List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Carrollton, Kentucky

#Street Name
110th St
211th St
31st St
42nd St
53rd St
64th St
75th St
86th St
97th St
108th St
119th St
12Airport Rd
13Baker Ave
14Barker Rd
15Barker Road X
16Blue Lick Rd
17Boone Rd
18Boylen Dr
19Brad Ave
20Brian St
21Briarwood Cir
22Briarwood Ct
23Briarwood Dr
24Brock Dr
25Brock Dr W
26Burley Estates
27Butler St
28Camp Kysoc Rd
29Carlisle Rd
30Caroline St
31Carraco Rd
32Carroll Dr
33Clay St
34Cline Ct
35Comanche Trail
36Conference Rd
37County Park Dr
38Court St
39Dakota Cir
40 Dakota Way
41Davis Ln
42Deatherage Dr
43Deer Run Rd
44Delaware Cir
45Delaware Way
46Driftors Alley
47Dripping Springs Rd
48Dru's Way
49Easter Day Rd
50Edward St
51English Ave
52Fisher Ave
53Floyd Dr
54Floyd St
55Forest Hill Ct
56Fox Run
57Fox Valley Dr
58Framme St
59General Butler Park Rd
60George Creek Rd
61Gillock Ave
62Gillock Avenue X
63Goose Creek Rd
65Greens Bottom North Road Y
66Greens Bottom Rd
67Greens Bottom South Rd
68Grimes Ln
69Grobmyer Ave
70Harbor Ln
71Harley Dr
72Harrison Ave
73Hartman Landing Ln
75Hawkins St
76Hewitts Hollow Rd
77Highland Ave
78Hilltop Dr
79Horse Park Rd
80 Hunter Ridge Dr
81Hwy 1226
82Hwy 227
83Hwy 36
84Hwy 389
85Hwy 55
86Inn Rd
87Interstate 71
88Interstate 71
89Jay Louden Rd
90Joann St
91Jordan Way
92Joseph St
93Jr Welch Dr
94Kemper Ln
95Kendall Rd
96Kentucky 1112
97Kingsridge Rd
98Landmark Ct
99Lauren Ave
100Lloyd Ln
101Lock No 1 Rd
102Lock Rd
103Martin Ct
104Martin Rd
105Marwill Dr
106Mason St
107Meade St
108Mill Creek Rd
110Mojave Trail
111Mound Hill Rd
112N Kelley St
113Nora Ln
114Notch Lick Rd
115Oak Ln
116Oaks Ln
117Old 227 Rd
118Old Gilgal Rd
119Old Mound Hill Rd
120Osborne Dr
121Owenton Rd
122Paradise Ct
123Park Acres
124Park Ave
125Park Dr
126Park Lock Rd
127Parkside Dr
128Pate Ln
129Perkins Rd
130Polk St
131Port William Ln
132Pryor Branch Rd
133Quinn Ct
134R D Kendel Ridge Rd
135Rail St N
136River Rd
137River Wood Dr
138Robert St
139Rolling Hills Ct
140Rowland Ave
141Royal Way
142S 4th St
143Sam St
144Sandlin Rd
145Schuerman St
146Schuerman Street X
147Seminary St
148Sheehan Rd
149Sheehaw Rd
150Skyline Dr
151Skyview Dr
152Slumber Ln
153Smith Ln
154Spring Meadow Dr
155Springhill Winery Rd
156State Highway 1335
157State Highway 2350
158State Highway 320
159Sycamore Cir
160Sycamore St
161Taylor St
162Thomas St
163Thyme Ave
164Tilley Dr
165Tom Harris Rd
166Tom Town Rd
167Trailer Park
168Tucky Farm Dr
169U.s. 42
170Valleywood Ct
171Village Ln
172Vincent Weaver Way
173Wal-mart Entrance Rd
174Wal-mart Rd
175Ware Ave
176Water St
177Webster St
178Westrick Ln
179Wilson Way
180Wilson Way Rd
181Windy Ridge
182Winslow St
183Woodlawn Dr
184Woodrow Wilson Rd