373Mulberry Ave
374N 360 W
375N 477 W
376N 500 W
377N 700 W
378N 712 W
379N Loop Dr
380N Notre Dame Ave
381Nancy Ave
382Nantucket Rd
383Nash Ave
384Nautical Dr
385Nealon Dr
386Newcastle Rd
387Newport Ave
388Newport Rd
389Newport St
390Niagara Rd
391Niagara St
392Nome Rd
393Norfolk Rd
394Norman St
395North Ave
396North Blvd
397Northcreek Ave
398Nottingham Ave
399Nottingham Cir
400O'hare St
401Oak Pl
402Oakhill St
403Oakridge St
404Oakwood St
405Odell St
406Oglethorpe Ave
407Oglethorpe Ct
408Old Faceful St
409Old Forge Rd
410Oliver Ave
411Oliver St
412Olmsted Dr
413Olney Rd
414Olympia Rd
415Ontario St
416Orange St
417Orchard Ave
418Osage Ave
419Osage Rd
420Oswego Rd
421Oxbow Rd
422Oxford Rd
423Pacer St
424Packard Ct
425Packard St
426Palladin Cir
427Palm St
428Pam Am
429Pan Am
430Park Ave
431Parker St
432Parkovash Ave
433Parkside Dr
434Parkview St
435Patchwork Ct
436Patricia St
437Paula St
438Peach St
439Peachtree Cir
440Pearl Dr
441Pembroke Rd
443Pennsylvania St
444Pershing St
445Peterson St
446Pico Ct
447Piedmont Rd
448Piedmont St
449Pinewood Dr
450Piney Bend
451Pintail Ln
452Plaza Ave
453Pleasant Dr
454Pleasant Meadows St
455Plymouth Rd
456Poinsettia St
457Polk Ave
458Ponderosa Ct
459Portage Mall
460Portland Ct
461Portland Rd
463Portside Ct
464Potomac Ave
465Pow Mia Way
466Prairie Run
467Prescott Rd
468Primrose St
469Prophet Ave
470Pryor Rd
471Rabbit Rd
472Rachel Ave
474Ramblewood St
475Randolph St
477Rebekah Ave
478Redwood Ave
479Reserve Dr
480Richard St
481Rio Grande Ave
482Robbins Ave
485Roosevelt Ave
486Rose Ave
487Rose Ellen Ave
488Roswell Dr
489Royal Ave
490Rushingwater Dr
491Russell Ct
492Russell St
493Ruth Ave
494S Boundary Rd
495Saffron St
496Salmon Dr
497Samuelson Rd
498Sand Ave
499Sand Dollar Ct
500Sand St
501Sandalwood St
502Sandwood St
503Sarah St
504Satin Ave
505Saturn St
506Savannah Ave
507Schiller St
508Scot Ct
509Scott St
510Scottsdale St
511Sea Horse St
512Seaford Ave
513Serenity Terrace
514Sexton St
515Shawnee St
516Shell Dr
517Shepherd Ave
518Sherwin Ave
519Sherwood Ave
520Ship Dr
521Short St
522Shrine Ct
523Sidney Ave
524Sienna Ave
525Sienna Ct
526Silver Cloud Dr
527Sloan Ave
528Somerset St
529South Ave
530Southport Rd
531Spinnaker Way
532Spring St
533Springfield Ave
534Springmill St
535Spruce St
537Squirrel Creek Ave
538St Julian St
539St Mary S College
540St Mary's Rd
541Stagecoach Rd
543Starboard Way
544Starlite Ct
545Steel Dr
546Stephanie Ct
547Sterling Creek Rd
548Steven St
549Stillwater Ave
550Stone Ave
551Stormy St
552Strasser Ln
554Strawberry St
555Sun Dr
556Sundance Trail
557Sundance Trail S
558Sundown Rd
559Sunlite Ct
560Sunny Dr
562Sunrise Ave
563Sunrise Ct
564Superior Ave
565Superior Ct
566Superior St
568Swan Ave
569Swanson Cir
570Swanson Ln
571Swanson Rd
572Sylvania St
573Talia St
574Taylor St
575Teck Dr
576Tecumseh St
577Teresa St
578Terry Ave
579The Ave
580Tilford Ave
581Timber St
582Timberwood Ave
583Timi Ln
584Timothy Ave
585Tonia St
586Trail Run St
587Trailcreek Ave
588Trailside Ave
589True St
590Tulip Ave
591Tumbleweed Dr
593Valley Dr
594Valley View Ct
595Valleyview Ave
596Vanessa Ave
597Velvet Ave
598Venus Ave
599Venus Ct
600Venus St
601Veterans Ave
602Viceroy St
603Victory Ave
604Vienna Ave
605Viking Ave
606Vincennes Ave
607Virginia St
608Vivian St
609W 37th Ave
610W Beach Rd
611W Bend Dr
612W Boundary Rd
613W Loop Dr
614W Olive Rd
615Wade Pl
616Waldorf Pl
617Walsh St
618Waterside Dr
619Waterway Dr
620Welcomeway Dr
621Wessex St
622Westlea Dr
623Wexford St
624Wexham St
625Whippoorwill St
626Whispering Ln
627Whispering Pl
628White Pine Dr
629White River Ridge
630Whittier St
631Wild Rose Trail
632Wilderness Ave
633Wildflower Ave
634Wildwood St
635Willis St
636Willow Ave
637Willowcreek Rd
638Willowdale Ct
639Willowdale Ln
640Willowdale Rd
641Wilshire Dr
642Wilson Manor
643Winchester Pl
644Wind Jammer Way
646Wingstem Dr
647Winston Pl
648Winterberry Rd
649Wishing Well Dr
651Wonderland Pl
652Woodbine Ct
653Woodbine St
654Woodbridge Ave
655Woodlawn St
656Woodward St
657Worthington Ave
658Worthington St
659Wrencote Ct
660Wright Rd
661Wyandot Ave
662Wyx St
664Zinnia St
665Zurich Ave