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List of Street Names with maps in Independence, Iowa

#Street Name
110th Ave Ne
210th Ave Nw
310th St Ne
410th St Pl Sw
510th St Sw
6112 Ave
7115th Ave
8115th Ave W
9116 Ave
10118th Ave
1111th Ave Ne
1211th Ave Nw
1311th St Ne
14127th Ave
15128th St
1612th Ave Ne
1712th Ave Nw
1812th St Ne
19137th Ave
2013th Ave Ne
2113th Ave Nw
2213th St Ne
2314th Ave Ne
2414th Ave Se
2514th St Ne
2615th Ave Ne
2715th Ave Nw
2816th Ave Ne
2916th Ave Nw
3016th St Ne
3117th Ave Ne
3217th Ave Nw
3317th Ave Sw
3417th St Se
35195th St
3619th Ave Nw
371st Ave Ne
381st St E
391st St W
40 2 Point Ln
41206th St
4220th Ave Sw
43215th St
44218th St
45225th St
46230th St
47234th St
48235th St
49236th St
50238th St
51238th St
52240th St
53245th St
54260th St
55265th St
56265th St
5727th St Se
58280th Ln
592nd Ave Ne
602nd Ave Nw
612nd Ave Se
622nd Ave Sw
632nd St Ne
642nd St Nw
652nd St Se
662nd St Sw
672nd St Sw
683 Elms Park Rd
693rd Ave Ne
703rd Ave Nw
713rd Ave Se
723rd Ave Sw
733rd St Ne
743rd St Nw
753rd St Se
763rd St Sw
774 Point Ln
78400th St
79430 Ave
80 430th St
81431st St
82439th St
83449th St
84455th St
85458th St
864th Ave
874th Ave Ne
884th Ave Nw
894th Ave Se
904th Ave Sw
914th St Ne
924th St Nw
934th St Se
944th St Sw
955 Point Ln
965th Ave Ne
975th Ave Nw
985th Ave Se
995th Ave Sw
1005th St Ne
1015th St Nw
1025th St Se
1035th St Sw
1046th Ave Ne
1056th Ave Nw
1066th Ave Se
1076th Ave Sw
1086th St Ne
1096th St Nw
1106th St Se
1116th St Sw
1127th 1/2 Ave Sw
1137th Ave Ne
1147th Ave Nw
1157th Ave Se
1167th Ave Sw
1177th St Ne
1187th St Nw
1197th St Se
1207th St Sw
1218th Ave Ne
1228th Ave Nw
1238th Ave Se
1248th Ave Sw
1258th St Ne
1268th St Nw
1278th St Se
1288th St Sw
1299th Ave Ne
1309th Ave Nw
1319th Ave Se
1329th Ave Sw
1339th St Ne
1349th St Nw
1359th St Sw
136Allerton Ave
137Bald Eagle Cir
138Bland Blvd
139Blue Bird Cir
140Bob Olink Cir
141Brandon Diagonal Blvd
142Bridgeview Dr
143Bridgeview Pl
144Briggs Woods Trail
145Buckeye Cir
146Bunting Pl
147Cardinal Ct
148Carousel Ln
149Cedar Dr
150Center Ave
151Corrine Ave
152County Highway B19
153County Highway N60
154County Road D16
155County Road J18
156County Road W33
157Daisy Ave
158David Dr
159Deer Run Dr
160Double L Dr
161Enterprise Ct Sw
162Enterprise Dr
163Gabriel Ave
164Golf Course Blvd
165Henley Ave
166Homeway Dr
167Hwy 150
168Hwy S70
169Illinois Ave
170Iowa Ave
171Jamestown Ave
172Juniper Dr
173Lakeshore Dr
174Landing Rd
175Lawrence Ave
176Lovers Ln Blvd
177N 101st Ave W
178N 73rd Ave W
179N 85th Ave W
180N Ridge Ct
181Nathan Bethel Ave
182No Name Rd
183Northshore Rd
184O'brien Ave Nw
185Otterville Blvd
186Pine Creek Ave
187Pine Dr
188Pine Ridge Rd
189Pineridge Rd
190Plymouth Ave
191Rebecca Ct
192Ridge Ct
193Ridgeview Dr
194Rippey Ave
195Southfork Pl
196Spruce Dr
197State Highway 248
198State Highway 939
199Swallow Cir
200Swan Lake Blvd
201Terrace Dr
202Timberlane Rd
203Timberlane Trail
204Timberline Ct
205U.s. Route 20 In Nebraska
206Union Ave Ne
207Valley View Rd
208W 66th St N
209W 68th St N
210W 76th St N
211W 86th St N
212W 92nd St N
213Wapsi Access Blvd
214Wilcox Pl
215Wilson St