List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Center Grove, Iowa

#Street Name
1160th Pl
2162nd St
3163rd St
4164th St
5169th St
6173rd St
7175th St
8182nd St
9187th St
10220th Ave
11225th Pl
12231st Ave
13240th St
14242nd Ave
15245th Ave
16257th Ave
17259th Ave
18260th Pl
19272nd Ave
20Babs St
21Basswood Ln
22Carol Ln
23Chalstrom Cir
24Edith Ave
25Frank St
26Kelly's Beach Dr
27Lake Shore Dr
28Lakewood Dr
29Linden Dr
30Markham Ct
31Martin Dr
32Oak Ln
33Paula Ln
34Prairie Ln
35Shoreline Dr
36Short St
37Teresa Ave
38Vickie Rd
39Walleye Dr
40 Walnut Ln
41Woodside Ct