List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Baker, Louisiana

#Street Name
1Adair Ave
2Adams St
3Al Sanford Rd
4Alba Dr
5Algoa Ave
6Alief Ave
7Allen Ct
8Amerest Ave
9Anton Ave
10Ashland St
11Azie Ave
12Bains Ct
13Baker Blvd
14Balm St
15Barrington Dr
16Ben Williams Ln
17Bentley Dr
18Bethany Dr
19Biscayne St
20Blairstown Dr
21Bluff Creek Dr
22Bodo Dr
23Boxwood Dr
24Brant Dr
25Brantley Dr
26Breckenridge Dr
27Buffet St
28Buffwood Dr
29Buras Ave
30Burgess Dr
31Byfaul Ave
32Cadiz Dr
33Caravel Ct
34Carolyn Dr
35Castle Pl Blvd
36Cayuga Dr
37Center St
38Chaleur Dr
39Chamberlain Ave
40 Chapeau Dr
41Charles Ave
42Charlton Rd
43Charry Dr
44Chemin Dr
45Chipley St
46Circle Dr
47Clermont St
48Colfax Dr
49College Ave
50Collins Temple Ln
51Comite Acres Dr
52Comite Dr
53Coolidge St
54Country Ln
55Creole Dr
56Crestline Blvd
57Crosley Dr
58Cypress Dr
59Cypress Wood Dr
60Daniels St
61Daveco St
62Davis Dr
63Davis St
64Day Dr
65Debra Dr
66Deryshire Ave
67Don Ave
69Dormer Dr
70Douceur Dr
71Driftwood Dr
72Dyer Rd
73E Azalea Ave
74E Buffwood Dr
75E Holden Ct
76E Myrtle Ave
77E Tigre Chenes Ct
78Ector Dr
79Epperson St
80 Eric Dr
81Evans Dr
82Evanston St
83Exeter Ave
84Faith Ave
85Fausse Dr
86Felicity Dr
87Felton St
88Fir Ave
89Florida Ave
90Fourchon Dr
91Fullerton Ave
92Furr Ln
93Garland Ave
94Gayden Ave
95Gibbens Payne Ave
96Greenwood Ln
97Griffin Ct
98Groom Rd
99Gwendolyn Dr
100Hall Dr
101Harding St
102Hays St
103Hazeloak Dr
104Heath Dr
105Heck Young Rd
106Hickory Dr
107Hico Dr
108Hope St
109Hovey Ave
110Husband St
111Hwy 19
112Ironwood Dr
113Jackson St
114Jacquelyn Dr
115John Marks
116Johnston St
117Judith Dr
118Juno Dr
119Jupiter Dr
120Kennon Dr
121Kent Dr
122Kimberlin Dr
123King Charles Dr
124Lake Mary Dr
125Landry Dr
126Laurel Hill Ave
127Lavey Ln
128Lebrent Ave
129Leland Ave
130Loflin Ave
131Loflin Dr
132London Dr
133Longvue Dr
134Louisville Ave
135Main St
136Maleda Dr
137Manchester Dr
138Manhatten Dr
139Maureen Dr
140Mcvea St
141Meadows Blvd
142Melban St
143Melpomene Dr
144Middlewood Dr
145Molino Dr
146Monhegan Ave
147Monroe St
148Morvant Rd
149Myrtle St
150N Azalea Ave
151N Day Dr
152N Magnolia Dr
153N Morvant Pl
154Nichols St
155Northwood Dr
156O'callaghan Ln
157Oaknolia Dr
158Old Baker Rd
159Omega Ct
160Paola St
161Parklan Dr
162Patricia St
163Paulfor St
165Penelope St
166Perkins St
167Pettit Rd
168Plank Rd
169Priestly St
170Rabel Dr
171Ray Weiland Dr
172Richmond St
173Robinson St
174Rolling Acres Dr
175Roman Dr
176Rte 67
177Rue De Valeur Pl
178Rue Jennifer
179Rue Shaylyn
180Rue Splendeur
181Rue Von Heur
182Ruston Dr
183S Holden Ct
184S Johnston St
185S Magnolia Dr
186S Morvant Pl
187S Spur Ln
188Sandra Dr
189Sandy Dr
190Saxon Dr
191Scotlandville-zachary Hwy
192Scott St
194Shere Dr
195Sherron Ave
196Shilo St
197Sinbad St
198Southwest Dr
199Sprucewood Ct
200Spur Ln
201Starhill Ave
202State Route 3006
203Stone Dr
204Stoneview Ave
205Sunshine Dr
206Tamarak Dr
207Teakwood Dr
208Texas Ave
209Toledo St
210Tristian Ave
211Trotter Dr
212Truth Dr
213Twin Oaks Dr
214Valiant Dr
215Villere Dr
216W Azalea Ave
217W Buffwood Dr
218W Chapeau Dr
219W Evans Dr
220W Fausse Dr
221W Holden Ct
222W Magnolia Dr
223W Morvant Pl
224W Shilo Dr
225W Tigre Chenes Ct
226W White Bayou Dr
227Walker Dr
228Wedgewood Dr
230Whitehead St
231Wilson St
232Wimbish Dr
233Wingfield Ave
234Winside Dr
235Wisdom Dr
236Woodward Dr
237Wynell Dr
238Yvonne Dr