List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Springfield, Kentucky

#Street Name
1Ahlena Way
2Ahlena Way Ln
3Airport Ln
4Alley 1
5Alley 2
6Alley 3
7Alma Ave
8Armory Hill Rd
9Ashley Ave
10Ashley Rd
11Ball St
12Bardstown Rd
13Barnett Ln
14Barrett Ln
15Bearwallow Rd
16Beech Ln
17Beechland Rd
18Ben Minor Rd
19Ben Minor Ridge Rd
20Berry Mill Rd
21Black Ln
22Blandford Rd
23Bloomfield Rd
24Bloomfield Rd
25Bobolink Dr
26Bonnie Blvd
27Booker Rd
28Botland Rd
29Brookside Dr
30Burchett Ln
31Burg Hill Ln
32Camp Run Rd
33Campground Ln
34Canary Ct
35Canary Dr
36Cane Run Rd
37Cardinal Dr
38Carolyn Ct
39Carrico Ave
40 Carrico Ln
41Cartwright Rd
42Cathy's Ct
43Cedarwood Ln
44Cemetery Hill Dr
45Cissellville Rd
46Clay Brooke Ln
47Claybrook Ave
48Clearview Dr
49Clearview Ln
50Co Op Loop
51Co-op Loop Con
52Cocanaugher Ln
53Coleman Ln
54College St
55Columbus Ln
56Commercial Ave
57Conners Rd
58Corporate Dr
59Country Crest Dr
60Country View Ln
61Coyle Ln
77Crain Ln
78Crane Rd
79Croake Station Rd
80 Cs-1016
88David Ave
89David St
90Davis Rd
91Delena Dr
92Depot St
93Derringer Ct
94Doe Run Ln
95Dominic Alley
96Dominican View Dr
97Domus Ct
98E Ballard St
99E Grundy Ave
100E High St
101E Main St
102E Mccord St
103E Virginia Ave
104Eddleman Ct
105Eddleman Ct Exd
106Edelen Ln
107Eugene Graves Rd
108Fair Dr
109Fairground Ln
110Fairgrounds St
111Fairlane Dr
112Fay St
113Fenwick Ln
114Fieldtown St
115Forest Ln
116Fowler Rd
117Fredericktown Rd
118Garden Ct
119George Edward Ave
120George Edward St
121Goatley Ln
122Graves Ln
123Green St
124Gregory Ln
125Grundy Home Rd
126Hagan Ln
127Hall Ln
128Hall Loop Rd
129Hall Rd
130Hardesty Rd
131Hardins Chapel Rd
132Harry Settles Ln
133Haydon Bros Rd
134Haydon Fork Ln
135Haydon Ln
136Hays Ln
137Hickory Camp Rd
138Highview Ln
139Hillcrest Ln
140Hillsboro Ln
141Holderman Ln
142Horan Ln
143Hughes Alley
144Hwy 152
145Hwy 429
146Hwy 55
147Hwy 555
148Hwy 605
149Industrial Access Rd
150Industry Dr
151Jackson Branch Ln
152Jackson Branch Spur
153Jackson Branch Spur Rd
154Jenny Ln
155Jimtown Rd
156John Russell Ln
157Johnson Rd
158Jones Ln
159Keene Ln
160Keenland Rd
161Kelley Corner
162Kelly Brothers Ln
163Kelly Shop Rd
164Kellys Corner
165Kentucky Ave
166Kirsch Ln
167Kirsh Ln
169Lakeview Dr
170Lakeview Manor
171Lanham Ln
172Lanham Rd
173Lebanon Hill Rd
174Lewis Ln
175Lincoln Dr
176Lincoln Park Rd
177Little Davis Ln
178Locust Dr
179Logan Rd
180Logsdon Ln
181Logsdon Rd
182Loretto Rd
183Mackville Rd
184Main Cross St
185Manley Ln
186Manton Rd
187Manton Spur Ln
188Maplewood Ave
189Marilyn Hamilton Ln
190Mattingly Ln
191Mayes Ave
192Mayes Creek Rd
193Mayfield Ln
194Mclain Rd
195Mclane Ave
196Meadow Ln
197Melavin Cir
198Midway Ln
199Miller Ave
200Miller Godbey Rd
201Mockingbird Dr
202Moraja Ln
203Mudd Ln
204Murray Ln
205N Doctor St
206Nalley Way
207Nature's Way Ln
208Neal Ave
209Newton Rd
210Noel Ln
211Old Cissellville Rd
212Old Elizabethtown Rd
213Old Fredericktown-bardstown Rd
214Old Kentucky 53
215Old Kentucky 555
216Old Lebanon Rd
217Old Lebanon Road Con
218Old Perryville Loop
219Osbourne Rd
220Pearl Harbor Ln
221Perryville Loop Con
222Perryville Rd
223Plainview Ct
224Pleasant Dr
225Pleasant Grove Loop Ln
226Pleasant Run Rd
227Polin-hardesty-litsey Rd
228Pottsville Rd
229Powell Ln
230Prather Ln
231Progress Rd
232R Harris Rd
233Railey Ln
234Reservoir Ln
235Rex Ct
236Riley Ct
237River Bend Ln
238Riverview Ln
239Rizer Ave
240Rolling Hills Ln
241Rosary Heights Rd
242Rosary Heights Road Con
243Rosewood Dr
244Rosewood Ln
245Rudd Ln
246Russell Ln
247S Locust Dr
248S Locust St
249S Walnut St
250Scott St
251Seibert Creek Ln
252Settles Ln
253Shay Ln
254Shop Ln
255Shop Rd
256Short Creek Rd
257Short St
258Simms Ln
259Simstown Rd
260Smith Rd
261Spaulding Ln
262Springfield Elememtary School Dr
263St Catharine College Dr
264St Rose Lebanon Rd
265State Highway 1030
266State Highway 1183
267State Highway 1404
268State Highway 1584
269State Highway 1724
270State Highway 1872
271State Highway 2231
272State Highway 3164
273State Highway 3165
274State Highway 438
275State Highway 528
276State Highway 529
277State Line Rd
278State Line Rd
279Texas Loop Rd
280Texas Rd
281Texas-mackville Rd
282Thurman Ln
283Tick Creek Rd
284Triple 5 Hwy
285Tucker Ln
286Valley Hill Rd
287Virgin Ln
288W Ballard St
289W Grundy Ave
290W High St
291W Main St
292W Mccord St
293W Texas Ln
294W Virginia Ave
295Walker Ln
296Walnut St
297Washington Ave
298Wesley Chapel Rd
299Western Bypass
300Wheatley Ln
301White St
302Willis Ln