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List of Street Names with maps in Clinton, Kentucky

#Street Name
1558 State Highway 944
2Abell Rd
3Abell Road Y
4Angular St
5Armbruster Rd
6Arrington Rd
7Bailey St
8Bakers Rd
9Baltimore Church Rd
10Barber Rd
11Barclay St
12Beasley Rd
13Binford Rd
14Bolin Cir
15Bone Rd
17Bostick Rd
18Bottery Rd
20Bowden St
21Brent Rd
22Brown Rd
23Brummel Rd
24Bugg Rd
25Burcham Rd
26Burkett Rd
27Byars Rd
28Cagle Rd
29Calbert Rd
30Calbert Road Y
31Callahan Rd
32Calthorn Rd
33Campbell Rd
34Carter Rd
35Casey Rd
36Chalmers Rd
37Champion Rd
38Charlotte Dr
39Church St
40 Circile Rd
41Circle Rd
42Clayton Dr
43Clayton St
44Clinton Hill
45Cole Ln
46College St
47Conner Rd
48Cooper Rd
49County Road 1826
50Craig Ln
51Cresap St
52Crestview Dr
53Crooks Rd
54Crooks Road Y
55Crume Ave
56Crume St
57Cunningham Dr
58Davis Rd
59Dean Rd
60Dennis Rd
61Depot St
62Deweese Rd
63Dillard Rd
64Duncan Rd
65Dunlora Ln
66Dunlora St
67E Clay St
68Edgar Rd
69Elm St
70Emerson Rd
71Evans Ln
72Ezell Ln
73Farlee Rd
74Farm Rd
75Farmers Gin Rd
76Forestry Rd
77Freeman Rd
78Glidewell Rd
79Gore Rd
80 Graham Rd
81Graham Rd
82Granger Rd
83Greg Rd
84Griffen Rd
85Grubbs Rd
86Hales Rd
87Harmony Church Rd
88Harmony Rd
89Harper Rd
90Harry Rd
91Hatch Rd
92Helen St
93Henderson Rd
94Henley Ct
95Henley Rd
96Hickerson Rd
97Hickman Rd
98Hillhaven Rd
99Hodge Rd
100Hoodenpile Rd
101Hopkins Dr
103House Rd
104Hutchin Rd
105Inman Rd
106Jackson Rd
107Jefferson St
108Jerry Rd
109Jewel Rd
110Jones Rd
111Kaler Rd
112Kane St
113Kelly Rd
114Kimbell Rd
115Kimbro St
116Kough Rd
117L Baker Rd
118Lake Rd
119Latham Rd
120Lewis Ln
121Lock Rd
123Martin Rd
124Massey Rd
125Mathis Rd
126Mathis Rde
127Mayfield Rd
128Mcclanahan Dr
129Mcmorris St
130Mcwhorter Rd
131Meadow Ln
132Mills Dr
133Mills Rd
134Mills St
135Moiser Rd
136Moore St
137Morganti Rd
139Mosier Rd
140Moss Dr
141N Blair St
142N Jefferson St
143N Washington St
144N Waterfield Dr
145North Jefferson Street
146North St
147Obion Church Rd
148Obion Rd
149Obion Road Y
150Old Bussy Rd
151Old Obion Bottom Rd
152Orchard Dr
153Padgett St
154Pawlak Rd
155Pecan Dr
156Perry Rd
157Pharis Ln
158Pharis Road Y
160Piper Dr
161Pittman Rd
162Polly Rd
163Poole Rd
164Pruitt Rd
165Puckett Rd
166Pyle Rd
167Radford Rd
168Railroad St
169Rash Rd
170Ray Spicer Rd
172Rebiel Rd
173Resin Rd
174Rice Rd
175Richmond Dr
176Ringo Dr
177Ringo St
178Rita Rd
179Roney Rd
180Rook Ln
181Roy Berry Rd
182Rushing Rd
183Russell Rd
184S Jefferson St
185S Washington St
186S Waterfield Dr
187Samuels Rd
188Sanders Rd
189Schwartz Rd
190Shady Ln
191Shiloh Rd
192Short St
193Simmons Rd
194Simon Rd
195Simon Road Y
196Smith Dr
197Smith Rd
198Sneed Rd
199South St
200Spraggs Rd
201Spring Hill Rd
202Spring Hill-milburn Rd
203Spring Hill-new Cypress Rd
204Spring St
205Springhill Rd
206Stanley Rd
207Stephens Ln
208Stone Rd
209Sublett Rd
210Sublette Dr
211Sweezy Rd
212Sycamore Dr
213Taylor Rd
214Titsworth Rd
215Tommy Rd
216U.s. 51
217Via Rd
218W Clay St
219W Cresap St
220Walker St
221Wall Rd
222Water St
223Webb Rd
224Webb St
225Whayne Rd
226Whitlock Rd
227Whitlock Road Y
228Wiley Rd
229Wilkens Rd
230Wilkins Rd
231Wlkins Rd
232Wolf Island Rd
233Wooten Rd