List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Roanoke, Indiana

#Street Name
14th St
25th St
36th St
47th St
58th St
6Aaron Corner
7Allen Ct
8Arranmore Cove
9Artemis Wood
10Azbury Blvd
11Barclay Cove
12Barletta Cove
13Barrymore Run
14Blackwood Cove
15Blue Heron Chase
16Blue Sedge Ct
17Blue Sedge Dr
18Branson Blvd
19Brindle Crossing
20Castle Hill Dr
21Cauder Hill Ct
22Chadings Dr
23Chopine Pass
24Cinereal Ct
25Coe St
26Commercial St
27Constantia Cove
28Coopers Hawk Trce
29Crestwood Dr
30Cygnet Cove
31Dennis Rd
32Dinamee Ln
33Duke Blvd
34E 1150 N
35E 550 N
36E 610 N
37E 628 N
38E 850 N
39E Saddle Creek Dr
40 Fogwell Pkwy
41Fredrick Crossing
42Fyxen Run
43Geiger Dr
44Gladesford Rd
45Glen Dee Ln
46Helms Orange Dr
47Helms Orange Way
48High St
49Hillside Ave
50Iron Bridge Rd
51Karina Crossing
52Kilsoquah Ct
53Kings Row
54La Fortuna Way
55Lauder Hill Ct
56Locust Dr
57Lowry Way
58Mallory Ct
59Miramar Cove
60N 220 E
61N 440 E
62N Creek Side Ct
63N Gundy Rd
64N Roanoke Rd
65N Seminary St
66N Welker Rd
67Nancyk Crossing
68Nathan Pl
69Neahlongquah Rd
70Nightingale Cove
71Nordyk Dr
72Oak Park Dr
73Old Church Rd
74Portage Dr
75Portage Rd
76Posey Hill St
77Prairie Rose Pass
78Princess Ct
79Puller Ave
80 Puttman Pl
81Queens Ct
82Randy Williams Dr
83Rivendell Cove
84Roanoke Rd
85Rockwell Ave
86Royal Ct
87Seminary St
88Smith St
89Snowy Owl Ln
90Stevens Ct
91Timothy Ln
92Trillium Dr
93Twin Leaf Ct
94U.s. 24
95W 1200 N-90
96W County Line Rd N
97W Vine St
98Water Plant Rd
99Western Ave
100White Loon Pass
101Windmore Rd
102Witling Blvd
103Wood Duck Run
104Yalumba Pass
105Zubrick Rd