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List of Street Names with maps in Downs, Kansas

#Street Name
13rd Ave
2Beale St
3Blunt St
4Brown Ave
5Circle Dr
6Clark St
7College St
8Commercial St
9Crane Ave
10Delaware St
11Delay St
12Division St
13Grant St
14Hadley St
15Hwy 181
16Ingalls St
17Kansas St
18Levy Rd
19Morgan Ave
20Nixon Ave
21Osborne St
22Park Access Rd
23Peterman St
24Prentiss St
25Railroad Ave
26Ray St
27Roslyn St
28Ross St
29S Island Rd
30S Lane Rd
31S Pratt Rd
32Solomon Ave
33Strand Ave
34W 75th St S
35W Custer St
36W Dexter Rd
37W Dexter St
38W Grove St
39W Pattern Rd
40 West St