List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Basile, Louisiana

#Street Name
12nd St Exd
2Accordian Rd
3Aguillard Rd
4Alfa Romeo Rd
5Allie Young Rd
6Allie Young Rd
7Ardoin Ave
8Arpent Dr
9Bank Rd
10Barwick Rd
11Basile Care Center
12Basile Eunice Hwy
13Basile Eunice Hwy
14Bearcat Rd
15Beau Chene Rd
16Belle Soeur Rd
17Belle Terre Dr
18Bellon Ln
19Belton St
20Ben Ln
21Bench Rd
22Benoit Rd
23Big Mike Ln
24Block St
25Blossom Ln
26Bon Ami Ln
27Bourbon Dr
28Bourbon Rd
29Bourre Dr
30Broussard Rd
31Bryan Perrodin Loop
32Buggy Rd
33Carrier Rd
34Cemetier De Coteau Rd
35Cemien Rd
36Century Rd
37Christ Rd
38Clark Ave
39Clay Rd
40 Combine Rd
41Cotton Patch Ln
42Coulee Rd
43Cradle Rd
44Creole Rd
45Cut Across Rd
47Cypress St
48Damas Rd
49Damus Rd
50Dance Dr
51Darbonne Ave
52Davis Rd
53Dewey Loop
54Diane Gail Ave
55Duplechin Ave
56E 2nd St
57E 3rd St
58E Lewis Ave
59E Railroad St
60E Schambers
61E Stagg Ave
62Emery Rd
63Erick Ln
64Eude Bernard Rd
65Evangeline Hwy
66Fernest Rd
67Fiddle Rd
68Ford Ave
69Fruge Park Ln
70Fruge Rd
71Fuselier Ave
72Fusilier Ave
73Fusilier Blvd
74Gator Rd
75George Soileau Rd
76Glasper St
77Gordon Ave
78Gratton Ln
79Green St
80 Guillory St
81Gum St
82Harding Ave
83Harp Ln
84Harry Doucet Rd
85Heinen Rd
86Hillman St
87Hoychick Ln
88Hudson Ave
89Hunter Rd
90Huntsman Dr
91Isaac Dr
92Isle Ct
93Jean Ave
94Jimmie Ave
95Jimmy Ave
96Jolene Rd
97L K Guillory Rd
98L'anse Aux Vaches Rd
99La Bas Dr
100La Louisiane Rd
101La Place Ln
102La Rue Smith Rd
103Lafourche Rd
104Landry Ln
105Lanse De Deshotel Rd
106Laura Ln
107Ledoux Ln
108Lincoln Ave
109Linda Rd
110Log Cabin Rd
111Lucky Ln
112Lunderen Ave
113Magnolia Ave
114Mamou Prairie Rd
115Manuel Lake Rd
116Martin Luther King
117Martin Luther King Ave
118Mathew Whitney Rd
119Mathew Whitny Rd
120Mcclelland Rd
121Mcgee-johnson St
122Miguel Rd
124Milton Rd
125Monte Dr
126Moon Rd
127Morning Glory Rd
128Moulin Rd
129N Berwick Ave
130N Black Ave
131N Black St
132N Fusilier
133N Green Ave
134N Lewis Ave
135N Ryan Ave
136N White Ave
137Neumeyer Ln
138Old Basile Hwy
139Ortego Ln
140Pa Road -2-79
141Par Road 2-29
142Par Road 2-57
143Par Road 354
144Path Ln
145Paul Bellon Rd
146Paul Langley Ln
147Paul Rd
148Pear Rd
149Pearl Rd
150Pedro Ln
151Pelican Loop
152Pointe Aux Tigre Rd
153Post Dr
154Praline Rd
155Putnam Ln
156Putnam Rd
157Rachal Ln
158Redich Rd
159Reed Rd
160Refinery Rd
161Repast Rd
162Riviere Loop
163Ronald Rd
164Rosewood Ln
165Rte 1123
166Rte 1157-2
167Rte 3277
168Rte 757
169Rte 97
170Ruby Rd
171S Ardoin St
172S Berwick Ave
173S Black Ave
174S Jean St
175S Lewis Ave
176S Mildred
177S Ryan Ave
178S White Ave
179Savoy St
180Shady Oaks Ln
181Sieger Rd
182Soileau St
183Spring Rd
184Stacy Ln
185Star St
186State Highway 1158
187State Highway 3068
188State Highway 3277
189State Route 1158
190State Route 1159
191State Route 3068
192Tee Mamou Rd
193Tee Toe Rd
194Tepetate Rd
195Terrebonne Rd
196Tiger Point Acc
197Tiger Point Rd
198Tiger Pointe Acc
199Trahan Alley
201Tyler Ln
202U.s. 190
203U.s. 190
204Unatex Rd
205Valentine Rd
206Valse Dr
207Victorian St
208Vie Terre Beau Rd
209Vine Ln
210W 2nd St
211W 3rd St
212W Railroad St
213W Schambers
214W Stagg Ave
215Whoop Ln
217Williams Ln
218Wings Ln