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List of Street Names with maps in Philpot, Kentucky

#Street Name
110 Oaks Ln
2Access Road No 4
3Aull Rd
4Autumn Ridge Bend
5Barnhill Rd
6Ben Head Rd
7Boston Laffoon Rd
8Boston Spur Rd
9Boteler Rd
10Brasher Rd
11Bratcher Hill Rd
12Cedarlane Dr
13Cemetery Rd
21Crane Pond Rd
23Dee Acres Dr
24Ditto Rd
25Ditto Road Y
26Ditto Spur
27Ed Foster Rd
28Ed Foster Spur
29Foster Rd
30Free Silver Rd
31Grady Ct
32Hamilton Rd
33Hickory Ct
34Howard Ln
35Hwy 142
36Hwy 144
37Hwy 54
38Hwy 762
39Jack Hinton Rd
40 Johnson Rd
41Jones Rd S
42Karns Grove Rd
43King Rd
44Knottsville St Lawrence Rd
45Knottsville-mount Zion Rd
46Lanham Rd
47Little Hickory Rd
48London Pike
49London Pike Spur
50Lost Bridge Rd
51Luther Taylor Rd
52Maplelane Dr
53Massie Rd
54Mccormick Rd
55Mcpherson Rd
56Millers Mill Rd
57Milton Rd
58Monarch Rd
59Oaklane Dr
60Oklahoma-laffoon Rd
61Old Highway 54
62Old Leitchfield Rd
63Old State Rd
64Pence Rd
65Philpot Heights
66Pleasant Point Rd
67Poplar Log Bridge Rd
68Pup Creek Ln
69Ridge Rd
70Roby Rd
71S Hampton Rd
72Sawmill Rd
73Short Station Rd
74St Lawrence Rd
75St Lawrence Spur
76State Highway 142
77State Highway 144
78State Highway 54
79State Highway 762
80 Sublett Rd
81Taylor Rd E
82Taylor Rd W
83Texas Gas Rd
84Timberlane Dr
85Ware Rd
86William H. Natcher Green River Pkwy
87Windy Hill Rd
88Winkler Rd
89Winkler-mount Zion Rd
90Woodland Dr
91Woodlane Dr