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List of Street Names with maps in Eminence, Kentucky

#Street Name
11st Eminence Cemetery Rd
22nd Eminence Cemetery Rd
33rd Eminence Cemetery Rd
44th Eminence Cemetery Rd
55th Eminence Cemetery Rd
66th Eminence Cemetery Rd
77th Eminence Cemetery Rd
88th Eminence Cemetery Rd
99th Eminence Cemetery Rd
10Aspen Ct
11Barton Ln
12Bell Ln
13Blackaby Ln
14Blackby Ln
15Browning Ave
16Browning Ln
17Bullskin-eminence Rd
18Burrett Ln
19Cannon Ct
20Carroll St
21Castle Rd
22Cherokee Ln
23Circle Dr
24Clear Creek Rd
25Clear Creek-eminence Rd
26Clore Jackson Rd
27Coachmans Ln
32Crabb Ave
39Darlene St
40 Depot Ave
41Ditto Ln E
42Dobner Way
43Dogwood Ln
44Drane Ln
45E Broadway
46E Ditto Ln
47Ellis Rd
48Elm St
49Elm Tree Pl
50Eminence Lake Rd
51Eminence Rd
52Eminence Terrace
53Factory Rd
54Fairview Ct
55Fallen Dr
56Fern Castle
57Francis Ln
58Franklinton-point Pleasant Rd
59Fremd Alley
60Galbraith Rd
61Giltner Rd
62Harvest Dr
63Henry St
64Hensley Rd
65Herndon Ln
66Hillcrest Dr
67Hud St
68Hwy 22
69Hwy 322
70Jackson Rd
71Jennifer Ln
72Jim Doyle Rd
73King St
74Lakeview Dr
75Lakewood Dr
76Lone Oak Dr
77Lou Ave
78Lover's Ln
79Lucas Rd
80 Main St
81Maple Ave
82Mason Ave Other
83Mason St
84Mcelroy St
85Merriweather Ave
86Micahel Ray St
87Michael Ray St
88Moody Dr
89Mouth Of Greens Fork Rd
90Mulberry Pike
91Mulberry Rd
92Myrtle Ave
93N Main St
94N Penn Ave
95N Penn St
96Oak Dr
97Oldham St
98Osborne Ln
99Osborne Rd
100Pink St
101Plantside Dr
102Point Pleasant Rd
103Poplar Branch Dr
104Puckett Ln
105Raintree Dr
106Russell Branch Rd
107Russell Branch Rd
108S Penn Ave
109S Property Rd
110Sand Springs Rd
111Savannah Ln
112Shadyview Dr
113Shawnee Rd
114Shelby St
115Short St
116Sparrow Ln
117Spring Hill Cir
118Spring Hill Rd
119Spring Oak Dr
120Springhill Estates Rd
121State Highway 1899
122Sulphur Ave
123Sunny Meadows Rd
124Sunnyside Ave
125Sycamore Dr
126Thorne Heights
127Tolle Ct
128Vernon Ave
129Vernon St
130W Broadway
131W Owen St
132Zelcova Dr