List of States

List of Street Names with maps in DeQuincy, Louisiana

#Street Name
136 Cuttoff
2Acme Dr
3Acme Rd
4Acme St
5Adell Ln
6Alston Cemetery Rd
7Alston St
8Alton Pierce Rd
9Alvin Marcantel Rd
10Amber Cir
11Amber St
12Anise St
13Arrant Rd
14Arthur Irwin Rd
15Arthur Marcantel Rd
16Avery Rd
17Azalea Dr
18Banneker St
19Barrow Rd
20Beech St
21Beefpen Rd
22Bill Phillips Rd
23Bishop St
24Blossman St
25Bob Gimnick Rd
26Bobbit Rd
27Bobitt Rd
28Boise St
29Booker St
30Boxton Creek Rd
31Brantley St
32Bruce St
33Bud Bennet Rd
34Bud Dunham Rd
35Bunk Perry Rd
36Burton Rd
37Bushnell Ln
38Butler Ln
39C J Langley Rd
40 Camelia Ave
41Camp Rd
42Canterberry St
43Capella Dr
44Carol Ln
45Caroline St
46Carroll Hixon Rd
48Charles Royer Rd
49Charlie Potts Rd
50Chavis Square
51Chavis Square Park
52Chuck Bagwell Rd
53Clark Rd
54Clyde Marcantel Rd
55Coffee St
56Cole St
57College St
58Cooper Rd
59Cooper Rd
60Copper Rd
61Copper Rd
62Core St
63Corley St
64Cow Pen Rd
65Coward Rd
66Coward St
67Crispus Attucks Dr
68Crispus Attucks Rd
69Cross St
70D Williams Rd
71Dahlquist Rd
72David Marcantel Rd
73Delores Pullard Rd
74Dickerson Rd
75Dogwood St
76Dougharty Rd
77Douglas Rd
78Doyle Rd
79Duff St
80 Dunham Rd
81Dwaine Pruitt Rd
82E 4th St
83E Airport Cutoff 1 Rd
84E Airport Cutoff 2 Rd
85E Airport Rd
86E Center St
87E Harrison St
88E Le Blanc St
89E Sandy 1 Ln
90E Sandy 2 Ln
91E Sandy Ln
92E Velmer St
93Eddie Rd
94Edgerly Dequincy Rd
95Edgerly Rd
96Edgewood St
97Edith Rd
98Edna Rd
99Edna St
101Elton Alston Rd
102Emmit Marcantel Rd
103Emmit Rd
104Ernest Morial
105Ernest Morial Rd
106Evangeline Rd
107Evers St
108F Hargrove Loop
109Fellows Rd
110Fields Hwy
111Fire Tower Rd
112Fire Tower Rd
113Fluty Ln
114Forty 20
115Frack Rd
116Frank St
117Fred Pierce
118Fred Pierce Rd
119Gaston Barrow Rd
120Gearen Ln
121Gearen Rd
122Gearen Rd
123General Benjamin O Davis Rd
124Gerald Shoemake Rd
125Gideon Rd
126Gill St
127Glasspool Rd
128Gordon St
129Grace Ln
130Grape St
131Green Cut Off Rd
132Grimes Rd
133Groves St
134H Rainwater Rd
135Haley Rd
136Hall St
137Hardy St
138Hargrove Loop
139Henry Robertson Rd
140Hereford St
141Herford St
142Hijack Ham Rd
143Holbrook St
144Hollander Rd
145Hollie Ln
146Hooks Rd
147Howard Royer Rd
148Hugh St
149Iron Bridge Rd
150Ivan Gimnick Rd
151J D Whithers Rd
152J Robertson Rd
153J White Rd
154Jake Rigmaiden Rd
155James Rd
156James St
157Jefferson St
158Jim Kent Rd
159John Storey Rd
160Johnny Shoemake Rd
161Johnson Rd
162Joy Rd
163Kcs Rd
164Kellog Rd
165Kelly St
166Kenneth St
167Khalon Ln
168Kinsey Ritter Rd
169Knapp Rd
170Lake Charles Ave
171Latiolais Ln
172Lemon St
173Lions Club Dr
174Logan Ln
175Lois St
176Lonnie Smith Rd
177Louise Goode Rd
178Lucas Barrow Rd
179Lucille Musgrove Rd
180Lucius Rd
182Main Rd
183Malone Rd
184Marcantel Rd
185Martin Luther King St
186Mclean Rd
187Mcneese St
188Melvin Ln
189Mid Rd
190Mill Rd
191Miller Rd
192Miller Rd
193Mitchell Rd
194Monk Dickerson Rd
195Murl Perkins Rd
196Myrtle St
197N Boone St
198N Division St
199N Doc Ln
200N Frazier St
201N Front St
202N Grand Ave
203N Green St
204N Henry Robertson Rd
205N Holly St
206N Overton St
207N Perkins St
208N Pine St
209Nada Rd
210Nancy St
211Newport Plaza
212Norman Doyle Rd
213Nursery St
214Oak St
215Old Airport Rd
217Page St
218Patricia Harris Rd
219Patterson Rd
220Paul Johnson Cutoff
221Paul Robertson Rd
222Peach St
224Peggy Ln
225Peggy Rd
226Penton Rd
227Perkins Pipeline Rd
228Persimmon Gulf Rd
229Persimmon Gully Rd
230Pete Gimnick Rd
231Peterson Rd
232Pharris Rd
233Pinder Ln
234Plum St
235Polaris Dr
236Pollux Ln
237Poor Burn Rd
238Possum Rd
239Powers Rd
240Pratt Rd
241Pugh St
242Quail Rd
243Ralph Perkins Rd
244Red Baggett Rd
245Reed Rd
246Reneau Rd
247Richard Allen St
248Richardson Rd
249Rigel Dr
250Rigmaiden Cemetery Rd
251Riley Frazier Rd
252Rip Henagen Rd
253Rodeo Rd
254Roland Patillo Rd
255Rosa Parks Rd
256Rosie Hollie Rd
257Royer Ln
258Rte 27
259Rte 389
260Rte 66
261Rte 66 Rd
262S Boone St
263S Doc Ln
264S Frazier St
265S Front St
266S Grand Ave
267S Green St
268S Henry Robertson Rd
269S Holly St
270S Overton St
271S Perkins St
272S Pine St
273Sale Barn Rd
274Sally Ln
275Sam Thompson Rd
276Sandy Ln
277Self St
278Shirley Bertrand Rd
279Shoemake Rd
280Smith Rd
281Smith St
282Sonny Granger Rd
283Starks Dr
284State Route 12
285Stephen St
286Still St
287Sun Rd
288Sunshine Ln
289Tank Car Rd
290Tank Rd
291Temple Ln
292Tiffany Rd
293Tommy Lee Rd
294Truth St
295V Malone Rd
296Virginia Ln
297W 4th St
298W Center St
299W Harrison St
300W Leblanc St
301W Park Dr
302W Park St
303W Sandy Ln
304W Velmer St
305Wall St
306Wanda Ln
307Wanda Rd
308Washington St
309Wayne Barrow Rd
310Wes Berry Rd
311William Still Rd
312William Still St
313Wilson Rd
314Windhaven Rd
315Windsong Ln
316Wisteria Dr
317Yellott Ln
318Yoakum Ave
319Young Rd