List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Plainville, Kansas

#Street Name
110th St Sw
214 Rd
316 Rd
417 Rd
518 Rd
619 Rd
719 Terrace
81st St Sw
921 Rd
1022 Rd
1123 Rd
1224 Rd
132nd St Ne
142nd St Se
152nd St Sw
16310th Ave
173rd St
183rd St Ne
193rd St Nw
203rd St Se
213rd St Sw
224th St
234th St Sw
245 Terrace
255th St
265th St Se
275th St Sw
286th St Sw
297th St Se
307th St Sw
318 Rd
328th St Sw
339 Rd
349th St Sw
35Aa Rd
36Bb Rd
37Cc Rd
38Cochran St
39Codell Rd
40 Colorado St
41Cooper Ave N
42E Mill St
43Ee Rd
44Freeman St N
45Hwy 18
46Kansas St S
47Madison St N
48Madison St S
49Meridian St N
50Meridian St S
51N Broadway St
52N County Line Rd
53N Irving St
54N Jefferson St
55N Main St
56N Section Line St
57Nw 2nd St
58Nw 4th St
59Nw 5th St
60Nw 6th St
61Nw 7th St
62Nw 8th St
63Poplar St N
64S Broadway St
65S Cemetery Rd
66S Commercial Ave
67S Jefferson St
68S Main St
69S Meridian St
70S Plainville Ave
71S Section Line St
72S Washington St
73Se 8th St
74T Rd
75U Rd
76V Rd
77W Mill St
78Webster Lake Rd
79Wyoming St
80 Y Rd
81Y Terrace
82Z Rd