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List of Street Names with maps in Irvington, Kentucky

#Street Name
11st Ave
24th St
37 Oaks Pl Spur
47 Oaks Place Rd
57 Oaks Rd
67 Oaks Spur Rd
7Abbey Ln
8Adams Crossing
9Allison Way
10Andrew Rd
11Ashby St
12Ashley Ln
13Basin Springs Farm Rd
14Bethel Cemetery Rd
15Bewelyville Rosetta Rd
16Bewleyville Big Spring Rd
17Bishop St
18Blue Fork Rd
19Board Cemetery Rd
20Brandenburg-irvington Rd
21Caroline St
22Center St
23Cherokee Valley Rd
24Circle K Ranch Rd
25Claycomb Rd
26Cline Smith Rd
27Cloverdale Drive Estates
28College St
29Compton Rd
30Cook Rd
31Cook Ridge
32Cook Ridge Rd
40 Cr-1084
48Cross Ln
53D Tobin Rd
54Debbie Ln
55Dents Bridge Rd
56Dents Bridge Rosetta Rd
57Dickerson Ln
58Dickerson Rd
59Dry Valley Church Rd
60E Union St
61E Walnut St
62Edgar Basham Rd
63Edgemont Rd
64G Wilson Rd
65Grand Ave
66Guston Rd
67Harley Morgan Rd
68Heckman Rd
69Henry Head Rd
70High St
71Hill St
72Hillview Dr
73Hwy 1238
74Hwy 2202
75Hwy 2781
76Hwy 333
77Hwy 941
78Irvington Heights Ln
79J B Ball Rd
80 J E Haynes Rd
81Jasper Bruce Rd
82Jesse Priest Rd
83Johnson St
84Jordan Rd
85Karit Ln
86Kentucky St
87Kim Ln
88Kribchism Rd
89Lake St
90Lodiburg-raymond Rd
91Lon Dowell Rd
92Long Valley Ln
93Long Valley Rd
94Lonnie Haynes Rd
95Lonnie Haynes Spur Rd
96Lucas-moore Ln
97Luney Rd
98Maple St
99Marr Cemetery Rd
100Marr Cemetery Spur Rd
101Mary Ann Tobin Rd
102Meadow Dr
103Michelle Way
104Moorman Ave
105Mt Merino Cemetery Ln
106Mt Moreno Cemetery Ln
107N 2nd St
108N 3rd St
109N Moorman Ave
110Nelson Board Rd
111Norton Rd
112O L Norton Rd
113Old Hardinsburg Irvington Rd
114Old Highway 60
115Old Rosetta Blue Fork Rd
116Old Us 60 Hwy
117Orchard View Ln
118Orchardview Ln
119Orum Norton Rd
120Park Ave
121Parkway Dr
122Pearl St
123Pilot Ridge Rd
124Price Ln
125Ray Bell Ln
126Ray Bell Rd
127Reynolds Rd
128Rosetta Corners Rd
129Rosetta Fork Rd
130Ross Luney Rd
131S Kentucky St
132Sam Dowell Rd
133Somerset Knob Rd
134Spring St
135St Clair Exd
136St Clair Spur Rd
137Stiff Rd
138Thornhill Estates Ln
139Thornhill Rd
140Union St
141Valley St
142Valley Ter Con
143Valley Terrace Rd
144Valley View St
145W C Dooley Rd
146W R Bandy Rd
147Willis Jones Rd
148Woodlawn Ave
149Woodlawn St
150Young Ave