List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Humboldt, Iowa

#Street Name
1100th St
2102nd St
3107th St
410th Ave N
510th Ave Sw
610th St Sw
7110th St
8115th St
911th Ave N
1011th Ave S
1111th St N
1211th St Sw
13120th St
1412th Ave N
1512th St Sw
16130th Ave
1713th Ave N
1813th Ave S
1913th St N
2013th St S
2113th St Sw
22140th St
2314th Ave S
24150th St
25155th St
2615th St
27160th St
2816th Ave N
29170th St
30180th St
3118th St N
32190th St
3319th St N
3419th St Sw
351st Ave N
361st Ave S
371st Ave Sw
381st St N
39200th St
40 20th St N
41210th St
42215th St
4321st St N
44220th St
45225th St
4622nd St N
47230th St
4823rd St N
49240th St
50250th St
51255th St
52260th St
53270th St
54280th St
552nd Ave N
562nd Ave S
572nd Ave Sw
583 River Bike Trail
593rd Ave N
603rd Ave S
613rd Ave Sw
624th Ave N
634th Ave S
644th Ave Sw
655th Ave N
665th Ave S
675th Ave Sw
685th St N
696th Ave N
706th Ave S
716th Ave Sw
727th Ave N
737th Ave S
747th Ave Sw
757th St N
767th St S
778th Ave N
788th Ave Sw
799th Ave N
80 9th Ave S
819th Ave Sw
82Avalon Cir
83County Highway C12
84County Highway C20
85County Highway C23
86County Highway C44
87County Highway C46
88County Highway C48
89County Highway C49
90County Highway P56
91County Highway P57
92County Highway P63
93Deercreek Dr
94Elizabeth Cir
95Elmhurst Ave
96Florida Ave
97Forest Blvd
98Georgia Ave
99Gotch Park Rd
100Hall St
101Hawaii Ave
102Hickory Ln
103Hwy 3
104Iowa Ave
105Itaska Ave
106Jackson Ave
107Jerry Hatcher Rd
108Juniper Ave
109K Rd
110Kansas Ave
111Kentucky Ave
112Knights Blvd
113Lake Nakomis Dr
114Lewis St
115Lincoln Ave
116Lone Tree Rd
117Maplewood Dr
118May St
119Michigan Ave
120Montana Ave
121Monterey Cir
122N 10th St
123N 11th St
124N 12th St
125N 14th St
126N 15th St
127N 2nd St
128N 3rd St
129N 4th St
130N 6th St
131N 8th St
132N 9th St
133Nevada Ave
134Oak Blvd
135Oak Hill Dr
136Ohio Ave
137Park Rd
138Penn Ave
139Quebec Ave
140Queen Ave
141Rainbow Dr
142Ridgewood Dr
143River Oaks
144River View Cir
145Roosevelt Ave
146Rose Ave
147S 2nd St
148S 3rd St
149S 4th St
150S 5th St
151S 6th St
152S 8th St
153S 9th St
154Sassy Ln
155Sheldon Ave
156State Highway 408
157States Ave
158Sullivan Ave
159Sumner Ave
160Sumner Ave Sw
161Taft St N
162Taft St S
163Terrace Dr
164U.s. 169
165Valley Dr
166W Fork Dr
167W River Dr
168Walnut Cir
169Wildcat Rd
170Woodland Cir
171Woodland Dr